School's Out for Summer Jun2020
School's Out for Summer 2020

2020 so far, will be a year we will not forget for many reasons. With the spreading of Coronavirus, we have all had to re-learn how to be hygienic, be safe, socially aware, and restrict our outings to prevent becoming sick or inflicting others.  We have had be more considerate of our peers, particularly the elderly, the vulnerable, Medical, Healthcare, and those working in essential fields.  I ask you to continue to be vigilant, careful and considerate towards those around you, particularly when we really want to be out at the beach or lakes. 

With the start of the Summer holidays, it's also time to say goodbye to Teachers, school friends, with some commencing new schools, classes, with new teachers in the next year.  To say farewell or Thank You, we have a range of Presents, including Vouchers, Gift Cards, Cosmetic Bags and T-Shirts, together with our fabulous all-natural products   For more details, see the webpage's Wrapping Accessories section.

I have extended the Freebies offer for a Serum throughout April-May and June.   Just remember you have to spend over 100 CHF with your selected products, and let me know which of the Serums you'd like me to add to your package.  This is not in conjunction with other offers, bundles or coupons.   You can select from the range and let me know when placing your order, whilst stocks last. 

From May and June, I began re-sharing from the Blog Library with links found also on Instagram Essentially Lili & Facebook Pages.   There's so many wonderful topics covered that deserve another read, from using Essential Oils for Stress, Men's Personal Grooming, The Benefits of Vegetable Oils, Changing Seasons for Menopause, Miracles in A Jar, Testimonials and so much more. 
The Testimonials page has also had a revamp, with Consultations, Before and After Pictures from Customers. 

In the meantime, please continue to #Besafe #Stayathome #Takecare especially during the summer break. Sending you and your family virtual hugs of love & encouragement.  Thanks again for cheering me on from where you are, Much Love xx Lili x

Gift Cards for End of Year Presents


Men looking after their skin is so easy and quick to do.

Whether it's using our cleanser at night time, and applying Hydrating Face Balm to keep it soft and moisturised, whilst in the mornings using Cool Eyes with Aftershave Serum to maintain its youthful appearance.  Many of our Hands/Feet/Body products are suitable for both sexes, though some of the blends are particularly generated with a Masculine scent using only natural ingredients and essential oils.  

For more information about the Men's Products, see Testimonials HFB, or to see other Reviews and Testimonials, you can enjoy the personal experiences and success stories, feeling confident that you can also obtain the same results with persistence.

Being Environmental - I try to recycle as much of the items included in my parcels ... from bubble wrap to the foam to help even out the packages sent to you.  Please keep your packaging so that you can use it to return your empty bottles and jars to me for washing and refilling.  I have created a Reuse Category and I will adjust your next order with credits for each bottle/jar and postage paid.

What' I'd love from You:  Please Share your testimonials, Write Reviews about Your Products on the webpage, and on the Essentially Lili Facebook page, together with Invite your Friends & Family to Like/Share our pages.

With Much Love, Lili @essentiallylili #beyourownkindofbeautiful #getyourpotofmagic #asnatarualasyou #allnaturalskincare #loveyourskin

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