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Celebrating 50 in May
Celebrating 50 In May
I know I sound like a kid in a candy store  when it comes to celebrating birthdays, but OMG, what just happened?

I remember being a kid and saying to myself, 'In 1999 I will be 30, in 2009 I will be 40 ... '  but 2019 and 50 seemed like a lifetime away.  And that's what happened.  I was hoping to be at some exotic location soaking up the sun with my newfound 'six pack post operation', but that didn't happen as I had planned.

Instead, I have been going from Osteopaths, Doctors and Specialists trying to find out what's causing my post operation pain.  Xrays and MRIs revealed I have a strain which is pinching my neck vertebrae C5, C6 and C7, causing numbness in my shoulders, arms and hands.  The Frankenstein clicking on my right side is so disturbing, I keep thinking my head will fall off with any sudden turns.   So I have been going for the past month to physio, trying to have massage to release the built up tension in my neck and shoulders.  

Avoiding pain-killers as much as I can due to their side effects on my usually goofy self, I have tried to maintain a motivated and enthusiastic attitude, which can be quite challenging when your body isn't 100% right.

Often we forget to look after ourselves and our well-being as we try to help others.  But instead,
I will continue to strive for ultimate health, ensuring that I take care of me first so that I am a more effective ambassador for  helping others.   So a word of advice to you - if something's not right, go and get yourself checked out.  It's easier to resolve something at early detection than waiting for issues to get worse.

So back to Celebrating 50 - I met with and received calls from friends and family all over the place.  Looking back, I said to my dear friend who is based in Houston, 'Wow what happened to 20 years ... remember when I walked into the office and became your mate for life?' ...  that's how fast time goes by.

I didn't manage a trip to Thailand in the Spring holidays, so we went for lots of Thai instead!!  First with my mum neighbours which was a lovely night out.  On my actual birthday, I took the day off and pampered myself with the longest Thai massage ... can't believe how hard she worked on the knots in the shoulders and neck, giving me relief for the first time in months.  

Later I met with my immediate family for Margaritas and Mexican at our other favourite place ... those bring back happy memories of my days in Houston!   The following night, I went out with another very international group of mums/friends, one of which was Christine, who I had met on my travels in 1992.  Sharing stories, enjoying eachother's company and seeing pics from my youth were just wonderful.  Oh and the Mango Cheesecake is the best I have ever had!!

I look back at life as I know it and decided I would write a different kind of Blog post.  Everyone knows my story as a kid and Eczema, so I wanted to reflect on 50 years from 20-30, 30-40, 40-50 and celebrate it some way, reminiscing and sharing some of the funny stories along the way.  I'm in the process of writing these, so hopefully they will be ready soon. 

PS. Go figure, I always wanted to be a writer or work for a magazine.  In my travel days, I would write travel stories about my solo adventures and send them to my friends from Internet Cafe's.  Looking forward to writing again!

At Essentially Lili, we always love hearing your wonderful stories.    Thank you for sharing them with me.  Much Love, Lili x
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Sovereign Magazine June Edition
Women Rock Switzerland

Last month, I went to a coaching session with Michelle Guiliano and Denise Nickerson from Salt Consulting at WeSpace in Zurich.  We were given the opportunity to participate in a Special Edition of 'Sovereign Global Magazine's with Women Rock Switzerland' edition.  

Check out the magazine, celebrating the remarkable women and how they are making a difference - to education, kids, health, well being, nutrition, resolving skin concerns, lifestyle, coaching and so much more.  Together, we can join forces, collaborate, work together, support and help build-up our networks, whilst taking care of our kids.  We feel really proud and privileged to be part of this wonderful Edition. 

For Essentially Lili, sharing my story was about the journey and how I arrived at this point.  My pages are from 12-15 inclusive.  All that I went through from the age of 9 brought me here today.  Without my personal suffering and anguish, I would not be able to relate with those who hide away, isolated from the world, depressed and feeling awful about themselves.  Being the
ex-Eczema sufferer who used to keep my hair long and my skin hidden from the eyes of those that criticized or judged my appearance makes me able to feel compassion about their personal story. 

The journey to assist others is always celebrated when the reviews and testimonials come through, with comments like:  'Your #potofmagic #themagicpot has helped resolve Eczema, Acne, Rosacea, 2nd degree burns, Athletes' foot, dry cracked skin, and even Congestion or Menopause.

That's what I love the most, being able to help others find their inner and outer happiness again.  My goal is
to help you find your glow, your confidence without feeling the need to hide behind your hair or loads of makeup.

And check this out too.  I have been cleaning up the webpage, removing pages, and creating new ones.  Part of this is the Media & Newsletters section, with links to past newsletters, podcasts, interviews, Magazines and features in other's blogs.  The cool thing for me, is seeing just how much has happened since starting in 2015.  I feel really proud of the achievements, most of which wouldn't have happened with the love, support, encouragement and cheerleading from my family and friends.   Thank you so much.

You can read more about the Ingredients we use and the benefits they have. On our webpage you can check out our Essentially Lili Products and find your Pot of Magic!! Also don't forget to check out our Essentially Lili Facebook & Instagram pages to stay updated with what we're up to. 

We always love to hear and read about your Success stories.  Please share your Testimonials & Reviews about your Products so that others can celebrate with you.   Lili x

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How Many Product to Choose from?
So Many Products to Choose from
There is something for everyone!!  All our products can be Mixed and Matched to suit you and your skin's needs. 

I am often asked about the products that are best suited for Acne Prone Skin.
You can choose either Youth Face Balm to keep your skin hydrated, or the Evanesce Balm if you have Acne that needs treating during the day without damaging your skin.  Make sure cleansing is only done at night times.  Choose between either the Cypress Cleansing Balm or the Sunflower Cleans
er to help remove dirt which has been built up on your skin during the day.

Then add a few drops of
Magic Serum for those acne spots.  It is gentle enough to use from 10 years of age upwards as the ingredients are not harsh like commercially made products.  Then once a week, choose the colour clay that suits your skin so you can pamper and chillax whilst treating it.   

Please don't forget to send me pre and post pics and updates on your progress.   And Remember, you have to also keep an eye on your dietary intake to ensure you are nutritionally taking care of yourself for maximum well-being.

Make sure you use your 10% or 15% Recommendation Coupons.  They have an expiry date, so if yours doesn't work, just drop me a line and I'll update it for you.  

If you wish for something specific, please Contact Essentially Lili or write directly to
And Remember... 'Beauty is Self-Confidence applied directly to your face'
- Lili GigliaEssentially Lili wants you to enjoy being Beautiful from within, As Natural As You!
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Podcast Interview Swisspats May19
October 19, 2016
Podcast Interview Swisspats May19

OMG. I was interviewed by SwissPats on Monday 13th for my 1st Ever Podcast.
The Interviewers are Suzi is from Australia and Don from USA.

@ 1-10 minutes is the intro and their catch up.
@ 10-28 minutes talking about travels & Family, moving around;
@ 28-58 minutes talking about Essentially Lili the business.
Hope you enjoy listening to the story x

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