August Staycation in Switzerland
August Staycation in Switzerland

Hello All, hope you have had a wonderfully relaxing summer break, and a not so cold winter in Australia.   

We decided to have a delayed staycation break in Switzerland, trying to keep our kids occupied and amused during the bleak 'summer'.  Despite the challenges of the weather, we ventured out as a family on day trips.   Our son enjoyed a few sessions Go-karting/racing - since he loves Formula 1 so much; we explored the spectacular Trummelbachfalls/waterfalls of the Lauterbrunnen region in Bernese Oberland;  visited the Biosphare Entelbuch Unesco Natural Park of the Bernese/Luzern regions, before stopping to explore Langnau im Emmental & Burgdorf, with the historical castle on the hill;  finished the week with a trip to Conny-land amusement park located in Lipperswil, kept the kids entertained on the crazy rides whilst mum watched!!  

In between, I was sending out packages of products that I had in stock to prevent delays, yet production started up again today.   I haven't had a chance to write a new blog as I have spent a good part of July creating QR codes and re-doing SEO for the webpage.  Whilst it sounds exciting, it's actually really challenging especially if you're not an IT Techie!!!  I hope it hasn't created too many dramas for you - I'm still sorting out some issues.  Please let me know if you have any problems so I can investigate and amend them. 

The last newsletter & blog shared tips on how to deal with Acne caused by wearing masks.   Did you find the tips useful?   Do you have other suggestions that were not included that you'd love to share?   I always love to hear your feedback, suggestions and tips too!!

Youth Face Balm Blue Label


I recently ordered Blue Labels for the Youth Face Balm 50g size, to cater for young teen males who were put off by the original Pink.  I should have used a different colour from inception, but now, you can add a comment in your order requesting the blue label for your young man!!

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