Pumpkins are More than Halloween
Pumpkins Are More than Halloween

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Here in Switzerland, we are witnessing the stunning change of season, with vibrant shades of yellow, orange, red, maroon with green, as leaves become another version of beautiful.   And the supermarkets and fields selling varieties of pumpkins geared up for October 31st's Halloween.  

As a kid, we never grew up 'celebrating' Halloween, especially not carving up Pumpkins to put in the garden.  We loved it roasted, with potatoes and chicken, having leftovers squished in sandwiches. 

So I decided that this month's blog would be to celebrate how fabulous Pumpkin is for our health and diet, what Pumpkin Seed Oil can do for our skin, whilst sharing fun historical facts too.  Hope you enjoy reading this next composition. 

The link below in the Blogs Section will take to directly to the Pumpkin blog. For other topics like Rosacea, Eczema, Keratosis Pilaris and Acne, refer to the extensive Blog Library.   Should you wish to have a particular topic researched and covered, please feel free to send me your suggestions. 
Lungern Switzerland


Whilst exploring our current homeland Switzerland, we love checking out places that are outside of the extensive tunnel system. This wooden statue overlooks the Lake Lungern and the township, standing firm, enjoying the scenery, the lush greens and ever-changing skyline.  He represents all of us who stop and admire the views of this amazing landscape.  
Right next to him is the covered veggie cart, with the honesty box for collecting funds from patrons who stop and buy their Bio goods.  This particular time of the year, it was full of different kinds & colours of pumpkins.  All you had to do was select what you wanted and put your money in the box - supporting home grown local business. 
Beyond this part, is the gorgeous windy roads that take you through breath-taking luscious forests to the adventurous areas of Brienzersee, Interlaken & Grindelwald.  They are all a must see when you come and visit this beautiful country. 
Pumpkin Bio Honesty Box
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