Thanks for the feedback you have provided about the Newsletters and Blogs.  I must apologise for I love to 'talk and share stories', taking you on an adventure with me through my writings!!   I will attempt to keep the future Newsletters and Blogs shorter as a result of your honesty. 

To my customers who have used products from the inception of Essentially Lili, I would love to hear from you.  What results you had achieved from your Pot of Magic.  I'd love to share your stories and give you a Gift.  

This is why the next blog is ALL ABOUT FEET.  I received a wonderful Testimonial and decided to make the blog about him and others who had similar stories. Please make sure you check it out, and add your comments about your own Feet and the products that did the trick for you!!  

I always love the reviews, testimonials and feedback - thanks to all of you who have shared yours!  And be sure to use your coupons before your next purchases! 

Don't you just love this picture of tiny feet embraced in love, by 'Andreas Wohlfahrt'?    

Ingredients We Use

Picture taken at Lake Zurich Bade of my son flying high!!

Trying to write whilst blarring 'Pink & Spotify' can be quite a challenge!!  Be sure to get your Pot of Magic and keep your feet hydrated especially as the weather changes.

This month the Feet Products will all be reduced by 20%.  The products have been discounted online so you'll automatically pick up the sale at the checkout.

Other News:  I have extended the offer for Sample Pots - Buy 2 and Get 1 free sample with Coupon  'octsamples'so that you can select a few to try.  If you're planning to get more than 3, let me know so I that I can adjust the coupon for you. Enter the coupon at the checkout at www.essentiallylili.com

If you're abroad and would like to organise a Group package to split postage costs, just let me know.  I recently sent 1 big box to Melbourne Australia to save everyone sending separate post.

Bundled Products are also a great way to get 2 that go well together, and these are already discounted.  Other products which have been discounted include the Men's Hydrating Face Balm, Aftershave Serum, Mint Body Butter.  Some of these products are not suitable for women who are expecting or nursing, so please check the ingredients and details online. 

Please accept the invitation to Like the Essentially Lili Pages on Facebook and Instagram. So many have been invited but have not accepted, despite following the pages.  Share the love with others - let me know if you've given Essentially Lili details to your friends and family so that I can send you the 'Recommendation Coupon' as a gift in return. 

I love when customers are happy, write their reviews, provide testimonials and pass their joy to others.  For those of you who have recently shared your Reviews and Testimonials or replied how you love your products - Thank you so much. 

And always ending with a positive uplifting quote - 'Get Your Own Pot Of Magic & Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful' xx Love Lili @essentiallylili.

Let's Go Shopping

For the newbies on the newsletter, Essentially Lili has been writing 'The Magic Pot' column articles since July 2019 for Sovereign Global Magazine, based in London, U.K.  They have global readership at many locations at Airport Lounges, On Board, Hotels, Cruise-liners and London HQs.  Be sure to look for the latest Hardcopy when you travel next time!!

I shares skincare tips and other Essentially Lili gems in these articles.  To read the latest columns, go to our dedicated section Magazine Articles or read the Hard Copy Issuu here - Issuu Magazine.  I will update my webpage when they're published online.

* The first interview - The Magic Pot is featured in June & August hard copy magazine. It has also been translated into Italian 'La Pentola Magica' by my gorgeous friend, Antonella Licausi from Sicily.

* The first column - The Magic Pot - 'Can we have Home Spa fun?' is featured in the August & September hard copy magazine.

* The second column - The Magic Pot - 'Can Sunscreen Protection cause us more harm than good?'  should be coming out soon. 

For other writings from 2017 onwards, check out the previous Newsletters, Podcast & Interviews and Blogs is the library.  Check them out in case you have missed something like: The Anguish of Rosacea with Acne,  How to Deal with Cystic Acne and Perserverance is Key. 

Your Feedback, Support & Encouragement throughout the time improving Essentially Lili has been totally appreciated.  Thanks so much.  Let's read more and grab some Pots Of Magic!  Lili x

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