Smells Like Christmas
Smells Like Christmas

Hello All,

December is already upon us & after celebrating our daughter's birthday, we've finally decorated the place to get ready for the festive season.   Have you done the same?

Wherever you end up celebrating the Christmas period, be sure to take care of yourselves and your health.  As a preventative measure, we've been making plenty of nutritious soups to keep our bodies warm and healthy.  It doesn't take long with the change of weather and current circumstances to become ill.  

At this stage, we haven't planned anything except some time out with the kids.  If you're needing your Pots of Magic, don't hesitate to reach out to me.  There may be some postal delays outside of Switzerland due to the ever-changing restrictions.   

If you would like a special blend of 'Smells Like Christmas'  for your diffusers, please let me know.  This Christmas offer will be 25 CHF for a blend of Essential Oils - I'm currently writing up a recipe & playing around with scents to see what smells wonderfully Festive!

For Swiss locations, Monday 20th of December will be the last postal run to ensure packages arrive before Christmas.  Unless of course, you want to save on postage and collect from my letterbox!

For Overseas locations, please send in your orders by Friday 11th December to allow me the time needed to make/prepare and send out your packages.   

@EssentiallyLili, I've always been more than just resolving issues.  You want to ensure your skin is feeling fabulous every day - irrespective of the weather and your diet.  When your skin has reached the desired level of resolution, whether it was from Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Warts, there are so many other products in our range that will continue to assist with hydrating, nourishing and encouraging your skin to feel its best every other day!   

Should you need help in choosing what's best for your skin, don't hesitate to send me a personal message.  

Spa Pampering at Home


If you're spending time chillaxing at home, there's so many fun things you can do to help your skin feel fab - without having to worry about attending a Spa.  From coloured Masks to treating your feet with simple techniques and products. 

The whole range is made with 100% natural ingredients, which will assist your skin with feeling fabulous and well-hydrated too.   

For kids, there's the improved blend of Natural Baby Moisturising Oil which can be used all year round.  For parents, there's Geranium Hands & Body or Jazz/Mint Body Butter to help restore our cells & make our skin soft and nourished.   For your feet, you don't have to have severely dried cracked heels to enjoy using Lime Foot Repair, Tango Twinkle Toes or Peppermint Feet, all of which will keep them smelling fresh. 

Both the unisex Cypress Cleansing Balm and Sunflower Cleanser feeds your skin whilst it's being massaged, allowing it to feel plump when completed.  This process should only be done at night time.  Ironically, you should not require a lot of serum or face balm afterwards to re-hydrate your skin!  There's products for both Men/Women in the range that provide age-related ingredients for restoring, rejuvenating and nourishing your skin's cells. 

Thanks again for everyone who is being environmental, by either posting back your jars/bottles for refilling, or putting them in my letterbox!! You'll receive a credit for the number of items returned together with your postage costs.   

From the Blog library, there are many topics I have covered which are available, ranging from Pampering Fun, treating Acne caused by wearing masks, dandruff, keratosis pilaris and so much more.  Let me know if you find the tips useful, or if there's a topic you'd like covered in future.  

For those who haven't already, please don't forget to add your comments & testimonials directly to the webpage, whilst Reviews on Facebook can be added here:  Add Your Facebook Review Here.

If you need assistance for accelerating your well-being, please book a Consultation session so that we can spend more detailed time going through diets, lifestyle, environmental and other factors that could be causing the skin-issues. See About Lili and Our Brand to read more about Essentially Lili's journey.

Please invite your Friends & Family to Like/Share our pages, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and enjoy the Library of tips!!! With Much Love, Lili @essentiallylili #beyourownkindofbeautiful #getyourpotofmagic #asnatarualasyou #allnaturalskincare #loveyourskin #skincarejunkie #lovenatural

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