Keratosis Pilaris Tips

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Keratosis Pilaris Tips

For skin that suffers
with bumps & dryness that can
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Keratosis pilaris is often called ‘chicken skin’, which looks like many small, rough or red little bumps on the skin. It often appears on the upper arms, cheeks, buttocks and thighs, around the hair follicles.Normally dead skin cells flake off the skin. Whilst the cause of it is not totally understood, researchers believe that sometimes, the keratin formed around the hair follicles builds up or becomes twisted which causes the clogging the pores, resulting in the bumps.Keratosis pilaris is generally linked with other skin conditions like atopic dermatitis and eczema.It also tends to happen during childhood and adolescence, though whilst not always the case, it usually disappears by adulthood.

From Wikipedia, ‘Keratin’ is part of the fibrous structural protein family, otherwise known as ‘scleroproteins’ which is found in vertebrae.It’s responsible for making hair and nails, as well as our outer layer of skin.Keratin protects cells from becoming damaged or stressed, is extremely insoluble in organic solvents and water. It’s an essential building block for our skin, necessary for generating new cells.

Usually the condition can become worse during the winter months, as the skin tends to dry out more when the weather is less humid.Another factor seems to be the age of the person suffering, frequently appearing in childhood, reaching the peak during the adolescent years and vanishing by adulthood.

So what can we do to help treat the condition naturally? Here’s a few things we can add to our daily routine to help reduce the built-up keratin on the skin:

Dry Brush the Area – this technique can help remove the dead skin cells as well as unclog the pores.
Gently and preferably on dry skin, you can use a natural bristle brush or loofa in sweeping movements, as though you were brushing long hair.The last thing you want to do is hard brushing to further irritate your skin’s condition. Once the dry brushing is done, wash yourself in the shower and ensure your skin is pat dried. Apply the moisturiser to your body to invigorate the newly brushed cells.

Exfoliate the area with Sea Salt – The key is always being gentle to the areas you are exfoliating to ensure you’re not further aggravating the skin.Sea Salt contains anti-inflammatory properties that help calm and soothes the skin, whilst removing the dead skin cells, encouraging moisture levels to be maintained. Pink Himalayan salt is also great for achieving this.Below I’ll share some additional homemade scrub and the previous blog of ideas that you can put together from home ingredients.

Mild instead of Harsh Soaps – Preferably made with natural and non-toxic ingredients.This will allow the sensitive affected area to be cleansed, preventing further irritation, redness, or build-up. Further suggestions will be added below.

Moisturising Your Skin – Using non-irritating skincare products which have beneficial ingredients that are anti-inflammatory, rich in vitamins, reduce redness, hydrate and soothe the skin is what you are looking for.The idea is to find a product that you can leave on your skin, containing ingredients like Avocado, Jojoba, Coconut which will give your skin this natural boost required to keep it feeling wonderfully soft rather than dry, rough or flaky.Suggestions for the body butters we make containing rich ingredients will be added below.

Humidifiers – can actually bring moisture back to your environment, especially during the cold winter months, when your skin feels its driest. This can be kept in the bedroom or the most central part of the living area to ensure the whole space has moisture. Other tips for keeping moisture will be added below.

Eating Foods that are Anti-Inflammatory – can help your body utilize the vitamins and minerals required for skin cell growth.Green leafy vegetables, colourful ingredients like carrots and beets, berries, salmon, and those rich in Omega3 will all play their part. These anti-inflammatory ingredients provide antioxidants, encourage cells to repair, and reduce swelling too. Drinking water will also assist with flushing away toxins that may have built up in your system as well as keeping your body hydrated.

Images: Essentially Lili’s Body products consisting of Jazz Body Butter, Mint Body Butter & Geranium Hands & Body Butter.

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DIY Homemade Scrubs, Soaps, Body Butters, Vegetable Oils

A few suggestions to help improve your skin’s condition include making your own Homemade scrub combining:

Sea Salt, Raw Coarse Sugar & Olive Oil is quick and easy to mix together, great for removing any dead skin cells, especially from over washed hands;

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and Raw Honey , which has natural skin-boosting nutrients, acids and feels wonderfully moisturising on the skin. Once made, apply in the shower to the area affected with Keratosis pilaris, gently rubbing into the skin.After approximately 15 minutes, rinse off with warm water;

Blend Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and Vegetable Oils together. Suggestions include either Coconut, Avocado or Jojoba oils. Apply these to the affected areas and the rest of your body as they have natural skin-boosting nutrients and acids which feel wonderfully moisturising on the skin.Please ensure the base is a Carrier oil especially if you are planning to add Lavender or Peppermint Essential Oils to the mix. Note: Peppermint Essential oil is not suitable for expecting/nursing women.

Using Vegetable Oils , like Avocado, Coconut, Jojoba Oil are extremely rich in Vitamins. They allow the skin to absorb the benefits, reduce redness, allowing the skin cells to regenerate whilst keeping it hydrated. Below are the Essentially Lili Products that can help keep your skin hydrated;

Refer to the previous blog: What’s in your fridge for more suggestions.

Essentially Lili Range of Body Butters containing ingredients rich in antioxidants:
The Jazz Body Butter contains Avocado, which is rich in Vitamins A, which can help reduce redness and encourage skin cell support. The other body butters, Mint Body Butter & Geranium Hands & Body contain ingredients like Coconut, Apricot, Soyabean, Grapeseed & Sweet Almond which are also bursting with benefits for the skin’s condition.The scents with the particular essential oils are subtle, yet refreshing.If you love mint, you’ll be tempted to eat the product (not suggesting it though) whilst the Jazz has a gentle Asian Fusion of Lemongrass and Jasmine.

Adding a bowl of water to a dry room during the winter months can assist with maintaining moisture in the rooms.It’s also important to ensure the heating is turned down whilst sleeping, as this can also draw moisture from your skin, leaving it feeling super-dry the following morning.

Castile Soap can be used to prevent the Keratosis pilaris becoming worse. Traditionally made with Olive Oil, you can include Jojoba Oil, Honey, Lavender and Vitamin E to your blend to keep your skin softly treated whilst washing up. I’ll write more about Castile Soap in the future blogs.

To conclude, Keratosis pilaris is a common skin condition affecting more youth than it does adults. The surface of the skin feels rough and bumpy, usually caused by clogged pores. The most effective way to treat it is by gently exfoliating to remove dead skin cells and encouraging the pores to become unblocked. Also, by keeping the area moisturised with natural products, avoiding those that are toxic or harsh to the skin.The ingredients to assist hydration should include Avocado, Jojoba, Coconut Oil, Sea Salt, Raw Honey, Lavender Essential Oil and Castile soap.


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  • Have you suffered with Keratosis pilaris before and do you still have it?
  • What did you find was the most effective way of treating the condition?
  • What advice would you give to others suffering this condition?

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