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Celebrating Essentially Lili in Print 2019! Online & Hard Copies, the Interview, Column/Articles & Skincare Tips. This for me, was well worth Celebrating!!

“Interview in May 2019- Available Online.”

Interview May2019
Interview May2019 Pg2
Interview May2019 Pg3
Interview May2019 Pg4
Interview May2019 Pg5
Interview May2019 Pg6

“Interview in June 2019- Magazine Hard Copy.”

Jun19 Sovereign Magazine Cover
Jun19 Sovereign Magazine Magic Pot Interview pages1&2
Jun19 Sovereign Magazine Magic Pot Interview pages3-4

“1st Column in July 2019- Available Online.”

Column 1 The Magic Pot CanWeHaveHomeSpaFun Jul2019 Pg1
Column 1 The Magic Pot CanWeHaveHomeSpaFun Jul2019 Pg2
Column 1 The Magic Pot CanWeHaveHomeSpaFun Jul2019 Pg3
Column 1 The Magic Pot CanWeHaveHomeSpaFun Jul2019 Pg4
Column 1 The Magic Pot CanWeHaveHomeSpaFun Jul2019 Pg5
Column 1 The Magic Pot CanWeHaveHomeSpaFun Jul2019 Pg6

“1st Column & Interview re-published in Aug 2019- Magazine Hard Copy.”

Aug19 Sovereign Magazine Cover
Aug & Sep Sovereign Magazine Column Article no1 - Spa Day at Home Magic Pot CoverUp
Aug19 Sovereign Magazine Magic Pot Interview re-published

“2nd Column in Oct 2019- Available Online.”

Column 2 Ancient Frescos Oct2019 Pg1
Column 2 Ancient Frescos Oct2019 Pg2
Column 2 Ancient Frescos Oct2019 Pg3
Column 2 Ancient Frescos Oct2019 Pg4
Column 2 Ancient Frescos Oct2019 Pg5

“2nd Column in Nov 2019- Magazine Hard Copy.”

Sovereign Magazine Oct19
Ancient Frescoes cover-ups versus present day Oct19
Coloured Clays

“1st Column re-published in Nov19- Available Online.”

Beauty Influencers RichWomanCo Apr2020
RW Beauty1 Nov19
RW Beauty2 Nov19
RW Beauty3 Nov19
RW Beauty4 Nov19
RW Beauty5 Nov19
RW Beauty6 Nov19

“2nd Column re-published in Nov19- Available Online.”

RichWoman Column Cover Nov19
RW Minoan1 Nov19
RW Minoan2 Nov19
RW Minoan3 Nov19
RW Minoan4 Nov19
RW Minoan5 Nov19
RW Minoan6 Nov19
RW Minoan7 Nov19
Lavender Spike

” Why I make Essentially Lili all-natural skincare products.”

About Lili & Essentially Lili

My Health Studies include from 2016-2019 Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Holistic Skincare Products, Clinical Nutrition, Stress Management, Reflexology, Holistic Pain Management.I’m aMember of International College of Holistic Medicine.I’m currently studying Clinical Nutrition for Over 50s.

My aim is to help you get the results you want as I have already been on that hard journey to overcome the autoimmune disorder. If you wish to know more about Clinical Nutrition and how to kick start your health, book a private Consultation. Please send an email to should you need further assistance.  At Essentially Lili, the products made are all using 100% Natural Ingredients.  See the wide variety of Products available on the webpage.

Should you need help in deciding, start by reading the Reviews & Testimonials about other Customers who have enjoyed using the products.We have had some amazing Before & After results from Clients using the All-Natural Skincare products.  Please don’t forget to write your comments and reviews on our pages to share the love with others.

See the Blog Library for previous writings about Alopecia Areata, Face Mapping, Dry Skin in Winter, Raiding Your Fridge, Keratosis Pilaris Tips, Anguish of Acne/Rosacea, How to deal with Cystic Acne & Understanding Your Body. Your feedback allows us to improve the content and information provided and products made.

We look forward to hearing from you, With Love Essentially Lili.


One thought on “Columns Articles

  1. Lili Giglia says:

    For those interested in column writing for Sovereign Magazine/ Rich Woman based in the UK, be aware that they make loads of promises, but do not deliver. Their magazines were meant to be in Airports, Lounges, Hotels, Cruise Ships, Headquarters, at various global locations from 2019, before any pandemic hit the world.
    They have promised many the Front Covers, taking excessive funds for this privilege, and then failed to produce the magazines as they had no content to print. Many of us who invested were excited to be part of the vision, but we were scammed on the way. My paid advertising and content has since been removed from both of their webpages, and the owners are no longer responding to any correspondence.

    Check out their FB and Webpages to see how much engagement / new content is appearing there. If you know someone, see if you can find their articles/columns. There are so many missing soon after their funds for advertising were paid.
    So do yourselves a favour, keep your self-respect, your stress levels low, your dignity, and stay away from them both. Their office is fake, their official reports do not reflect the funds collected.

    They have tainted what started off as an exciting concept of expanding Global reach to nothing more than a backyard-half-witted-unprofessional concept, fleecing decent people of their investments.

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