Denise Nickerson at Womens Meet Up
International Womens Day is a wonderful way of reaching out, supporting, encouraging and lifting each other up, despite our differing skill-sets. 

It can be hard to find that level of support amongst women, whether it's due to insecurity or other issues. But one thing I can say that when you find a safe place to ask questions and be yourself, you are on a winner!  

What we love about travelling and living abroad is being open to learning about other people and their cultures, listening to what they think about life, and seeing how they live it.  We should always be open to learning, listening to other points of view and engaging in conversations that will teach you not only about yourself, but how to grow and appreciate others.  

Happy International Womens Day.  Share the love of your women friends, their journey and lift them up. 

For those that don't already know, on the 24th of March, I will be exhibiting at the Womens' Expo in Zurich at the Park Hyatt Hotel.  Please register for your free entry ticket and come along to meet me and the other wonderful women who will be showcasing their products and services.

We hope that you will continue on your journey with us at Essentially Lili.  Don't forget to send me your feedback and reviews, to share the love with your family and friends.  Recommendations will receive a 15% voucher for you to use at the shopping cart.  Feel free to share the love with others and let them enjoy the 'little pot of Magic' too!

At Essentially Lili, we always love hearing your wonderful stories.
Thank you for sharing them with me.  M
uch Love, Lili x
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Mood Lifting Essential Oils
Mood Lifting Essential Oils

In the past, I have written about specific essential oils and their wonderful benefits.  These included 'Lemon, Frankincense, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint & Jasmine Essential Oils'.   These amazing blends are part of the Mood Lifting essential oils that can be used to help you feel fabulous.  Other essential oils included are Dill, Cinnamon and Black Pepper.

Applied in a carrier oil and placed on your temples, tips of your nose, soles of your feet or placed in the bath or difuser, these can bring a sense of calm and well-being.  You can refer to the previous Blog Posts or Ingredients on the webpage to see in more detail about these particular oils. 

To make application easier, we make inhalers when requested of certain blends.   Just drop me a line and request what you need. 

Just remember that all our products are made by me, using only 100% natural Ingredients.  You can read more about the Ingredients we use and the benefits they have. On our webpage you can check out our Essentially Lili Products and find your Pot of Magic!! Also don't forget to check out our Essentially Lili Facebook & Instagram pages to stay updated with what we're up to. 

We always love to hear and read about your Success stories.  Please share your Testimonials & Reviews about your Products so that others can celebrate with you.   Lili x

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Pick Me Up Inhalers for Kids & Adults
Pick Me Up Inhalers
Adhoc items - has been introduced on the webpage again.  It's where I make requested products whilst waiting for feedback before changing, improving and getting a label made for it.

A while ago, I made the Pick Me Up Inhalers for my kids to help them become calm at school.   There are 2 types, one for kids and another stronger blend for adults.   They are made upon request and easy to use.  Just take a deep breathe when you feel the urge for calm and relaxation.  Love that we can take care of ourselves all the time. 

I also made the Concentration Buddy Inhaler for kids over 8 years of age. 
The ingredients include Eucalyptus, Spike Lavender, Ginger, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang and Lemon Essential Oil to assist with concentrating, brain fog and breathing issues like Asthma.  I have made  few of these, so if you're interested in getting one, please send me a message to order it online.

Remember that you can Mix and Match what you like.  A lot of the products are Unisex, though some are made specifically for Men.   Start with your skin type vs how young / old you are!   For example, ensure that you cleanse at night time - we have 2 to choose from - Cypress Cleansing Balm or Sunflower Cleanser.  if you have Acne with redness all over your cheeks, then you would look for the relevant product - Evanesce Balm or Vitamin Rich Womens Face Balm, with Magic Serum. 

Hopefully the information for this Category makes it easy to find, but if not, just drop me a line and I'll answer you as quickly as possible during work hours. 
Also for those that have skin concerns, please check out the latest Blog about Autoimmune issues.  Part 2 is about Dirty Foods.

Have you used your 10% or 15% Recommendation Coupons?  They have an expiry date, so if yours doesn't work, just drop me a line and I'll update it for you.  

If you wish for something specific, please Contact Essentially Lili or write directly to
And Remember... ' Be the best vesion of You every day' - Lili GigliaEssentially Lili wants you to enjoy being Beautiful from within, As Natural As You!
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