Greetings from Zürich Switzerland!

At this time of the year, Zürich's streets are covered with white and pink Cherry Blossoms & Magnolia buds.  The fountains in the old town are also filled with roses from 1st to 10th of April.  It started as a 'spreading peace & hope to all' initiative by the Churches of Zurich, as the cut roses in the fountains have no thorns.   If you manage to go for a stroll into the historic City centre, you'll be delighted with the colours, sizes and variety of roses.   This Blog this month will be about the Therapeutic Benefits of Roses.  Click on the link below to read more. 

8 years ago in April is when I took the plunge and commenced creating Essentially Lili's All-Natural Skincare product range.  It's been such an adventure, from creating blends, having experimental chaos, and studying health sciences to assist the process for providing consultation and resolution. 

There were so many who took a chance, offered themselves to test the products and provide feedback for improvement.   Though the best feedback is when I receive your personal messages, with before & after photos and a testament of what the products have been able to achieve for you and your family.  And to all of you who took my advice, persisted with the continual applying of products, (particularly for treating contagious warts), I'm so glad you kept going. 

I haven't wanted to bombard you with Newsletters & Blogs, so I took a bit of a mental break, pursuing other ventures in the meantime.   Part of it was getting our kids ready for the next phase of their schooling life, whilst trying to do something more for myself too.  I'll keep you posted as this comes to pass.  

In the meantime, I'm going to start writing Blogs/Newsletters again, and I hope you find this year's material informative & filled with fun facts too.   

Upcoming amendments & new:

  • Products that have been switched off the webpage include Rosey Hemp Hands, Pox Potion, Men's Aftershare Care Bundle, & Mums Pamper Pack. 
  • Samples will also be available in small bundles to prevent future wastage of product.
  • Stripe Visa have increased their fees from April 2023, which will see a slight rise in fees applied to those using the facility.
  • Despite this, I decided not to increase product prices despite rising costs of my suppliers. 
  • Products that are out of stock will be back as soon as new supplies are received.  To pre-order Go Molly, use coupon GOM10 to ensure you get your package with the discount.  
  • I'll be looking to collaborate with other small businesses - let me know if you'd be interested or know someone who would want to participate. 

Thanks so much for your Reviews and Recommendations.  For those who haven't already, please add your comments & testimonials directly to the webpage, whilst Reviews on Facebook can be added here:  Add Your Facebook Review Here.  If you haven't received your 15% recommendation coupon, please feel free to write to me and I'll send it by message/email.  Coupons can't be used in conjunction with other offers. 

Sales Continued


Get Your Pots of Magic whilst stocks lasts!!  Freshly made Mandarin Lip Balms have been added to the webpage, together with Mint Body Butter, Cypress Cleansing Balm, Magic Serum and reuse/refilled jars of products. You would have received a message if your jars have been refilled. 

Sale items have been extended until the stocks run out.  The last jars of Hydrating Face Balm (For Men) and Vitamin Rich Men's Face Balm, Natural Baby Moisturising Oil, Adults & Kids Breathe Easy are available and discounted.  Don't forget to pre-order your Go Molly and apply coupon GOM10 to your order for the 10% discount.  Prices are adjusted on the webpage.  Please note that coupons can't be used in conjunction with Sale or Bundled items.  

Recent Bespoke additions include a blend to help calm and aid relaxation for children challenged with ADHD.  I'll be collecting information regarding the progress and will update you soon.   Should you wish to have either of these products, please request it in the Bespoke Products section, and ensure to include a comment for which one you need.   

If you need assistance for accelerating your well-being, please book a Consultation session so that we can spend more detailed time going through diets, lifestyle, environmental and other factors that could be causing the skin-issues. See About Lili and Our Brand to read more about Essentially Lili's journey.

Please invite your Friends & Family to Like/Share our pages, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and enjoy the Library of tips!!! With Much Love, Lili @essentiallylili #beyourownkindofbeautiful #getyourpotofmagic #asnatarualasyou #allnaturalskincare #loveyourskin #skincarejunkie #lovenatural

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