Be As Natural As You
Having the Confidence to be Natural
As a teenager, I used to hide behind my long hair as well as wear foundation to cover my badly cracked eczema and spotty skin.  I just never had the confidence to be in my own skin.

Fast forward almost 30 years and I am a totally different person.

I LOVE being able to choose NOT to wear foundation.
I LOVE asking the hairdresser to CUT my hair really short.
I LOVE having the option of wearing a little eye colour and lipstick because I WANT TO, rather than to hide my face.

Confidence stems from deep within, and it gives you a beaming outward glow. It really does makes you feel beautiful no matter what.

What I love the best is receiving messages from customers.  Some have the overnight success and notice the difference, whilst others require a few more days. 

And they write:  'Oh My God, my skin looks and feels AH-MAY-ZING!

For me and Essentially Lili, this is ONE LESS person using:
* Cortisones or Severe treatments for removing layers of skin,
* Harsh acne washes that damage the skin; or
* Being told there is nothing more that can be done for their skin.

And it is ONE MORE person who realises that you can have gorgeous skin, nails, hair, feet and all so easily.

That is the best thing about being Essentially Lili - As Natural As You!
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Don't Quit - Survey
What is Your Single Biggest Challenge?
Normally I share about Essential Oils and their wonderful benefits.

But today, I want to ask you to fill in this Survey to help me better understand how I can help you, your family and loved ones.

What is the Single Biggest Challenge You're Facing Right Now with Your Skin/Skincare?

Please be as Detailed & Specific as Possible, more than just saying 'It is Dry'. The more specific your response, the more likely I will be able to help
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Product Promotion
Lime Foot Repair
Cracked Heels?
The buzz at the moment is the Lime Foot Repair.

Initially when I made it with Lemongrass and Patchouli, I found it to be too sticky despite the effect on the skin.  I re-wrote and altered the recipe to include Lime which made this product not only Unisex, but suitable for Expecting and Nursing Mums.

The smell of Lime is so wonderfully addictive!  Like most products, you could sit all day with a jar of balm open for inhaling if you had nothing else to do!  

I don't want to build up anyone's expectations, so I always just wait for feedback. The next day, I get my messages and this Mum is delighted - firstly at the overnight results, and secondly for NOT having eaten the jar of balm!

Only thing to remember when applying your Feet products - that 1/2 a thumbnail of product is enough for applying to the whole foot, heels, toes and in between them too.  Whilst nourishing the skin, the Essential oils will assist in dealing with odours, fungal
infections, strengthening the nails and making them feel wonderful all year round.  

If you want to read more about one of my disastrous pedicure stories, check out the webpage's blog.  I'm giving away product here to the best participant's comment.
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Offers & Bundles
Offers & Bundles
Check out the Sets and Bundles on offer.  These products go well together in helping to restore, balance, repair, rejuvenate and make your skin feel great.

Share the Love - Send this Newsletter and Website Details to your family and friends. If you know anyone else who could benefit from using the All Natural Products, please feel free to refer them to Essentially Lili.  I will send you a 15% Voucher!

Don't miss out on the offers available on the Blogs!  I am happy to extend the dates shown, though they require participation!  
We would love to read your comments on our Blog Participation at the end of each of them.  For the funniest shares and contributions, we'll be giving away Products. 
And Remember... ' Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful'

Essentially Lili wants to help you achieve that - As Natural As You!
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