Let's Start 2020 Celebrating

As we start a new Decade, I wanted to celebrate the Testimonials I have received throughout the past year.  It really helps me stay focused on happy customers, wanting to maintain their skincare routines since finding 'Essentially Lili' as their solution.

Whilst I'm currently no competition for the big brands found in the supermarkets or Department stores, I hope one day soon to achieve that goal of being available in reputable places everywhere, as the All-Natural solution to common and difficult skin-related problems.

On the weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a birthday celebration and seeing my very first customer.  It was such a joy catching up on where we both started in 2015.

This Newsletter and the latest Blog is sharing more of these wonderful testaments with you.  I hope you enjoy reading the various snippets of jubilation from those who sent me their stories.  I hope you enjoy the latest Blog.  Lili x



We'd like you to enjoy the products we currently have in stock.   Some of these products will be available on Order Only, so as to ensure they are not kept for too long.  These include:

Tango Twinkle Toes, Hydrating Face Balm for Men, Aftershave Serum, Blissful Minds, Diamond Era Balm (for over 50s), Vitamin Rich Mens Face Balm for Acne / Rosacea, Oasis Serum (For Psoriasis), Go Molly (For Flying Warts) & Mint Body Butter.

Other Products I have in stock include: 

Women's Face Balm (For Acne/Rosacea), Oasis Balm (for Psoriasis), Cool Eyes, Jazz Body Butter, Cypress Cleansing Balm, Lime Foot Repair, Rosey Hemp Hands, Sunkissed Balm, Adults Breathe Easy, Kids Breathe Easy, Nourishing Face Balm, Frankincense Face Serum, Magic Serum, Evanesce Balm (For Acne), Natural Baby Moisturising Oil, Happy Babies Hydrosol, Mandarin Lip Balm, Renew Balm (For Eczema) and Sunflower Cleanser.

Don't forget to use your Coupons to get your discount.   I will extend the 'endera19' 25% Coupon for one more week which is applicable to selected products.

I look forward to new adventures, blogs and sharing skincare tips in 2020.
Love Lili @essentiallylili.

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