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Ingredients Are 100% Natural

Hello All,

We hope that all is well where you are in the world, that you are safe and keeping healthy.   

Something I didn't know is that 1st October is National Handmade Day!!!  Here's to all the wonderful handmade products and to all of you who took a chance in trying them.  

Not only are our products Handmade, but they comprise of 100% Natural ingredients.  To celebrate this, I have updated our page with stunning pics of where the ingredients come from.  The new layout makes it easier to read, with a summary of what these wonderful components can do for your skin and health. 

On the webpage, under each product, you can see all that's included - nothing more or less. If there's something you're allergic or intolerant to, I offer the Bespoke Service to create products specific to your needs.

At the moment, a Swiss brand has been advertising false and defaming videos, making claims that she's the only one using natural ingredients.  Please disregard it altogether. The advertising review board of Facebook should have removed her posts a long time ago.  I'd like to reconfirm that we only use Natural components Butters, Vegetable oils, Essential oils and fruit based Preservatives, beeswax in some.  There are absolutely NO chemicals, Parabens or Synthetic additives in the Essentially Lili skincare range. 

In case you missed last month's blog, it was about Kiwi Fruit.  Did you know that Kiwi fruit contains more vitamins than an Orange?  It has amazing benefits for your health & skin.  There are additional 'home spa' tips that you can add to your skincare routine too!  
The link below in the Blog Library will take to directly to the Kiwi Fruit blog. For other topics like Rosacea, Eczema, Keratosis Pilaris and Acne, refer to the extensive Blog Library.   
Closing The UK Magazines Chapter


In March 2020, after all your amazing comments, votes and receiving the Lux Life Beauty Awards, I decided that it was time to part company with the UK Based organisation - Sovereign Magazine and the 2020 spin off Rich Woman Co. I am no longer writing, contributing to either of these magazines.
I would like to confirm to you all that I am NOT associated, endorsing, promoting or sharing posts from either of these 'organisations' based in London.  Anything posted or published on their Webpages, Instagram or Facebook pages post March 2020 to give the impression that I or Essentially Lili is working with them is false, misleading and done without my knowledge or Permission. My disassociating with them is due to their lack of business professionalism, unethical behaviour and showing disrespect whilst mistreating my colleagues.  
Should you happen to see anything posted by them, please inform me immediately.   I am happy to save you the unprofessional hassle and share with you privately.  
Your Awesome 5 Star Reviews on Our Pages


To all of you who have shared your Testimonials recently, even from using the Products from inception, you have really made my day!!   There is so much joy receiving before and after photos, with messages from you after using the products.  I cannot express how happy that makes me feel for you and your family, seeing the results in these images!! I have been sharing these and adding to the webpages as well as Photo Gallery. 

If you haven't already, please don't forget to write your Reviews and Recommendations on Essentially Lili Facebook and Webpage!!!  I would love for you to share your personal testimonial and review about Essentially Lili.  Please feel free to write about the customer service and specific products you loved the best!!    

If you need assistance, please book a Consultation session so that we can spend more detailed time going through diets, lifestyle, environmental and other factors that could be causing the skin-issues. 

Being Environmental - I try to recycle as much of the items included in my parcels ... from bubble wrap to the foam to help even out the packages sent to you.  Please keep your packaging so that you can use it to return your empty bottles and jars to me for washing and refilling.  I have created a Reuse Category and have been issuing credits / coupons for each bottle, jar and postage paid so you can use this the next time you place your orders. 

Invite your Friends & Family to Like/Share our pages, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and enjoy the Library of tips!!!   With Much Love, Lili @essentiallylili #beyourownkindofbeautiful #getyourpotofmagic #asnatarualasyou #allnaturalskincare #loveyourskin

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