Sparkles & December:  The Last orders will be sent out on Wednesday 18th of December.  Make sure you place your requests in case I have to make a fresh batch in time for sending out. 

What does Christmas mean to you? Christmas means something different to everyone, but most importantly is being able to respect others' values, beliefs, and traditions.

* Christmas is a time to remember the religious date dedicated to celebrating the birth of Jesus;

* We spend time with our family and loved ones;

* We reflect on the year that's been and what's truly important in life;

* We are grateful and thankful for what we have;

* We compassionately assist the underprivileged, giving to charities to help those in need or alone;

* We check on our community, particularly our elderly neighbours to ensure they are ok;

* We enjoy witnessing our children excitedly opening up their gifts as they love this Season;

* Reach out to others, making a more conscious effort to be a better version of ourselves.

Every year, we look back at our struggles and triumphs, reflecting on what we could have done better whilst celebrating the successes.  We often take those closest to us for granted, or we lack compassion when trying to understand what we've been through.  Being respectful, open and honest with each other can assist with clarifying these issues.  We should all try to be more caring, understanding and empathetic towards others.  It will definitely make the world we live in a better place.

After all, we only have one life to live, so it makes sense to have the best go at it.  Lili x


We have set up a new item on the webpage for Reuse, Recycle, Return and Refilling your jars, bottles and inhalers. Being Environmentally friendly is part of our Ethos, as we recycle as much as we can, from our packaging to the Jars and Bottles.

These will be set aside and refilled for you in the next production. If you're posting the package with your jars and bottles, I will issue you a credit on your order for this cost.  All steps towards making a Greener environment and saving our planet.  Any queries, please don't hesitate to send me a message. 

This month I also made two versions of Deodorant.  One is in a roll-up, the other is in a jar that is pinched and applied to the skin.  I'll keep you posted on how it feels, smells before sending samples or the sticks out. 

Ingredients We Use
Gift Ideas

For your Personal Essentially Lili Beauty Quote T-Shirt, pick the Quote that you love the best:

Quote Choices:
1. I love my Pot of Magic – Have you Got Yours?
2. My skin feels Awesome with my Pots of Magic;
3. I found my new love with these Magic Products;
4. I switched from commercial products to Magic Pots;
5. Get your Own Pot of Magic;
6. Love My pure pots of goodness.

Make sure you check out the Wrapping & Accessories options which will make for gorgeous completion of your packages. We have Organza Bags, Pink or Blue Forever Boxes amongst the selection.  The second winner of the Dark Blue Cosmetic Bags is Nina Sedmak in Zurich. 

Packages Offered are already discounted, and are a great way to get 2 that go well together.  If you're looking for Gift Ideas for your Mum, check out the Precious Diamond Era Bundle, or Mums Pamper Pack for New Mums needing something for their Hands and Feet.  Some of these products are not suitable for women who are expecting or nursing, so please check the ingredients and details online. 

Other products that have been discounted include the Men's Aftershave Care, consisting of the Men's Hydrating Face Balm & Aftershave Serum.  We have also created new Deodorant sticks using Essential Oils that are suitable for Expecting / Nursing Mums.  Let me know if you'd be interested to know more about them.

We want to thank you for being part of the Journey in 2019. 

We hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful time at Christmas, full of joy, happiness, and love.  We wish you a prosperous 2020, that it's fun, healthy and surrounded by amazing people.  And always ending with a positive uplifting quote for our last newsletter for 2019: 'Be Considerate, Compassionate, Caring & Loving toward those who need it this every day, especially at Christmas'  xx Love Lili @essentiallylili.

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