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The past two weeks from the end of January to Valentine's Day have been spent with my family from Sicily as well as Melbourne, Australia.   We have laughed, cried, shared stories and bonded during this special time, something that is often taken for granted by those that live closer together.

The first time I surprised my uncle was 20 years ago for his 70th Birthday in 2000.  I really wanted to re-do the 'carramba che sorpresa' (surprise appearance) for his actual 90th Birthday celebration and be part of this amazing milestone.

Without telling even my family in Australia, I took off at the end of January from Zurich.  I met with my cousins at the train station in the province of Messina, Sicily, where they snuck me into my Dad's village. 

What I love about my Uncle, who recently celebrated their 65th Wedding anniversary with my Dad's sister - he is the essence of resilience, persistence, of the never-give-up attitude, who spent his life trying until he got his first small success, and used that drive to keep pursuing his dreams.

He is a remarkable man who has lived a tough life of poverty in Sicily prior to and after WW2. The sacrifices he made to grow a business from nothing is what I would call 'Old School Education'.  What we can learn from him is more than would could learn from the education system. His are those real-life stories mixing intuition with customer service, drive, passion, and desire for a better way of life.

Whilst we all hope to reach old age, we definitely want to get there in good health, and he looks so much younger than his 90 years.  I had such a wonderful time bonding and being with all the cousins of varying ages, to celebrate this wonderful milestone age. We spent such quality time sharing stories, which were such a privilege to hear, giving the opportunity to learn and understand how lucky we are today.   My uncle and aunt have an extraordinary love that accommodates all shapes and sizes.  We need to learn to be patient, kind, giving and forgiving - without being taken for granted.

A week later we were off again as a family to spend a week in Madrid, Spain with my brother and his kids who we haven't seen for 8 years. What a fab way of hanging out together, at the Plaza del Sol which is right in the heart of this wonderfully vibrant city.   

We ventured out to Segovia to see the aqueduct which is more than 2,000 years old, together with the Plaza Major and Alcazar.  We also went to the ancient 'Imperial City' of Toledo, with its various religious districts and historic bridge, showing that people can in fact live together in harmony, especially if our differences can be put aside. 

Exploring the foods at the diverse locations from Tapas, Empanadas, Paella, Tortilla, Seafood and meat dishes, there was a never-ending selection to fill our tummies.  There are wonderful views of Madrid from the top floor of El Cort Ingles, with the Royal Palace and Cathedral in the distance.   And not to mention having Valentine's Day cupcake up there too!!  

If you haven't already been to Spain, add it to your list of places to visit and absorb yourself in the wonderful history of this beautiful Country.

I hope you enjoy the latest Blog about 'When Stress Overwhelms Your Mind', and do check out the previous ones in the Blog-Library. 

Lili x



My customers have been speaking to me about re-branding and re-bundling products to help make the selection process easier.    The Beauty of the Essentially Lili Range is that YOU are in control of what you want to use, how to Mix and Match the Products to suit your needs.  You don't have to have a particular skin condition to enjoy the benefits of these all-natural skincare products either.  

The products on the beautifully painted Sicilian dish is my Favourite.  Nourishing Face Balm has helped hydrate, calm and soothe dry skin, whilst also dealing with mild Rosacea and Eczema on the Face.  It works wonderfully well with for Over 30s skin using Cypress Cleansing Balm (which has Beeswax), Frankincense Face Serum and Cool Eyes.  It keeps the skin hydrated all day, all year long!  For those that don't like or can't use Beeswax, the alternative is Sunflower Cleanser which helps remove make-up too!

The other combination that works great for those that tend to suffer Acne breakouts is Sunflower Cleanser, Magic Serum and Evanesce Balm.  The fab thing with these very gentle, yet effective products, is that they can be used as young as 10 years of age, and up to your adult years, especially if the breakouts are still occurring. 

For Over 50s Women, check out this group of products, consisting of Cool Eyes, Diamond Era Serum, Diamond Era Balm with Cypress Cleansing Balm, and if you are prone to discolouration and sunspots (not freckles), Sun Kissed Balm as well.

Should your skin be sensitive to a variety of conditions, we have a range of products to suit your needs.  These include Vitamin Rich Womens Face Balm or Vitamin Rich Mens Face Balm for Acne with Rosacea which can be used with the Magic Serum and Sunflower Cleanser, Renew Balm & Just Soothing for Eczema or Oasis Balm & Oasis Serum for Psoriasis. 

And not forgetting our precious little ones, there are products to suit children too consisting of Natural Baby Moisturising Oil, Go Molly for Molluscum, Pox Potion for Chicken Pox and Mozz Off for Bugs and stings. 

Check out the reviews and Testimonials of these products, to see how persistence with application to get the results you want is key to having great looking skin. 


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