Summer Time & Sun Protection
Summer Time & Sun Protection
Happy Summer Time from Switzerland - where we have had more rain than the winter and still get to enjoy the lakes, the sunshine and the wonders that this place has to offer! 

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We managed to take a few weekends off for the summer during the kids' holiday time which has been so refreshing.  After our apartment move end of June and change of our circumstances, I've had to alter production days to Saturdays. 

So now I try to make a lot more of the Essentially Lili Range during these production sessions in order to have the stock ready for you when you need it.  And it means I get to spend that quality time with my kids on the other weekends, including the summer holidays - IF I can drag them away from LEGO!!

We contemplated getting off to the Italian Lakes for the long weekends, but we just couldn't seem to plan ahead well enough.  But then we have Switzerland - the land of all things naturally beautiful. We get to explore and enjoy what's right on our doorstep once we get out of our home.

Hopefully we'll be able to do this more often especially during the nicer weather.   Those of you on our Essentially Lili Facebook & Instagram pages will see the places we have discovered during our adventures.

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Lemons from Lugano Ticino
Lemon Essential Oil
Lemons are just delightful no matter how you use them... in your cooking, roasting of dishes with Rosemary, in your tea when feeling a bit under the weather and more.  

I had to have a touch and smell of these gorgeous fresh lemons whilst recently in Lugano, Ticino to find the right one to take home for my pictures.

Best known for being able to cleanse toxins for any part of one's body, Lemon Essential Oil is also used to stimulate drainage of the lymphatic system, helps boost and rejuvenate energy levels, assists with purifying the skin and best of all, repels bugs and insects!

Some of the best uses for Lemon Essential Oil includes:
Adding a few drops to your laundry to prevent your clothes from getting that yukky smell;  Adding a few drops to your soap can help those greasy hands get cleaned up again;  Adding to your Coconut or Almond Oil when removing your make-up can help improve the tone of your skin's complexion, leaving it feeling super soft;  You can use the oil on a cloth to get your tarnished silver and jewellery to sparkle, as well as clean wood surfaces;  Using the Lemon Essential oil in a difuser can uplift any grumpy mood;  Used in a serum can help overcome a cold faster; and Used for repelling bugs can keep them from biting you and your family!

When recently asked to make a Product for Mosquitos for a wedding, I had to ensure I added Lemon Essential Oil amongst others to keep the bugs from annoying the guests.   Easy to apply, the Mozz Off hydrates and nourishes the skin whilst keeping the bugs away. 

You can check out the list of
Ingredients to see the benefits of the what is contained in the products. 

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Mozz-Off: A Wedding Request
My latest Blog is about Summer Time & Sun Protection, which I get asked about a lot by my Customers.  They want to know whether I make sunscreen and what I recommend for them to use.   I tell about my experience trying to find what worked for me with my super sensitive skin.

Also coming from Australia and having the kinds of BUGS we have there, I understand the freaky and annoyance of these creepy crawlies face bothering nuisances.  Today we are more aware of the harmful ingredients contained in these kinds of products, so seeking alternatives is far more popular.

I also had the honour of being asked to make a Mosquito repellant for a gorgeous outdoor Swiss Wedding.  The fun part was getting everthing ready - and then we moved apartment!!  

Can you imagine moving home and then trying to remember where you put everything?   For those that know me, YEP - that was me!!  If only I had made the repellant before my son was eaten by Mozzies during the night. 

The Mozz-Off Product contains ingredients that help repair the skin, take away any sting given by the bugs, as well as repel them with the natural scent of the essential oils and apple cider vinegar.  This All Natural Skincare product is one of many that I make to help resolve skin irritations.

The best part is knowing that the ingredients are not harmful to your body.  You can check out the Blog and let me know what you think.  Afterall, I'm here to help!
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Offers & Bundles
Offers & Bundles
Check out the Sets and Bundles on offer.  These products go well together in helping to restore, balance, repair, rejuvenate and make your skin feel great.

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And Remember... ' Beauty Is Not Caused, It Is' - Emily Dickinson

Essentially Lili journey is to help you find that too - As Natural As You!
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Summer Time & Sun Protection
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Summer Time & Sun Protection
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