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When we think of summer, we associate travelling, sunshine, swimming, hiking, beaches, lakes, warm weather, holidays & family time together.   And we also think of insects and getting bitten during this time.

For those of you who are on Instagram & Essentially Lili's Facebook page, you may have seen that we went to Calabria this year. We stayed put at Riaci Beach on the Capo Vaticano Peninsula, very close to Tropea Beach.  We ate so much home grown food and seafood caught in the nearby Sea.

One day, whilst we were swimming, I was brushed across the back of my legs by a Jellyfish (otherwise called Medusa in Italy).  Gosh that hurt - the tingle on the back of my legs had me rushing out of the water and made me feel a little dizzy.  We left soon after, where I jumped in the shower.  I applied the Mozz Off blend I had brought with us onto the area behind my legs.  The next day the welts on my legs were completely gone. 

Another lady wasn't so lucky as the Jellyfish clung onto her shoulder. It was pulled off her and he had to get Pharmacy treatment.  Thank goodness this one was nothing like the Box Jellyfish from Australia.

Now that we are back in Zurich, I have made another new blend of the Mozz Off.  It's great to keep with you when you're out and about, containing ingredients that bugs don't like.  These include Essential Oils like Tea Tree, Citronella & Lemongrass. 
For those of you who have the Mozz Off, please let me know how you are going with it.

If you have a story to share, please send it to me so that we can celebrate your success.  I love that you are part of this journey - Thanks Lili x

This month, I asked for volunteers to try a sample for Acne/Rosacea skin conditions.  To read more in the latest blog, click here -
  The Anguish of Rosacea with AcneFeel free to contact me if you have, or know someone, who is suffering with this condition.

Note: The giant bugs were made by my daughter in Art Class at local Swiss school. I love the funky stuff she makes - and it felt appropriate to add her giant bugs to my Mozz Off blend pictures.
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Citronella Oil (Cymbopogon nardus) comes from the Asian grass plant and was commonly used as a natural fragrant oil, as well as in beauty products, perfumes and insect repellents.  It has been used for centuries in places like Sri Lanka, Indonesia and China, to help decrease rashes, pain, infections and inflammation, amongst other health conditions. 

Pure Citronella Oil is known to have remarkable antibacterial and antifungal properties.  It's most popular use is for homemade or commercially made insect repellents as it naturally deters a variety of bugs.

Various studies investigating the effects of Citronella oil has shown the following benefits:
* Repelling insects
* Fighting bacteria and fungi
* Controlling convulsions and muscle spasms
* Reducing pain
* Removing bad odors
* Relieving anxiety

One of the most important things that citronella oil can do for us is to keep disease-carrying mosquitoes and other irritating insects away.   It is used to get rid of worms and parasites from the intestines, where it an effectively expel these by either stunning or killing them, without causing the host any damage.

You can read more about the Ingredients we use in our all natural skincare products to see what benefits they have. On our webpage you can check out our Essentially Lili Products and find your Pot of Magic!!   Also don't forget to check out our Essentially Lili Facebook & Instagram pages to stay updated with what we're up to. 

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Offers & Bundles
Offers & Bundles
Swiss School Summer holidays have ended.  Many parents are happy to see their kids go back to School or start their years in Kinder.

Kids in Switzerland spend a lot of time outside and in the Woods.  Son they will start going on Camping trips and other outdoor excursions.  Just make sure you have them protected from Ticks, together with the sunscreen and hats.   If you need a 50ml bottle of Mozz Off, which is currently not advertised on the webpage, just send me a private message.  I will make it fresh and send it out.

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Thank you to those of you who responded the Feedback Email.  I appreciate your honesty and comments.

If you wish for something specific, please Contact Essentially Lili or write to info@essentiallylili.com

And Remember... ' Beauty is Power, A Smile is its Sword ' - John Ray.   

Essentially Lili wants you to enjoy being Beautiful, As Natural As You!
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