Spring In Zurich
Spring in Switzerland
It's no surprise that Blue and Yellow are my favourite colours.  These colours bring so much happiness to my spirit and mind, making all that is around vibrant and positive.

Spring flowers are wonderfully fragrant, colourful, charming and resilient as they arise every season after the cold snap showing off their beauty.  We celebrate life, strength and a new presence every spring. 

Often in life, we go through a horrible patch of being unwell or unhappy.  We make changes to our lifestyle in order to improve our situation, and sometimes, things can get worse before they become better.  

But when the calm arrives, there is a new lease of life and confidence that comes from within - this to me is the what Spring feels like.

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Flowers Of The Gods
Did you know that Daffodils (Narcissus jonquilla) are regarded as the 'Flower of the Gods'? 

Narcissus is not only rare to find, as an absolute Essential Oil it offers a bouquet of benefits wrapped in fragrances that are rich, delicate, sweet and herbaceous. 
Aromatherapy, Jonquil Oil is used to help improve self-esteem, for relieving anxiety and frustration.

In History, the Narcissus flower was used to distract Persephone which gave Hades the chance to abduct her.   It was an aphrodisiac to the Arabs whilst in India, it was mixed with rose, jasmine and sandalwood, before being applied to the body and entering the temples for prayers
In the past they were used for treating wounds and infections.

Daffodils correspond to the energy of Venus and the elements of water. Narcissus is a flower that calms, helps bring inner peace, hope as well as self-love.   They represent renewal, new beginnings and rebirth. 

As Daffodils bloom at the lunar New Year, it fortells good luck for the year ahead.  Though a daffodil blooming alone is not so lucky.

Daffodils are the flower of March and are used to mark the 10th wedding anniversary!  It's not surprising that a vase full of Daffodils can makes everyone feel happy!
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Sun Kissed Serum
Sun Kissed Serum
Sun Kissed Serum was made for those that have sun spots or discolouration from being out in the sun.  Though they are not freckles.

One of the key ingredients used is Sunflower oil, though not the type though not the kind bought at the supermarket. In our latest Blog, Favourite Vegetable Oils, I explain the benefits of using these and what amazing properties they have for our skin. 

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Offers & Bundles
Offers & Bundles
Check out the Sets and Bundles on offer.  These products go well together in helping to restore, balance, repair, rejuvenate and make your skin feel great.

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And Remember... ' In All Things of Nature, there is Something of Marvelous ' - Aristole
Essentially Lili wants to help you achieve that - As Natural As You!
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