Happy Mothers Day
Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day around the world is celebrated on varying days.

In the UK, the celebration is in March, whilst the rest of the world seems to celebrate Mother's Day in May.

Whilst we are still abiding by the lockdown rules, working and studying from home, home-schooling the kids, it will be interesting what happens on this upcoming Mother's Day for Mums.

Does it seem like you have been doing far more than usual with everyone at home?  Cooking, cleaning, help with homework, trying to fit your own employment in too? 

I often tell my kids that Mother's Day is just one day set aside for our kids to appreciate just how much us mums do - All The Time!  I'm not discounting their Dad's role whatsoever, but Mums seem to be the glue that keeps everything functioning, fed during meals, engaging conversations, and enabling all to work in their spaces without any stress.  Perhaps this is my perception, from seeing what both my grandmothers did in keeping everyone together and how important their roles were in uniting all the members of the family. 

In March, I made a whole lot of Serums to be given to Store representatives, Magazine Editors, and Shop Owners at a recent Expo which was cancelled due to the current events. 

Instead, I want to celebrate Mums, remind you how precious and wonderful YOU are.  For Orders over 100 CHF, I will be adding one of our Concentrated Serums to Your Package - a Gift From Me to You for Mother's Day.   This is whilst stocks last - either Frankincense Face Serum, Diamond Era Serum or Magic Serum - unless you prefer one of the others for Congestion or Headaches.  Other coupons or discounts will not apply during this offer, one per Customer, and whilst stocks last.


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There are 2 New Blogs included below: Column/Articles from 2019 and Keratosis Pilaris Tips.
Postal service within Switzerland and Abroad has started again during April. 
I will be sending packages out once a week to prevent excessive outings during the lockdown.  The other option is to pick up products from my Letterbox if you are in my neighbourhood/surrounding towns.

In the meantime, please continue to #Besafe #Stayathome #Takecare

Don't forget to order your bundles and pots of Magic online at Essentially LiliSending you and your family virtual hugs of encouragement, Lili x




This frame was gifted to me by my daughter, who wrote that these were the attributes that made me her Mother.  It made my heart fill with joy, and my eyes well with tears.  

Us Mums often feel like we don't get it right, making failures or getting frustrated along the way too.  We are human are after all, not some made-up or unrealistic super-human.   Just remember to be kind to yourself, do what you can without creating extra overwhelming stress. And if you can, don't be afraid to ask your immediate family to pitch in and help out.

The last newsletter was to celebrate Essentially Lili's belated 5th Birthday for customer number 900.  That winner received with her order bottles of Adults Breathe Easy Concentrate and the Frankincense Face Serum.  There are more gifts going out with orders this week to celebrate the occasion and to show my appreciation for your loyalty and custom.

What' I'd love from You:  Please Share your testimonials, Write Reviews about Your Products on the webpage, and on the Essentially Lili Facebook page, together with Invite your Friends & Family to Like/Share our pages.

Reviews and Testimonials are where other customers read your experience and success story, feeling confident that they can obtain the same results with persistence.  I love that you have done this for me over the 5 years, and hope to continue being able to help you and your families with our all-natural skincare range.

With Much Love, Lili @essentiallylili #beyourownkindofbeautiful #getyourpotofmagic #asnatarualasyou #allnaturalskincare #loveyourskin

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