Greetings from Zürich Switzerland!   

I wanted to thank you all for your loyalty & custom over the years! Firstly, for placing your faith in the all-natural products I have been making with so much love, trusting the process, the being consistent with your application to achieve the results.  Secondly, for maintaining your skin's good health by keeping it hydrated, moisturised and protected throughout the year.   Sometimes we need a quick resolution, as I shared in last month's newsletter where my client's husband burnt his arm... though maintaining good skincare routines is the key to having long-term results.   

For all the newbies to Essentially Lili's monthly newsletter:  Over the years, Renew Balm has been been used for operational scars, 2nd degree burns, cuts, grazes & cracked skin.  It's currently being used on bumps that appear under the skin.  To find out more on why I started making Essentially Lili brand of skincare products, go to About Lili and Our Brand.

To read more about the Testimonials, check out the before and after photos on the webpage.  The latest Blog below is 'Love Your Stories', sharing some of these wonderful reviews.  Every product I make is using all-natural ingredients to ensure that your skin and body only receive goodness. Without your stories & testimonials, the Essentially Lili brand of products would not be where it is today.

Part of my trying to expanding this small business is giving away products, including serums, balms, Beauty Bags, coloured clays & samples as gifts.  Many of you received those freebies and shared your feedback, which aided me to improve & expand the range.  Despite rising costs, most of the range has remained at the same price, as I felt it was better to keep loyal clientele happy & returning to the products they have grown to love over the years!

October's gift - This month, for orders over 120 CHF, I'm offering Free Postage which is available until the end of October.  Use coupon Oct23 Free Postage at the checkout, though it excludes Consultation, Bespoke Products & already discounted bundles.   

For those that haven't done this already, share your Reviews and Recommendations by adding your comments & testimonials directly to the webpage, whilst Reviews on Facebook can be added here:  Add Your Facebook Review Here.  

For those that need assistance jump-starting your wellness progress, you can book an online Consultation and we can organise a time slot that works for you.  Maintaining your skin healthy prevents dryness and issues arising.  We spend more detailed time going through diets, lifestyle, environmental and other factors that could be causing the skin-issues. 

On the webpage, there are plenty of products to select from, including Mint Body Butter, Cool Eyes, Mandarin Lip Balm, Frankincense Face Serum, Jazz Body Butter or Natural Baby Moisturising Oil.  Anything that is out of stock will be made fresh and sent out once it's ready.  The Men's products have recently been removed from the webpage, however, should you be interested in the range, please contact me directly.  The Bespoke Range of products - for allergies and specific requirements for women's health are also available.   Feel free to message me if you need guidance.  

Refer to the Blog Library for many tips and suggestions for better skincare health.  You can search for these under Cystic Acne, Rosacea, Face Mapping, together with ingredients contained in commercial products & sunscreens. 

Please invite your Friends & Family to Like/Share our pages, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and enjoy the Library of tips!!! With Much Love, Lili @essentiallylili #beyourownkindofbeautiful #getyourpotofmagic #asnatarualasyou #allnaturalskincare #loveyourskin #skincarejunkie #lovenatural

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