Generational Mother's Day
Generational Mother's Day

To all the Generational Mothers around the world, I want to wish you the Happiest Mother's Day.

This Unsplash image by Ron Long captured my heart, especially as many of us are separated by distances during these trying and special times.  To me, this is how Grandmothers are given a new lease of life when little ones are around them. 

I remember the time I returned to Melbourne Australia from UK at 33 weeks pregnant with my eldest daughter, and went to visit my elderly maternal Grandmother.  We had been apart for a long time and was so delighted to see me again.  I gently grabbed her hands and placed them on my expanding belly, and she just burst out crying with happiness. She enjoyed our daughter's first 6 months, which was such a special time they had together, whilst my Mum had the joy of sharing the first 9 months in her home, before we moved back to the UK.

I love seeing this same kinda bond when my siblings share pics of their kids with my Mum in Australia, or when my Zia/Aunt in Sicily is surrounded by her kids, grandchildren as well as great-grandchildren.  They're such wonderful bonding moments. 

We are so blessed, especially when we are willing and able to learn from our grandparents' stories whilst they are with us today.  The world as we know it was extraordinarily different for them.  They have seen so much innovation & changes within industry & technology, they have survived poverty & food rations, fought for our rights & freedom through World Wars & protests, whilst bravely starting a new life in various foreign countries, and learning new skills without the help of the Internet. 

This is a Special Shout out to all the wonderful mothers around the world.  If you are with yours on Mother's Day, hold and embrace her on our behalf.  If you haven't got your mum, 'adopt' one nearby - we have adopted our elderly Italian neighbour like a Grandma!!!

As we watch films like Mamma Mia / Here We Go Again - singing fabulously timeless ABBA songs, or listening to Whitney Houston belt out ''I'm Every Woman'' we are encouraged as Mums to do what we do best & naturally!!    So on Mother's Day, please do me a Rocking or R&B favour and belt out your most encouraging Mum/Woman song - that one that makes you feel great!  

Remember that you are all Amazing, Strong, Capable, Multi-tasking, Intelligent Women, as we guide the next generation of youngsters to be equipped, smart, independent leaders of tomorrow.   Let's show them how to dance and have fun!!  Don't forget to let me know what your favourite song is so I can add it to our playlist!!    Happy Mothers Day to you all from Essentially Lili.

May Special - Free Postage in Switzerland


For ages, I've been spoiling myself during the month of May - for Mother's Day and my Birthday on the 23rd.  Ordered some treats which have been arriving this week cos I'm worth it!!   So do yourself a favour - whether it's getting yourself a little treat, accessory, cakes, natural skincare or makeup to help you feel fabulous - remember, you deserve being treated!

This month, I'm offering 'Free Post' in Switzerland.  Orders which have already been sent during the month of May will receive a coupon for their postage, whilst new orders received since this Newsletter will be postage free.  Simply select the 'Pick Up' option and add a comment 'Free Post' to your order for me to send it to you.  This offer ends May 31st 2021. (Excludes packages using other coupons or where free gifts have already been applied. )

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