New Beginnings
New Beginnings
It feels like we just blinked - Summer in Switzerland finished, the colours are changing for another spectacular Autumn and the temperature is dropping for the arrival of Winter.   

Finally our kids are both in the same Primary School as our son starts Grade / Klasse 1 in the local Swiss School.   There's lots of excitement with starting in a new school together with a variety of mixed emotions. 

For Parents, it's seeing their little ones off, and wondering if they're going to be totally independent and enjoy the next phase of their young lives.

For kids, it's wondering how their new environments will be.  The new class, dynamics of the kids, the teachers, learning new languages, making new friends and wanting to be included as opposed to being excluded.  They are also having different kinds of body changes, from teeth falling out and new ones pushing through to the introduction of puberty.  The list seems never-ending. 

We can only hope that the kids will find their feet, make some great friends and love learning new things at school.

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Cedarwood Essential Oil
Cedarwood Essential Oil
Cedarwood (Juniperus virginiana) is great for relieving congestion and suppressing coughs.  The stimulating effect on the respiratory system is especially useful if there is an infection present.
Cedarwood is basically a plant native to cold climates and is normally found at high altitudes. 

There are quite a few benefits associated with using Cedarwood.  It can help with itchy skin, dry scalp and hair loss as well assisting with menstrual pains. 

What I love using Cedarwood Essential Oil for is in our Kids Breathe Easy & Breathe Easier Concentrates & Inhalers.  The inclusion of Cedarwood has the strength to reduce congestion from a cold or cough by removing the phlegm from the respiratory tract and lungs.  It also helps bring relief to headaches - I may have to add this to our Blissful Minds products.

Cedarwood also relieves tension and stress because it has a calming and soothing effect on the mind.  The release of serotonin is encouraged with the scent, which converts into melatonin in our brains, which induces restorative sleep, leaving you feeling relaxed and calm.

And get this:  You can add Cedarwood to cotton wool and put it your drawers to stop moths eating your clothes without the smell of those mothballs!!

You can check out the list of Ingredients to see the benefits of the what is contained in the products. 

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Anxiety Inhalers
Pick Me Ups for Anxiety
My latest Blog is about New Beginnings & Overcoming Stress.

Sometimes we take it for granted that starting again is going to be an easy process - making friends, fitting in, being accepted and included.  But no matter how old we are, we can easily become overwhelmed by the new beginnings in such a way that it prevents us from seeing clearly....

I rememeber why I made the Pick Me Up - Kids inhaler like it was yesterday.  And for Adults, I made the stronger blend to help them too.  I share more on the blog on the link below.

But what happens to those that don't know how to ask for help, or suffer in silence whilst they are being bullied, excluded and isolated?   Who is going to look out for them? 

Often we need an encouraging word or a hug from a friend - I have been fortunate these past months to have those few who just saw I wasn't ok and reached out to me. For them, I am really grateful and hope that I am always there for them in return. 

The best part is knowing that the ingredients are not harmful to your body.  You can check out the Blog and let me know what you think.  Afterall, I'm here to help!
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Offers & Bundles
Offers & Bundles
Check out the Sets and Bundles on offer.  These products go well together in helping to restore, balance, repair, rejuvenate and make your skin feel great.

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And Remember... 'Hugs are Free - just not for Everyone!'.

Essentially Lili journey is to help you find that too - As Natural As You!
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