Receiving Accolades & Recognition

This Newsletter and Blog were not planned soon after the International Women's Day mail distribution.  I hope you can take the time to read this, as the topic is extremely important to me.

The other day I posted about the Hand Sanitizers and how to make it, before realising I didn't have the main ingredient to make big batches.  My supplier had been making a lovely 100ml blend in glass bottles, for which I bought and sent to clientele in Switzerland who requested it.  Should you need any more, please don't hesitate to contact me asap, before they run out.

In addition to this, many of you asked me privately if I had heard about the Health Beauty and Well Being Awards.  Ironically, soon after sending the last 'International Women's Day' Newsletter, I received the email with their deliberation. 

Receiving recognition and awards from the industry you are representing is totally awesome. But what is more important to me is Integrity, Truth and Honest about my own business journey and who I am to you, my clientele, followers and friends.  
My Blog is a reflection of how this accolade should have represented your comments, votes, testimonials and personal inspirational experience.  I hope that one day, Essentially Lili will receive the write-ups and Cosmetic Beauty Industry awards that it deserves. 
Thank you so much for your Vote of Confidence, your amazing stories and for trusting in me to help you find Your own kind of Beautiful. Click here:  'Health Beauty & Wellness Awards', and see the  Blog Library for previous topics.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for believing in me & Essentially Lili x



Aftercare for your hands to ensure your skin cells are rejuvenated and repaired whilst you sleep...

I'm offering 20% off the Rosey Hemp Hands to the first 10 Customers who want this all natural product.  Valid until the 16th of March.  Apply the coupon:  Roseyhemp20

And please don't be afraid to wear cotton gloves or sox to keep the product concentrated on your hands if necessary:

For assisting your breathing, congestion and sinuses, see about the Adults Breathe Easy and Kids Breathe Easy Concentrate.  This gentle blend can be applied to the bath or onto the skin for inhalation, clearing passages and assisting with getting a decent night's sleep.

Check out the reviews and Testimonials of these products, to see how persistence with application to get the results you want is key to having great looking skin. 

With Much Love, Lili @essentiallylili #beyourownkindofbeautiful #getyourpotofmagic #asnatarualasyou #allnaturalskincare #loveyourskin

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