I love this Picture of all the different hands touching.  What do you think of when you see this?  For me this represents:

Love * Friendship * Assistance * Diversity * Inclusion * Help * Connections * Healing * Belief * Encouragement * Compassion * Faith * Hope * Family * Strength * Teamwork * Ability * Willingness * Listening *  Guidance * Reassurance * Perseverance * Confidence * Togetherness  * Participation * Unity* Appreciation * Edification * Building * Charitable * Communication * Trust * Security * Gratitude * Self-lessness * Humility * Sensations * Safety * Bonds *

What words come to your mind when you see this picture? 

Sometimes, we forget about those who have been throughout our journey in life. Those who helped us climb when we fell or had no strength, encouraged and advised us when we felt lost or unsure, believed in us when no-one else did. 

It's often amazing how suddenly these angels appear, who are willing to lift you up, encourage, support and become your cheer squad, helping you see things from a different perspective, dusting you off, giving you the confidence to rise up and carry on your path. They cheer from the sidelines, knowing and taking pride that you're back on your journey striving towards your goal. 

Be sure to thank those that offered their Love, Support, Encouragement & Assistance to you during your hard times on your journey, wherever you are today. You will never otherwise know how much that gesture of gratitude and paying it forward means to them.

I love this all-inclusive picture of hands. It really confirms how much we need each other to stay connected and appreciate one another.   Be sure to check out the latest Blog.

No matter how big, small, old or young we are, being Kind, Thoughtful, Gracious and Humble is Free.   It's a wonderful attribute and should be the foundation of who we are.  Reach out to others and let them hold Your Hands with Tender Loving Care.  Lili x


The weather is changing!! Particularly here in Switzerland, the temperature has suddenly become cold, whilst snow appears on the nearby peaks of Canton Schwyz.  The heaters are on, and our skin is becoming more hydrated as the heat draws the moisture from our bodies, which can cause the skin to feel like sandpaper.

This month the Hand Products will all be reduced by 20%.  The products have been discounted online so you'll automatically pick up the sale at the checkout. The Offer is until the End of November.

Bundled Products are also a great way to get 2 that go well together, and these are already discounted.  Other products that have been discounted include the Men's Hydrating Face Balm, Aftershave Serum.  Some of these products are not suitable for women who are expecting or nursing, so please check the ingredients and details online. 

If you're abroad and would like to organise a Group package to split postage costs, just let me know.  I recently sent 1 big box to Melbourne Australia to save everyone sending separate postal packages.

Share your Love of Essentially Lili Products with Others.  And don't forget to let me know so that I can send you the 'Recommendation Coupon' as a gift in return.

I love when customers are happy, write their reviews, provide testimonials and pass their joy to others. For those of you who have recently shared your Reviews and Testimonials or replied how you love your products.  You can become part of the Happy Customers section on the Testimonials Page - Remember Your Story can Help Someone Else who needs Encouragement for their version in their Journey!

And always ending with a positive uplifting quote - 'Be the Best Version of  Yourself as the World Needs More of That'  xx Love Lili @essentiallylili.

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Essentially Lili has also been writing 'The Magic Pot' column articles since July 2019 for Sovereign Global Magazine, based in London, U.K.  Their global readership includes various locations at Airport Lounges, On Board, Hotels, Cruise-liners and London HQs. Be sure to look for the latest Hardcopy when you travel next time!!

To read the latest columns, go to our dedicated section Magazine Articles or read the Hard Copy Issuu here - Issuu Magazine. 

* The first interview - The Magic Pot is featured in June & August hard copy magazine. It has also been translated into Italian 'La Pentola Magica' by my gorgeous friend, Antonella Licausi from Sicily.

* The first column - The Magic Pot - 'Can we have Home Spa fun?' is featured in the August & September hard copy magazine.

* The second column - The Magic Pot - 'Ancient Frescoes Cover Ups vs Present Day' is available online. 

Check out the Latest Blogs below.  I have also set up a Library for Our Past Newsletters and Blogs, so you don't have to miss out on those stories, information, and gems.  Check them out in case you have missed something like: The Anguish of Rosacea with Acne and  How to Deal with Cystic Acne and Miracles In A Jar. 

And with Humility in my heart, Thank You for Your Love, Support & Encouragement, @EssentiallyLili, Lili x

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