Highlights of 2018
Has your 2019 started off with a Bang?   For my Aussie family and friends, hope you're enjoying the Summer school holidays.

Up here in the Northern hemisphere,
we've had a mixed bag of occassional snow in Zurich, or blizzards in other parts of the world.   We decided not to ski this year, especially since the neck stiffness I have been suffering post operation. And getting the kids out of pjs and away from Lego was a real challenge during this colder weather.

I managed to head out with my daughter to Canton Schwyz and Ticino on the first days of the new year to do some exploring.  Thankfully we had some lovely weather whilst exploring the Castles of Bellinzona.  We didn't anticipate the 2 hour delays for getting through the 17km Gotthard Tunnel back to Zurich, nor the snow storm once we crossed.  We got home safely.  We hope you started off the new year well. 

Essentially Lili's plans for 2019 include getting out to meet people, whether it's via my visits to Basel, Geneva, Nyon/Gland, Lausanne, Zurich and Zug.  Look out for the events near you and please come to meet me.  I love this part of what I do.  I also hope to be part of exhibitions as well this year.  Let me know if there's one near you that I could join. 

I'm also planning to improve my German.  I cannot possibly keep saying, 'Endschuldigung, miene Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut, even though it's my favourite saying!'   I'm positive our Swiss friends will be happy to hear that!  And we want to live a healthier life so that we can do more whilst we have 'youth' on our side.

We hope that you will continue on your journey with us at Essentially Lili.  Don't forget to send me your feedback and reviews, to share the love with your family and friends.  Recommendations will receive a 15% voucher for you to use at the shopping cart.   Feel free to share the love with others and let them enjoy the 'little pot of Magic' too!

At Essentially Lili, we look forward to hearing your wonderful stories in 2019.  Much Love, Lili x
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Sharing the Love
Sharing the Love

A Customer wrote me to say that she loved the feel of the Nourishing Face Balm on her skin, so much so that she cleared out her bathroom cupboards.  But then there were extra products, which I asked her about.  This was her way of sharing the love.  She bought for herself and her family, but also for her best friend and an expectant mother.  How gorgeous is that! 

Featured in the Photo: 
Renew Balm, Happy Babies Hydrosol, Geranium Hands & Body Butter, Tango Twinkle Toes, Just Soothing,  Frankincense Face Serum, Kids Breathe Easy Concentrate, Sunflower Cleanser with some Red Clay and Mandarin Lip Balm. 

When we find something we love, normally we tell our friends about it so they too can enjoy what we have found.  Whether it's a bargain at a particular store, or the best place to purchase your favourite things.  What I love is when others tag me and the skincare products knowing that with a little pot of magic and a whole lot of patience, the results they are seeking will come to pass. 

There are many wonderful stories of skin disorders, Eczema, Rosacea, Acne, Burns, Scars, Dry Cracked heels, Dry hands, Milia, and even Menopause that have been resolved with the products.  Some of you have shared this with your doctors, others with your friends and family in order for them too, to have this wonderful news be their story.

Just remember that all our products are made by me, using only 100% natural Ingredients.  You 
can read more about the Ingredients we use and the benefits they have. On our webpage you can check out our Essentially Lili Products and find your Pot of Magic!! Also don't forget to check out our Essentially Lili Facebook & Instagram pages to stay updated with what we're up to. 

We always love to hear and read about your Success stories.  Please share your Testimonials & Reviews about your Products so that others can celebrate with you.   Lili x
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Help Skin Assistance
Help Skin Assistance
In the Category, Help Skin Assistance, I have tried to make it easier for you to pick your products.   Included are products like Evanesce Balm and Magic Serum (for Acne), Renew Balm & Just Soothing (for Eczema), Vitamin Rich Women & Mens Balm (for Acne/Rosacea) and Sun Kissed Balm (for Sunspots/Discolouration).  For Congestion and Headaches, see Kids/Adults Breathe Easy and Blissful Minds for Headaches.

Remember that you can Mix and Match what you like.  It's all about your Skin Type vs how young / old you are!   For example, if you have Acne with redness all over your cheeks, then you would look for the relevant product - Evanesce Balm or Vitamin Rich Womens Face Balm, with Magic Serum.  It's also important to ensure that you cleanse at night time.  We have 2 to choose from - Cypress Cleansing Balm or Sunflower Cleanser.

Hopefully the information for this Category makes it easy to find, but if not, just drop me a line and I'll answer you as quickly as possible during work hours.

Also for those that have skin concerns, please check out the latest Blog about Autoimmune issues.

Have you used your 10% or 15% Recommendation Coupons?  They have an expiry date, so if yours doesn't work, just drop me a line and I'll update it for you.  

If you wish for something specific, please Contact Essentially Lili or write directly to info@essentiallylili.com
And Remember... ' Visualise what you want your 2019 to be like and go for it' - Lili GigliaEssentially Lili wants you to enjoy being Beautiful from within, As Natural As You!
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