Fusion of Essential Oils
Fusion of Essential Oils
Recently I had been experimenting with the products I have to bring about something new and exciting.

I wanted to use Jasmine and Lemongrass in my own body butter, enjoying this all for myself.

Until a customer of mine said he didn't like Peppermint which is contained in the Mint Body Butter.  And so my sharing began!  Samples are being sent out at the moment to customers to try, with the task of helping me come up with the name.  Currently it's the Jazz Body Butter, but it could be subject to change. 

The other product that had a revamp was the Hemp Hands.  You can read more about all of this on the latest blog.   I look forward to your input and suggestions too!

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Peppermint Essential Oil
Peppermint & Mint Essential Oil
Peppermint (Mentha Piperita) can be used to relieve sore and aching muscles, as well as give a cooling and calming sensation to the body.  Used in our Body Butter, it helps to cool the skin especially if it's been sizzled in the sun.

Other benefits from using Peppermint Oil includes:
* Relieving headaches, boosting energy levels as well as releasing strained and tight muscles.
* It can also help improve your mental focus as well as clear your respiratory tract which is why it was included in the Breathe Easy Concentrate products for adults. 
* If ingested with the assistance of a Clinical Aromatherapist, it can reduce stomach aches as well as soothe digestive issues and freshen bad breath.

Peppermint Oil would be considered a natural and cost effective alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.

You can check out the list of Ingredients to see the benefits of the what is contained in the products. 

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Jazz Body Butter
Jazz Body Butter
My latest Blog is about Fusion of Essential Oils.

Making new products and reblending based on Customer's Feedback has been the way Essentially Lili has grown the range.

The Jazz Body Butter is rich in vitamins that benefit the skin whilst moisturising your body with the fusion of Jasmine and Lemongrass whilst Rosey Hemp Hands has been changed to include Rose, Palmarosa and Rosemary.  

I always love to receive your feedback as it helps me to improve the products and ensure that the customer service I give you is the best of me and Essentially Lili. 

For those of you who have received a little special something in the post, please let me know that you have it and what you think. 

Please check out the Blogs on the webpage too - looking forward to your feedback! 

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Offers & Bundles
Offers & Bundles
Check out the Sets and Bundles on offer.  These products go well together in helping to restore, balance, repair, rejuvenate and make your skin feel great.

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Essentially Lili journey is to help you find that too - As Natural As You!
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Fusion of Essential Oils
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Fusion of Essential Oils
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