‘Beauty Is Self Confidence Applied Directly to Your Face’

Lili Horgen Switzerland

‘Here I wear NO foundation, just my Nourishing Face Balm, a little eye colour with lipstick’.


Skin Conditions like Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Acne, Dry Irritated Skin can be very frustrating, annoying, painful and an exasperating issue to deal with, no matter how old or young You are.

Eczema can makes you feel ugly, self conscious as it knocks your confidence. You often feel like everyone is looking at you for the wrong reasons. Your skin can become itchy from the heat, dust, spicy foods, stress, autoimmune issues, intolerances and more.

I’m sure that IF YOU are like me, you have tried and tested many products from the Doctors, the Chemist, Cosmetic Counters and Beauty experts. They gave you the impression all your skin condition & irritations would go away quickly. They perhaps made you feel that all would be ok in no time, and you would feel great about yourself again. You bought products advertised in magazines wishing you would look like the Air Brushed Super Model wearing the Products. Don’t worry, I did this too!You get Frustrated and feel like it will just never get better. I know what it is like to experience this condition, to deal with and overcome it.

From the age of 9, I suffered with Eczema on my face and body, and spent some 10 years trying various strengths of Cortisone on my body to try to overcome this affliction. During my teens, I used all kinds of expensive Commercial products which removed my skin’s natural oils from my face, making my condition worse. I was THAT teenager who stopped going to University and didn’t leave the house for 2 months. My body was covered in weeping & bleeding Eczema from my head to my thighs, with a swollen face to match. I have NO pictures of this time of my life as I was so upset at how I looked during the best years of my youth.

I was introduced to All Natural Skincare Products through an Aromatherapist in 2004. I found the blend of ingredients to be calming & refreshing. The Eczema I had on my swollen face disappeared overnight. I had Finally found the product that my skin loved and didn’t react to!

I want to reassure you that with a little patience and time, everything can change for the better.I want you to know that I understand where you’re coming from, cos I have been there too, and my journey was a long and frustrating one that ended with a solution that works!


‘ What We Learn With Pleasure, We Never Forget ‘ – Albert Mercier


I want those who come to me for help to feel confident about my experience and knowledge regarding Essential Oils, Blending & Product Making.

I studied with the London School Of Natural Health Sciences for my 7 Diplomas whilst helping people, blending products and building up the reputation and brand – Essentially Lili. I worked and studied hard to receive Diplomas with High Distinction, (listed below) which have allowed me to join the International College of Holistic Medicine.

With my studies and personal experience, we can work together for a Holistic approach to well being. I trust you will have the Confidence in me to help you find your personal path to long-term well-being.


Member (ICHM) International College of Holistic Medicine.
SNHS Diplomas with High Distinctions:
Holistic Skincare Products
Business Studies for Holistic Therapies
Clinical Holistic Nutrition
Stress Management
Holistic Pain Management

Bachelor Of Business (Accounting) @RMIT Melbourne, Australia.

Currently Studying:- Nutrition for Age 50+

** Links to Products – School of Natural Health Sciences & Blogs are below **


‘ Education has to be Part of the Journey for helping others’

‘ Make Time For Yourself ‘


I decided to give some of my product to friends to try out and see what they thought of it. I made a fresh batch of my Nourishing Face Balm, handing out sample pots to friends and strangers to see what they thought of the all-natural ingredients balm.

Some of the feedback from those suffering years with Rosacea and Eczema has been amazing. I was so thrilled that my product was working for them as well as for me.When the products resolved their skin conditions in a short space of time – this was the best form of Customer Satisfaction.

The Testimonials have been amazing where my first customer noticed a difference to the Rosacea she had on her face within a week of using the Nourishing Face Balm.People began asking me to make other products for various age groups & conditions.I began blending for your feet, your hands & body, for your babies, for your husbands as well for other irritated skin conditions, like Acne, Psoriasis, Sunspots, Warts and Rashes. This is how the Essentially Lili Homemade Cosmetics Skincare Products began.For the Skincare Resolution Products, you can click here: Help Skin Assistance


Why Do I Make Essentially Lili All Natural Products?

Because Essentially Lili All Natural Skincare Products help rejuvenate and repair the skin. The ingredients are 100% Natural.The results have given people the Confidence to feel good about themselves again!

This is Why I do what I do.I Love Helping others Find Solutions. I love to study which are the best ingredients, write recipes, make products, alter blends where necessary for intolerances & allergies, using my personal experiences for something better with others.

Our objective at Essentially Lili is to help You overcome your skin irritations in the short term with a Holistic approach. You can then continue nourishing, repairing and rejuvenating your skin irritation once the conditions are resolved.

I write Blogs with Tips for taking care of your Skin, especially during Winter: Dry Skin During Winter.

We would love to hear about your amazing experiences with the 100% All-Natural Products.