Essentially Lili Turns 3
We are Celebrating our 3rd Birthday on the 7th of April!!!  

I mentioned to my husband that it's Essentially Lili's 3rd birthday, and he's response was: 'ALREADY'?  Yep, what a journey.  I remember having a handful of ingredients to make my Signature product -  Nourishing Face Balm.  I bought some sample pots, only 30 x 50g Jars and a few Organza Bags with Lavender. 

We have seen the inception of and development of our webpage, the creation of Newsletters & Blogs, attending Events in person where I was able to meet so many amazing people;  and the best part, is reading your feedback, hearing your success stories, knowing  how happy you are when you apply and achieve the Glow you are after.  We have had an ongoing Evolution from our jars to the printing of labels to finally getting the first of our colour coded ones. 

I just want to encourage you that
Perseverance, Persistence & Patience are Key to getting ahead on your journey.  Whether it's for your body, health, your skin, your glow, getting that job or pursuit in your business.  These 3 ingredients are the Key to Life - If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again.  Check out the latest Blog How Perseverance is Key on this topic.

Remember that You are the reason Essentially Lili helps you to Persevere, Persist and be Patient.  
Also - a Shout out to Jessica and Sandra from Trees & Sun who Handmade the Essentially Lili Board - they were ever so patient with me creating this via photos and messages!!  Thank you xx 
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Northern Gold Forsythia
Northern Golden Forsythia
The Northern Golden Forsythia always arrives as the forerunner for the other Spring flowers.   The shrub has strong yellow flowers cover the branches before the leaves do, and then fades into the background as the forest green foliage remains for the rest of the year. The gorgeous bell-shaped flowers are a stunning golden colour which is a wonderful way to come out from the cold, snowy winters.   The flowers make an excellent addition to any vase. 

What's your favourite Spring flower?   Cherry Blossoms are my other favourite!!

You can read more about the
Ingredients we use in our all natural skincare products to see what benefits they have. On our webpage you can check out our Essentially Lili Products and find your Pot of Magic!!   Also don't forget to check out our Essentially Lili Facebook & Instagram pages to stay updated with what we're up to. 

Most importantly, share your Testimonials & Reviews about your Products to help others decide on what they need to choose for themselves.  
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Offers & Bundles
Offers & Bundles
We are really delighted that some of our new labels have arrived. 

They were meant to arrive in time for the SunStyleFiles Blog and before the Beauty Day Event on 24th March.  In order to meet those deadlines, the most popular products were printed first.  Hopefully the rest will be made and sent soon.

Make sure you take advantage of the old prices!  Just drop me a line when making your orders.

Share the Love - Send this Newsletter and Website Details to your family and friends.   If you know anyone else who could benefit from using the All Natural Products, please feel free to refer them to Essentially Lili - let me know so that I can send you a 15% Voucher!

Remember that some of our Products are already bundled together and offered at a discount. 
These products go well together in helping to restore, balance, repair, rejuvenate and make your skin feel great.

If you wish for something specific, please Contact Essentially Lili or write to

Please participate and comment on the Blogs.  We would love to read your comments on these and we'll be giving away products for the funniest shares and contributions!
And Remember... 'If at First You Don't Succeed, Dust Yourself off and Try Again!'  - Essentially Lili.   

Essentially Lili wants you to enjoy being Beautiful, As Natural As You!
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