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To all the Amazing Women around the world - Happy 'International Women's Day'.

The theme for 2021 is 'Choose to Challenge' which includes:  Celebrate Women's Achievements, Raise Awareness against Bias and Take Action for Equality. 

  •  * How do we continue to raise the bar against bias, inequality & social injustices?* 
  •  * How can we become more socially aware & really compassionate to those right under our noses, especially for our youngsters, without ignoring or walking away? 
  • * We need to take action for equality & fairness beyond the workplace & in business, but into the school classrooms & social environments.

These challenges are harder to teach, learn about or perform, as the easier option is to look away, pretending not to notice injustices happening around us. 

Whilst there's nothing wrong with being quirky or different, often this becomes the excuse for being excluded, leading to further isolation.  Naturally, some kids find it difficult to express themselves, nor do they comprehend why they have become targets of unacceptable behaviour.  It's extremely heart breaking particularly for parents who see their children suffer in this way. 

We want to protect our kids & expect their well-being to be secure even in the school-yards. Unfortunately, some of our kids will pay the ultimate price from being isolated, separated & ostracised by their peers, sometimes without explanation, whilst others opt to end their battle.  

How can we be more socially aware of this kind of behaviour?  How can we do something about it to aid our youth to grow as strong independent individuals of the future, willing & able to stand & challenge injustices?  

We have to help the next generation become more compassionate, empathetic, caring, independent, wonderfully strong, encouraging, edifying, helpful & selfless individuals by showing them with our own Actions.  We need to join forces with our siblings of humanity & continue to teach our kids:

  • * to show what caring & compassion for others looks like,
  • * to teach our kids to behave independently from the crowds, 
  • * to support or stick up for those who are separated, isolated or alone,  
  • * to look out for each other, particularly at school,
  • * to speak up when something happens that is not right, &
  • * to be empathetic & socially aware of what's happening around them.  

We are an International society of educated & intelligent individuals who need to join forces. We should stand up for those who are weaker, who require our voices to advocate for them, to protect them from those who may take advantage or bully them.  Let's choose to keep our eyes open & challenge the 'norm', finding a way to bring change together.  

Is that what you want for your kids?  That's what we want for our kids & their future, irrespective of where they end up in the world.  I'd love to hear your thoughts & suggestions about this topic which is really important to us & dear friends of mine. 

To read more about the International Women's Day Challenges, click here: International Women's Day Challenges 2021

Image: Courtesy Amy Shamblen Unsplash.

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