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We all love to get ourselves pampered in a gorgeous setting, right?

But how about doing this fun pampering in the Park amongst our friends and loved ones!!   Well that's exactly what we did in June at Nyon.  Kindly organised by Jo Brady from Jo's English Playgroup and Jessica Theodoloz from Trees and Sun, where over 100 people from various nationalities and backgrounds showed up with their families, picnic baskets, food to share, meats to BBQ, blankets and more.

Myself and my family were the only 'outsiders' from Zurich who showed up.  Everyone was extremely friendly, hospitable and excited to be covered in clay for a pampering session in the Park!   Granted it was a bit messy though fun  - right up the alley of Jo's English Playgroup and what she does with all those little kids!!

For those that managed to stay a bit longer, they also tried the Frankincense Face Serum and Nourishing Face Balm to rehydrate their freshly treated skin. 

What did you love the most about that day out in June?   Besides meeting so many wonderful families!!!

Due to the amounts of food that was shared at the BBQ, I felt the most relevant blog topic is about dieting and foods.   Often we feel guilty about what we eat and how much and try to lose weight which feels more like punishment.  I hope you find it relevant and easy to follow...  Be sure to let me know what you think - Click here to read more - Should Dieting Feel Like Punishment?

Thanks Lili x

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Why the Coloured Clays?
Coloured Clays are available from so many locations and have wonderful benefits. 

For instance, some of the clays you can get for your skin include -
Kaolin Clay, Kelp, Pink Clay and Rhassoul Mud. The benefits of these ingredients is that they draw the impurities from the skin, they are rich in minerals, and are able to deep cleanse the face, body and hair during the mask cleansing process.

What I have found with Clays that are already made is that they have to be mixed to have a type of consistency that allows them to be applied immediately, or squeezed from a tube.  The combination of ingredients need to be mixed and preserved, which then reduces the shelf life of the product.

When studying in London, our instructor gave the class a jar of Pink Clay which I took home with me to Zurich.  I didn't use it more than once a week, and what was left after treating my skin, I applied on my kids' faces for fun.   And why not?  It had nothing but clay and water in the mix, no preservatives or other nasty ingredients.

When requested to provide my customers with coloured clays, I had to get varieties to suit different skin types.  Hence the Italian Colours - Green White and Red: 

Green Clay Powder: Ideal for Normal/Oily and problem skin.
Red Clay Powder: Ideal for normal, non-sensitive skin.
White Clay Powder: Ideal for Sensitive skin.

At the recent Family BBQ Pampering Session in Nyon, I wanted to show the women how taking care of your skin shouldn't be a huge task.  It shouldn't be like a chore that we hate doing, but much more fun than that!   And it was just that.  

Put approximately 1 Franc / Dollar coin of clay in your palm and mix with water;
Apply to your face and neck; 
Leave it on for around 5-10 minutes, though it can stay longer if it doesn't bother your skin;
Then wash it off with lukewarm (not hot) water.  
Apply your face serum and balm to rehydrate your skin.
That's it ... easy peasy lemon squeezy.

So if you want to have fun with your skin, get yourself a bottle of Coloured Clay that suits your skin type.   It will last you ages as you don't need much to cover your face and neck.   And PLEASE PLEASE send me your Masked face for the Gallery - just for fun! 

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