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What Your Face Reveals About You

Acne Face Map Dec19

What Your Face Reveals about you

As the skin maps out your body, telling amazing truths.

History & Genesis of these techniques:

Whilst not exactly established in modern science, the ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine used Face Mapping to determine the individual’s health based on the acne patterns.This practise is over 3,000 years old and is otherwise known as ‘face reading or mien shiang’ which is based on the flow of energy along specific meridians throughout the body.Disturbances to this flow of energy affects the ‘Qi’, which then manifests on the face with breakouts, redness, spots, or other issues.

Face Mapping technique observes the person’s complexion, whether there is colour, dullness, breakouts, as well as checking the expression and the health of their tongue.With Ayurvedic methods focuses on the person’s body type (Dosha) whilst Chinese medicine involves manipulating the body’s meridians.When the main organs are not functioning properly, it can affect the overall health of the body.For example, increased redness, inflammation and breakouts could be the result of poor liver health and a build-up of toxins in the liver.Other digestive organs that could cause problems include the spleen, intestines, kidneys and stomach.Skin health is also subjected to diet, lack of sleep, use of medications, emotional anguish combined with high stress levels.

This process is similar to Reflexology.In the 1930’s, Eunice Ingham, a physiotherapist for Dr. Joseph Shelby Riley, became an advocate for Zone Therapy which she studied and used on her patients.She found that the feet responded well to the therapy due to their extreme sensitivity.Applying pressure to varying trigger points which corresponded to an area to the feet, her patients were able to feel less pain.This Body Mapping onto the feet became the Genesis of Reflexology.

In the early 20th Century, publishing about Zone Therapy was done by Dr. William Fitzgerald, who showed how applying pressure to certain parts corresponded to other parts of the body.Dr. Edwin Bowers, his colleague, validated this theory using dramatic demonstrations. Whilst administering pressure to the area in the hands, a sticking pin was entered onto the face, corresponding to the area being treated, without causing pain.This ‘Acupuncture’ process is closely linked to Reflexology and Face Mapping, where it assists relieving the flow of energy throughout the body.Executing pressure to the trigger points related to the various organs in the body allow for the meridians to be released.

What’s fabulous about Reflexology is an alternative therapy is that it can bring relief to so many areas, when performed correctly.
• It can help unblock tensions built up in the muscles and organs, releasing deposits, knots and other hindrances;
• It can assist the whole body’s natural flow and progression, from digestion to increased blood flow, allowing for nutrients to be circulated and carried throughout the system; and
• It can work as a natural pain killer by releasing endorphins.

Gallery of Images: Face Mapping used by Traditional Chinese Medicine, Digestive Tract and Spa Treatment by Anthony Tran.

Modern Uses of Face Mapping Techniques:

Today it is generally used for helping with problems like Acne, because the flare ups tend to happen in the same locations like the chin and forehead. It can also be used to treat puffiness, lines, wrinkles, redness and rashes caused by food allergies. The face is zoned out, just like the feet in Reflexology, to help indicate what could be the underlying problems for the skin:

• A stressed or poor functioning liver or imbalanced kidneys, stomach, bladder or spleen can result in breakouts, lines or wrinkles between your eyes and eyebrows, or the nose area;
• Breakouts on the forehead could be related to how the small intestine and bladder functions, in conjunction with poor digestion, stress levels and lack of sleep;
• Acne around the mouth, jaw or on the chin could be related to the stomach, large intestine and colon, as well the reproductive system being imbalanced;
• The whole digestive system, spleen and kidneys not working efficiently, or building up toxins could result in acne appearing below the lips and on the lower chin;
Gut related problems or inflammation of the small intestines could result in breakouts near the nostrils;
• Spots or pimples around the cheekbones could be the result of immune issues, allergies, respiratory concerns or smoking;
• These could also be due to hormonal issues, stress and the reactions to our immune system.

The condition of your face and skin can determine whether or not you’re consuming plenty of vegetables, are prone to high blood pressure, drink too much coffee, don’t sleep enough or lack the vitamins required for your body to function healthily. Treating the root causes can ultimately assist with achieving an acne free life, irrespective of your age.

Science, however believes that the ancient methods are not as useful or exact for everyone.Looking closely to the skin, asking about lifestyle and the environment you work and live in will determine a better understanding for resolving issues:

Our lifestyles are more demanding and stressful, impacting our facial skin and its appearance;
• Changes in the ingredients and how our foods are made, together with high levels of processing;
• Our gut health could require re-balancing with probiotic bacteria to help eliminate the toxins clogged in the intestines;
Imbalanced or increased production of androgenic hormones, like testosterone, can over create excess secretion of sebum, which can drastically affect how our body reacts;
• The accumulation of sebum and bacteria inside the pores can become infected or inflamed, causing clogged skin cells, pimples or cystic acne;
Dead skin cells can also cause blockages, creating whiteheads, blackheads and varying kinds of acne;
Poor hygiene, sweating or not cleaning excess oils gently can affect our skin;
Immune or allergic reactions to modern skincare, makeup and hair products can create irritations to our skin;
• We tend to sleep less or have poor sleep habits;
Family history and genetics can determine the time process for new skin development and likelihood of acne breakouts;
• For some, the environment they are exposed to can cause the pores to become blocked and prone to acne breakouts;
Exposure to the sun can irritate the skin for some; and
• Other health issues like diabetes and poor circulation can also have adverse effects on the skin.

Some of the above mentioned factors will have nothing to do with the results of Face Mapping and the condition of one’s internal organs.It does give an overall guide for where to begin the process for well-being, a way to promote natural health products which may not necessarily address the actual cause for the acne breakouts.

“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes”. Quote By Sophia Loren.

In all things, common sense should be applied first and foremost.Start with the basics:
• Cleanse your face with gentle products at night time, to remove environmental pollutants from your skin;
• Remember that these can cause a build-up of dirt, accumulation of sebum which could become infected;
• Protect your skin from the sun during the day with a decent sunblock;
• If you have any skin infections, treat these with products that will soothe and balance the skin;
• To prevent transferring bacteria to other parts of your face and body, try not to touch your face and skin throughout the day, unless your hands are clean;
• Look more closely at lifestyle and diet, making changes where necessary, especially if you notice reactions or allergies to foods, drinks and other commercial products;
• Eating a more balanced healthier diet should assist in achieving the results you want;
• However, if the symptoms carry on despite good hygiene and healthy eating, it would be worth seeking the assistance of a consultant specialising in Face Mapping.

In conclusion, whilst the concept of Face Mapping has been used for a long time by the Chinese and Ayurvedic practitioners, the results may not necessarily be as black and white as believed.
A combination of poor organ functionality with lifestyle stresses, environmental and diet related issues could also be the culprits to the lack of healthy glow of your skin.Be sure to look at your overall health in a holistic way. Try to deal with stressful situations and lifestyle concerns which will ultimately make you feel better in the longer term.Take care of your skin, consume the right kinds of foods and drink water to help flush the toxins from your digestive tract.

If you are seeking Product to help resolve Acne concerns:
• I would recommend cleansing your skin only at night time, to remove pollutants and environmental build-ups in your skin.This allows the pores to be cleared and impurities removed.New skin cells are generated whilst we sleep, so cleansing in the mornings will remove these, which we don’t want to do. Cypress Cleansing Balm which is made with Beeswax, Butters and Essential Oils or the Oil based Sunflower Cleanser.
• The Frankincense Face Serum is gorgeous on the skin, and has Ylang Ylang to help combat the occasional breakout;
• However, the Magic Serum helps treat more problematic Acne prone skin;
• For Acne/Rosacea prone skin, we have Vitamin Rich Mens Face Balm and Vitamin Rich Womens Face Balm if your skin needs more tender loving care due to irritation or damage;
• For treating Acne alone, Evanesce Balm;
• For Youths who only have Acne breakouts, Youth Face Balm;
• For hydration, there are a few varying products: For men over 30, there’s the Hydrating Face Balm;
• For women over 30, there’s Nourishing Face Balm; and
• For women over 50, Diamond Era Balm.

There will be something for everyone who wants to help deal with how their skin looks and feels.


  • What are your thoughts about Face Mapping?
  • Did you have a Reflexology session for specific problems, and what was the outcome?
  • If you had acne problems, what kind of products did you use to resolve it?
  • Gallery of Pictures:Reflexology Map of the Feet, Cleansing Products, Nourishing Face Balm and Frankincense Face Serum;Evanesce Balm & Magic Serum, Diamond Era Balm & Serum.

    About Lili & Essentially Lili – My 40 years of personal experience is the foundation of Why and What I do at Essentially Lili.My aim is to help you get the results you want as I have already been on that hard journey to overcome the autoimmune disorder.If you wish to know more about Clinical Nutrition and how to kick start your health, book a Private Confidential Paid Consultation. Please send an email to should you need further assistance.

    My Health Studies include from 2016-2019 Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Holistic Skincare Products, Clinical Nutrition, Stress Management, Reflexology, Holistic Pain Management, Member of International College of Holistic Medicine.Currently I’m in the process of studying Clinical Nutrition for Over 50s.< /i>

    At Essentially Lili, the products made are all using 100% Natural Ingredients. See the wide variety of Products available on the webpage.

    Should you need help in deciding, start by reading the Reviews & Testimonials about other Customers who have dared to try them out.We have had some amazing Before & After results with their using the All-Natural Skincare products. Please don’t forget to write your comments and reviews on our pages to share the love with others.

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What 21st Century Makeup Contains

Makeup containing Parabens

What 21st Century makeup contains

Following on from Ancient times, the ingredients contained
in products is a different kind of toxic.

In the last blog, I wanted to share a bit about the history of Santorini, Crete and the Minoan civilization, and shared the kinds of ingredients used by the Ancient Greek, Egyptians, Romans and Queen Elizabeth I.I must say that it seems QEI had the worst result in the end as she suffered the most from lead poisoning combined with pox and rotting teeth.There’s one way to encourage our kids to brush their teeth!Picking up where we left of …

From 1800-1900s, toxic lead and copper which was used for facial powder is replaced with Zinc Oxide. Another ingredient Ceruse, which also comes from white lead, was later declared poisonous.Health issues like muscle paralysis, facial tremors and death were thought to be caused by this. Queen Victoria regards make-up as ‘improper’ for everyone except for those in the theatre!

During the Edwardian times, the pressure for hostesses to appear youthful increases, resulting in a rise of cosmetic purchases.Beauty salons become secretly more popular, as many of the customers enter through back doors to hide the fact they need help to maintain their ‘youthful appearance’.Imagine that, hiding your appointments to the beauty parlour, so that others wouldn’t know you were getting help with your ageing skin!

In a previous Blog, I wrote about the horrible ingredients contained in a lot of modern-day products.You can click here to see the full details of that Blog: Pick Your Ingredients.

So let’s fast forward to what 21st Century makeup & skincare products contain.

Detergents called P-phenylenediamine, 4-MMPD Sulphate, Diaminobenzene, Ammoniated mercury and Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS/SLES) & Foaming agents should be avoided. Found in soaps, detergents, shampoos, mouthwash, hand cream, cleansers, hair dyes (Permanent & Semi Permanent) as well as toothpaste.The mucous membranes of the mouth is the main source of absorption, storing the detergents in the liver, heart, lungs and brain. The skin can become irritated, can cause hair loss, whilst prolonged exposure can cause skin damage.

Solvents derived from Petroleum found in brake & hydraulic fluid like anti-freeze. Includes Propylene, Butylene & Glycol, Mineral oils & petrolatum. Used as a humectant, they penetrate the outer layers of the skin, leaving a film on the skin, trapping moisture, toxins & waste that would otherwise be eliminated through the skin.These ingredients are found in deodorant, shaving gel, conditioner, shampoo, toothpaste, baby wipes, lotions, cosmetics such as foundation creams, mascara, lipsticks & suntan lotion.These ingredients are odourless and colourless, are cheap and allow the ingredients to combine well.Side-effects include:
* Solvents can irritate the skin and may cause dermatitis & conjunctivitis. Ingestion may cause pulmonary oedema, brain damage, hypoglycaemia, intravascular haemolysis.
* respiratory & throat irritations, central nervous system depression, blood & kidney disorders.

Bleaching Agents: Hydroquinone and Kojic Acid are whitening agents used to bleach the skin.

Proyply-Alcohol is an antiseptic used in cosmetics, shampoos, shaving products, waterless hand cleansers, mouthwash (25-30%) and in the preparation of bottled water, carbonated drinks and decaffeinated coffee.In the mouthwash, it has been linked to mouth and throat cancers.

Preservatives, Q15, Antiseptic, includes Parabens Includes Parabens (methyl-, propyl-, butyl- ethyl-) Proyply-Alcohol. These have also been found in carbonated drinks. Parabens are added to stop microbial growth and extend the shelf life of the products.Many Skincare Products contain Parabens, those with citrus seed may have been sprayed with parabens.They can be harmful if inhaled or swallowed, they can cause irritation of the skin, eyes and respiratory tract.It can cause allergic reactions on the skin, of which symptoms include itching, redness and pain.And it can affect hormones and have been found in Breast tumours.

Body Acidity regulators like Ethanloamines used with preservatives like Diazolidinyl Urea. These are found in soaps, shampoos, bubble bath, lotions, cosmetics, laundry detergents.It can severely irritate body tissues, can cause dermatitis and may be corrosive to the eyes.It prevents bacterial growth, though it’s not effective against fungi.These are acidity regulators and used normally with other Ingredients like DEA Cocamide. Amines react with nitrosating agents to form nitrosamines, which are carcinogenic.

Nanoparticles: include titanium dioxide & zinc oxide for sunscreen products. They are ultra-fine particles which possess certain properties due to their tiny size.This allows them to accumulated in the body, possibly by topical use.May trigger potentially harmful chemical reactions.

Chemical blocks: may be absorbed by the skin and work by absorbing the UV light.This causes a chemical reaction in the molecule of block, which may release free radicals. The skin damage can cause photosensitivity and blockers known to do this include: octocrylene, octyl-methoxycinnamate (octinoxate), benzophenone-3, (oxybenzone) and benzophenone-4 (sulisobenzone). If these penetrate the skin before it absorbs the UV photon, then these free radicals are released into the skin.It can increase the risk of cancer and contributes to skin ageing.

Synthetics like fragrances & colours, Talc & Toluene. Phthalates listed as Perfumes / Fragrances preserves synthetic scents. These are often not listed on the ingredients but are contained in health & beauty products like Nail polish, lacquers and soft plastics such as pet and infant chew toys. Toluene acts as an endocrine disruptor, potential carcinogen, may cause birth defects.Whilst Talc Is chemically similar to Asbestos. It is found in many baby products, including feminine powders, condom lubricants and cosmetics.As a feminine powder or spray, it can cause ovarian cancer. There are Over 200 Synthetic Fragrances used in Cosmetics. The label only has to state ‘Fragrance’ so you have no way of knowing which of the 200 are in your product.The fragrance can mask the product going off, provide no benefits, so best avoided.Adversely affects male sperm, increases testosterone and oestrogen, has been found in Breast Cancer.

Preservative: Parabens, Benzoyl Peroxide, many of which are toxic and come from questionable sources. to see what kind of other products are included.

UV Filters and Sunscreen Agents: Refer to a previous blog about the shocking ingredients contained in sunscreens: The Shocking News About Sunscreens.Ingredients include Avobenzone, Mexoryl, Oxybenzone (a hormone), Benzophenone, which are UV Filters that are meant to block or absorb UVA rays.Titanium Dioxide helps block both UVA and UVB. This is enough to make you feel sick just reading to this point.

But wait, there’s some fabulous ingredients derived from plants, herbs, and the ground which are amazing too, once we pass the Gallery of Pictures: Edwardian Make-up in 1908; Household Products; Chemical Lab, Mixed Herbs.

Always check that the source is plant-based.

Essential Oils, including Lavender, Frankincense, Cypress, Sweet Orange, Myrrh, Rose, Palmarosa, Tea Tree, Sandalwood & Jasmine

Butters like Cocoa & Shea Butter, with Vegetable Oils like Avocado, Jojoba, Castor & Wheatgerm Oils. These are known as Emollients which help calm, soothe and heal the skin.

* Castor Oil: is a thicker vegetable oil, which acts as a barrier, emollient and lubricant, found mainly in lipsticks and moisturisers.
* Jojoba Oil: is also very similar to skin pH and human sebum, being able to effectively penetrate the skin.It moisturises and naturally renews cells.
* Avocado Oil: is rich in vitamins, is a great skin conditioner, moisturiser and is absorbed easily by the skin.

Soothing Agents: that help calm, soothe and heal the skin. These can include a variety of ingredients.
* Aloe Vera has the same pH as skin, is extremely protective and soothing as well as being a natural oxygenator, allowing oxygen to be drawn and held to the skin.It is also a natural astringent, and its best form is directly from the plant.
* Allantoin: also has soothing healing agents and calming properties.
* Camphor: alleviates itching, irritation, redness and acts as a cooling agent.
* Olive Oil: contains antioxidants called secoiridoids and these activate gene signatures that assist anti-aging and reduced cellular stress, as mentioned in the previous newslettter.

Other Emollients, Emulsifiers & Surfactants: include:
* Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth 20, Cetearyl Alcohol these emollient or lubricants allow for the emulsifying process of mixing oil and water phases of skincare making, which are also known as a binding Agent.
* Isopropyl Isostearate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Isopropyl Myristate form a film on the skin when applied, allowing for easily absorption.They are contained in pre-shaving, after-shaving, shampoos, bath oils, deodorants, antiperspirants, creams and lotions.
* Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride: works as a barrier agent, lubricant and solvent found in foundations.
* Emulsifier & Surfactants include: Glyceryl Oleate, Glyceryl Stearate, Glyceryl Cocoate (surfactant), Glyceryl Stearate SE (pearlizing/opacifier), otherwise known as a binding Agent. These ingredients allow for the emulsifying process of mixing oil and water phases of skincare making, whilst the surfactant gives the foaming and cleansing aspect. Pearlizing allows products like shampoo to be a pearl type colour instead of transparent, whilst opacifiers are added to transparent cosmetics to make them more impervious to visible light.

Waxes: sourced from a variety of natural sources, these act as a barrier agent or binder.These include:
* Beeswax: can be used to blend oil with water components, and is a great barrier to protect the skin, found in skincare and make-up.
* Candellila & Carnauba Wax: found in lipsticks, creams, deodorant sticks and hair removal products, and used as a binder as well as barrier agent.
* Kaolin Wax: is found in masks for oily / combination skin types, and is an oil absorbing powder that gives not only colour, but slip.

Himalayan Salts, course sugar, Herbs, clay, mud, flowers, leaves, roots, nuts, seeds, beeswax, milk, honey, yoghurt & natural fats.

Water: Found in many products as the basis of the formulations.It should be distilled, deionized or purified water.

Vitamins: A (Retinol, or Retinyl Palmitate), C (Ascorbic Acid, an antioxidant and preservative), E (Tocopherol, an antioxidant which can prevent UV damage) & B (Pathenol, a humectant – is what helps retain moisture).

Antioxidants: Butylated Hydroxy Toluene (BHT) and Resveratrol, which is found in seeds, stems and leaves of grape vines.This protective antibiotic is produced when the plant is under stress, whether caused by drought, ultraviolet irradiation, inflammation or fungal attack.Other antioxidants are Vitamin C and E.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids: citric, glycolic and lactic acid assist with exfoliating the layers of the skin, improving the texture and allowing the absorption of active ingredients, reducing wrinkles and restoring moisture.These are typically found in anti-aging skincare.

Salicylic Acid: (beta hydroxy acid) helps reduce oiliness, acne and the appearance of fine lines, found in chemical peels.

Glycerine: is also a humectant, which helps keep moisture and hydrate the skin, providing a barrier.

Hyaluronic Acid: can hold water in the skin and is commonly used for deep hydration in anti-aging products.

Lecithin: is a water attracting agent that allows for easy spreading, hydration and improves the texture of the skin.

Silicones: Cyclomethicone & Dimethicone are molecules which gives the smooth texture, slip & glide factor to cosmetic products without blocking pores. These are adding widely in hair styling, skincare and make-up products.

Lanolin Derivatives: from dewaxed lanolin is used in skin moisturisers, minimising the stickiness of creams and lotions.The Lanolin alcohol however, is used to thicken shampoos and bath gels, giving the cosmetic products a high gloss and creamy texture. Some are reacting to lanolin in products.

Caffeine: believe it or not, alleviates puffiness under the eyes.

Gallery – Different Ingredients include Niaouli Plant, Coloured Clays, All-Natural Essentially Lili Products at Heraklion, Flowers of Helichrysum italicum, otherswise known as Immortelle Essential Oil.

We have definitely come a long way from Ancient times, in both good and bad ways.Whilst the makeup cosmetics of the past included minerals and plants which enhanced their beauty, but gave the impression of nobility, purity, wealth and stature, they were unknowingly poisoning themselves with items like lead. Despite the evolution of the ages from ancient times, we have been applying cosmetic products and treatments to maintain our youthful appearance.The difference is that today’s cosmetics contain far more harmful ingredients in their mass production, allowing products to be stored for years, to be kept in direct sunlight in the shop-front windows and have a uniform consistency when applied to the skin. These toxins are absorbed by our cells and distributed throughout our body causing more harm which is extremely scary.

Cosmetics is a multi-billion-dollar industry that appeals to creating an illusion of perfection, of being better than what we already are, of changing what we don’t like about ourselves, covering it up or using applications to enhance our overall look. Then we add modern technology and social media which helps to constantly push us to manipulate our real image. Whether it’s through photo-shop, airbrushing, beauty apps, image enhancers or other gadgets, some of us are using these to create or enhance our moods, change our colour, improve our shape and size to perfect this unrealistic image that we want the others to see, hiding what’s real and true.

But everyone is doing it, from movie stars, singers and influencers, those that are revealing too much, wearing heaps of make-up and portraying this almost exaggerated vision of what they regard as ‘beautiful’. Will we ever be comfortable enough in our own skin to embrace our beauty from within?Will we constantly make changes to improve or finding alternative solutions instead?How do we encourage each other, especially our youth to ‘Love Their Own Skin?

What I love is helping you find your inner beauty & confidence with simple self-love which starts by taking care of yourself first.Whether it’s watching what & how much you eat, what you’re applying to your skin, being aware of the ingredients contained in the products that you’re using and making lifestyle changes to improve your overall health. This is the beginning of a beautiful journey with yourself, loving who you are and Being Your Own Kind of Beautiful


  • What 21st Century makeup contains
  • Have you tried the Essentially Lili range, and if so, what’s your favourite products?
  • Feel free to comment and share your personal stories below.
  • About Lili & Essentially Lili – My Health Studies include from 2016-2019 Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Holistic Skincare Products, Clinical Nutrition, Stress Management, Reflexology, Holistic Pain Management, Member of International College of Holistic Medicine. In Progress is studying Clinical Nutrition for Over 50s.

    My aim is to help you get the results you want as I have already been on that hard journey to overcome the autoimmune disorder. If you wish to know more about Clinical Nutrition and how to kick start your health, book a private Consultation. Please send an email to should you need further assistance.

    At Essentially Lili, the products made are all using 100% Natural Ingredients. See the wide variety of Products available on the webpage.

    Should you need help in deciding, start by reading the Reviews & Testimonials about other Customers who have dared to try them out. We have had some amazing Before & After results with their using the All-Natural Skincare products. Please don’t forget to write your comments and reviews on our pages to share the love with others.

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    Check out the Gallery of Pictures – Ingredients contained in 21st Century Essentially LIli Magic Bundle of products, Essential Oils, Lavender batches from Ticino, and Cool Eyes.

The Shocking news about sunscreens


The shocking news about Sunscreens

Where well-known Brands contain ingredients that can
cause more harm than good whilst
attempting to ‘protect’ your family’s skin.

The shocking news about known brand sunscreens, the ingredients which can bring more harm than good whilst ‘protecting’ your skin. And this is what makes buying sunscreen can be so hard to buy. What do you look for when choosing the sun protection for you and your family? Do you go for what’s familiar, a popular brand, something you heard or recommended? It can be so difficult, almost as bad as asking your kids to choose only one type of sweet in the candy store!! There are so many colourful options, funky names, and functionality which makes selecting even harder than choosing based on the SP Factor.

I recently posted a pic of my Sun Kissed Balm which was originally made for a fair skinned friend of mine who was bothered by the sunspots discolouration that appeared on her face after holidaying in Spain. Apparently, she hadn’t applied sunblock or sunscreen to her face causing different tones to appear which didn’t make her happy.

Of course, when I take on the challenge to make a new product, I do my research about what I’m trying to achieve. For me, choosing the ingredients based on their benefits and the overall outcome is most important before I create the small sample batch. It’s necessary to note that some ingredients are best used at night time only, as they can make your skin super sensitive when exposed to the sun,

In the last blog I wrote Getting Ready for Summer I explained how it’s not only wise but crucial to ensure your skin is protected before going outside and being subjected to the sun’s UV Rays. When growing up in Australia, the advertising campaigns were all about that gorgeous golden tan which made one appear healthy.This was before we knew better about the sun’s harmful rays, the Ozone layer and skin cancer. Today, the children in Aussie schools are not allowed to enter the playground unless they’re wearing a hat and sunscreen.It’s where the slogan ‘Slip Slop and Slap’ came from – Slip on a T-Shirt, Slop on some sunscreen and Slap on a hat.

Sometimes we forget to apply, can’t be bothered, or just don’t put enough sunscreen to protect ourselves. The risks of the skin burning and developing other complicated issues increase for those with lighter tone or less melanin. Despite my being of Sicilian background with an olive complexion, my normally non-tanned skin becomes extremely golden brown with blonde, whilst our kids, with their Italian and North Indian blend, obtain a rich gorgeous colour in the summertime. (If only I scored the tall genes as they did from their dad!) Irrespective of our natural genetic skin tone, we still apply sun protection before heading out to prevent burning, damaging or accelerating the aging of our skin.

Moderate doses of naturally sourced Vitamin D from the sunshine are beneficial for our overall health. Standing under sunlight for 5 to 30 minutes at least twice a week should be sufficient to naturally get what’s needed. And only 10 minutes of sunshine will help your body produce approximately 10,000 units of natural Vitamin D.

The other option is to eat foods that are rich in Vitamin D. The benefits of Vitamin D include boosting your brain’s health, keeping your bones strong, improving the function of your immune system, and assisting with managing weight. Foods that are rich in Vitamin D include:
From Fish: Cod Liver Oil, Wild Salmon, Tuna Fish, Sardines and Mackerel;
• Fortified Cereal and Milk;
• Mushrooms;
• Eggs;
• For the brave, Beef Liver and Caviar.

Note: Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to other serious conditions, like depression, heart disease, certain cancers, osteoporosis, and autoimmune concerns.

We need to make sure we’re not over-exposing ourselves to the sun and therefore preventing ourselves from burning red raw like a lobster. This can increase our risks of skin cancer (Melanoma) , which can happen to anyone.It’s necessary to be aware of what’s happening to your skin, preventing sun damage and excessive burning. Did you know that some of the ingredients contained in sunscreens can actually encourage skin cancer?

The Environmental Working Group (EWG)’s recent 2019 Sunscreen report showed that almost 2 out of 3 sunscreens bought in the USA contained worrying ingredients that are easily absorbed by the body. Within a day or so of using these particular sunscreens, high levels of the chemicals contained can be traced in the bloodstream. Approximately half of the sunscreens sold in the USA not only contain these harmful ingredients, but don’t work at all, or fail to provide protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. This same 50 % of sunscreens sold in the USA with insufficient UVA ray protection would NOT be allowed in Europe.This means that 3 times more UVA rays are being transferred through the skin in comparison to the brands that are available in Europe.

Why does this matter? The damage your skin endures with UVA rays is invisible whilst aging and suppressing the immune system. Over-exposure increases the risk of developing various forms of melanoma and carcinoma (which is a malignant tumour or cancer which begins in the lining of the internal organs or skin tissue.) Despite our skin protection, these SP Factor products are still allowing us to be exposed to large amounts of UVA.

Choosing a ‘perfect sunscreen’ will be extremely difficult as many contain harmful ingredients, nanoparticles which can pass through the blood but also damage life in the waters (lakes/sea). Usually a product like soap is washed off soon after its application, but sunscreen is absorbed and reapplied throughout the day, remaining on the skin for a long time. Some US brands have ingredients like Oxybenzone which is known as an endocrine disruptor and acts like an Oestrogen in the body. This has been linked to conditions like endometriosis in women or abnormal sperm functionality in men . This same ingredient can affect coral reefs, which the Hawaiian state took the opportunity to ban oxybenzone in sunscreens to protect their sea-life. Others like Retinyl palmitate, a type of Vitamin A can not only affect the skin but could lead to skin cancers.

The last 12 years have seen an increase in mineral sunscreens that according to the EWG are rated safer and block UVA rays better than those sunscreens with chemicals. Therefore, choosing safer sunscreens together with prevention, covering yourself with a hat and T-Shirt, and enjoying the shade are also methods to prevent being over-exposed to the sun.

In summary, some of the crazy sunscreen ingredient risks are:
•They are loaded with Hormones like Oxybenzone;
• They can cause allergic reactions
• Vitamin A which should be avoided includes Retinol or Retinyl Palmitate/Acetate/Linoleate as these can affect our hair’s growth, the liver, cause our nails to become brittle, osteoporosis or hip fractures for older adults;
• The higher the SP Factor doesn’t necessarily mean there’s more protection from being burnt by UV rays;
• The Sprays can be inhaled, or areas missed when trying to cover the skin.

To read more, please check out the link to the EWG here:




Should your skin develop any kinds of sun spots that are aggressive in their appearance, get them checked out by a Doctor as soon as possible. Whilst prevention is best, early detection and medical attention can speed up the healing and recovery process. Please don’t ever just look at holistic alternatives but rather seek professional expert advice first.

Remember to also stay hydrated, switch your outing experience around by moving to the shade for cooling off. This will give your whole being a break from too much sunshine and heat.

In the evenings, take care of your skin afterwards too, a gentle scrub to remove the traces of sunscreen and rehydrating with moisturising product.  We have a few products to help hydrate your skin – Geranium Hands & Body, Jazz Body Butter and Mint Body Butter.  Check the ingredients to find the one best suited for you and your family. 

Note that a lot of known body wash brands also contain harmful ingredients which are readily absorbed by the skin and transported into the bloodstream.

If your skin has developed sunspots, or changes in the tone, check out the Sun Kissed Balm . This product was made to help re-balance the discoloured tone of the skin which had been altered from being in the sun. It’s best used at night time as Bergamot Essential Oil can cause your skin to become more sensitive to the sun, if used during the day.

Having gone through the list of good vs bad sunscreens, I was happy to see the All Good sunblock for the face was included. The other is Goddess Garden sunscreen which was delivered today.

Should you wish to get some Sunblock or Sunscreen, I have 2 of each brand new and spare.  Just message me and I can help create an adhoc order for you. It will include a portion of the delivery cost to save you money ordering yourself.


  • Have you read the EWG Report about their shocking findings? 
  • Did you ditch your previous brands and replace with a new one on the list? 
  • Have you dealt with sunspots and discolouration, and if so, what did you do to treat them?
  • Would you be interested in trying Sunscreen made by Essentially Lili?
  • Feel free to comment and share your personal stories below.
  • About Lili & Essentially Lili – My Health Studies include from 2016-2019 Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Holistic Skincare Products, Clinical Nutrition, Stress Management, Reflexology, Holistic Pain Management, Member of International College of Holistic Medicine.In Progress is studying Clinical Nutrition for Over 50s.

    My aim is to help you get the results you want as I have already been on that hard journey to overcome the autoimmune disorder.If you wish to know more about Clinical Nutrition and how to kick start your health, book a private Consultation.Please send an email to should you need further assistance.

    At Essentially Lili, the products made are all using 100% Natural Ingredients. See the wide variety of Products available on the webpage.

    Should you need help in deciding, start by reading the Reviews & Testimonials about other Customers who have dared to try them out. We have had some amazing Before & After results with their using the All-Natural Skincare products. Please don’t forget to write your comments and reviews on our pages to share the love with others.

    You can also request to join the various groups I have set up.You can ask your questions and discuss your thoughts/concerns about health, skincare and nutrition. I share not only what I have studied with the school in London about Nutrition and the Body, but what the other experts write too. Essentially Lili Q&A – Taking Care of Your Skin andEssentially Lili Nutrition & Well Being. Both of these groups are not for advertising or promoting unless previously approved by Admin.

    Blog Library include: Anguish of Acne/Rosacea, Men’s Grooming, How to deal with Cystic Acne, Understanding Your Body, Perseverance Is Key, Understanding Your Body, Essentially Lili Products, Essential Oils, Managing Stress & Raiding Your Fridge.

    Your feedback allows us to improve.We look forward to hearing from you, With Loving Regards Lili.

    Check out the Gallery of Pictures –After sun care, Geranium Hands, Jazz Body & Mint Body Butters; Sun Kissed Balm; Bergamot; Goddess Garden & Sun Block for the summer protection.

La pentola magica

Lili Giglia Sovereign Magazine Jun19

L’arte e la scienza di sentirsi sicuri nella propria pelle

Intervista a Lili Giglia, fondatrice di ESSENTIALLY LILI

Scritto dall’editore Dott. Marina Nani @Sovereignglobal
Tradotto da Antonella R Licausi, Catania, Sicilia.

Lili vive in Svizzera dal 2012, da quando il marito è riuscito a finalmente a convincerla che la vita in Svizzera sarebbe stata perfetta per una giovane famiglia come la loro, ha così lasciato il lavoro nel Regno Unito e con la figlia ha raggiunto il marito a Zurigo.

Analista finanziaria di grande successo, dopo aver lavorato per grandi aziende per quasi due decenni, non avrebbe mai immaginato che la sua nuova vita tra le montagne, l’aria pura e le bellezze naturali svizzere sarebbe stata l’inizio di una nuova libertà. Originaria dell’Australia, carismatica e attenta, Lili ha dovuto trovare una soluzione per mettere a frutto la sua creatività e il suo spirito imprenditoriale pur rimanendo la “regina della casa”. Questa è la sua storia, la storia di un vasetto di magia!

Come mai sei venuta a vivere in Svizzera?

Nel 1990 mi sono laureata in Economia e dai venti ai trent’anni ho lavorato per una società petrolifera in vari settori. I miei compiti riguardavano principalmente l’analisi delle finanze e delle prestazioni, oltre a un accurato servizio clienti.

Quando vivevo nel Regno Unito, ho incontrato mio marito e insieme abbiamo iniziato a pianificare il nostro trasferimento in funzione del suo posto di lavoro. Dopo il matrimonio, nel 2004, ci siamo trasferiti a Dubai, dove sono entrata in una società di logistica. È stato bello vivere a Dubai, proprio nel periodo in cui le idee e i progetti per le Palms stavano prendendo forma.

Ci siamo poi trasferiti per un breve periodo a Basilea, in Svizzera, prima che mi offrissero nuovamente un ruolo di analista contabile per un’azienda di spedizioni con sede a Sunbury on Thames (Regno Unito), dove siamo rimasti per quasi 2 anni. Successivamente, siamo tornati a Melbourne con l’intento di vivere lì dopo aver avuto la nostra prima figlia, poiché in quel periodo volevo il supporto della mia famiglia. Tuttavia, mio marito voleva tornare nel Regno Unito, siamo quindi partiti nel 2007 con nostra figlia di 9 mesi, circa 3 giorni dopo il matrimonio di mia sorella. Nel Regno Unito, sono tornata a lavorare a tempo pieno e abbiamo anche iniziato a rinnovare casa e creare il nostro giardino.

Il nostro secondo figlio è nato nel 2010 e ho vissuto per 5 anni nel Regno Unito con i bambini. Mio marito si era temporaneamente trasferito a Zurigo per un progetto di 3 anni, tornando a casa ogni due settimane, e per me è stato abbastanza impegnativo lavorare a tempo pieno e crescere 2 bambini piccoli senza alcun sostegno familiare.

Qual è stata l’ispirazione originale dietro Essentially Lili?

L’ispirazione per l’inizio della mia attività deriva dalla mia esperienza, in quanto ho sofferto di eczema dall’età di 9 anni. Mio padre mi aveva fatto visitare dai migliori dermatologi di Melbourne, per trovare la giusta dose di cortisone che tenesse sotto controllo i problemi della mia pelle. Ricordo la mia frustrazione quando, dopo 10 anni di visite specialistiche, dissi a mio padre che non sarei più andata! Mi sentivo come una cavia, i medici scattavano foto delle mie mani e della mia pelle, provando a immaginare gli effetti delle cure.

Durante l’adolescenza, ho preso diversi antibiotici e il farmaco Roaccutane, per poi avere un peggioramento. Dopo diversi mesi di utilizzo, ho avuto una grave reazione che mi ha causato gonfiore, prurito, lacrimazione, sanguinamento e un forte eczema dalla testa ai piedi. Il mio corpo era completamente infiammato dagli antibiotici, che mi avevano causato ulteriori problemi. Ho addirittura smesso di frequentare l’università per due mesi a causa dello stato in cui mi trovavo, ho pianto tantissimo per il dolore e da lì ho iniziato la mia ricerca personale per trovare un’altra soluzione. Quando mi sono ripresa un po’, sono tornata per completare la mia laurea in Economia nel 1990.

Chi soffre di malattie della pelle come l’eczema può diventare paranoico, pensando che le persone guardino, critichino e giudichino il loro aspetto. Mi è successo da bambina, e sono stata spesso isolata o esclusa, senza amici. Credevo che gli altri ragazzi non avessero mai visto prima una cosa del genere e mi ritenessero contagiosa. Perdere la fiducia in me stessa mi ha fatto interiorizzare e nascondere i miei sentimenti, e sono diventata silenziosa e timida, mentre mi nascondevo dietro il trucco e i capelli lunghi. È stato un periodo orribile della mia giovinezza, e capisco perfettamente l’angoscia emotiva di chi soffre di acne, psoriasi, rosacea o eczema.

Cosa ti ha portato infine a iniziare la tua attività?

Non c’è niente di male nell’essere casalinga e prendersi cura dei propri figli, ma quello che mi mancava di più era l’indipendenza economica. Avevo lavorato e viaggiato per oltre 17 anni prima di arrivare in Svizzera. Per me, che non ero abituata a stare in casa, era davvero difficile abituarmi a una vita da casalinga, soprattutto con la mia esperienza lavorativa.

Mentre pensavo a “cosa fare nella mia nuova vita a Zurigo”, avevo preso in considerazione l’idea di diventare rappresentante di un marchio, vendendo prodotti per la cura della pelle. Ma c’era per me un palese “conflitto di interessi”, non sarei mai riuscita ad essere disonesta con me stessa o con i clienti, vendendo prodotti che personalmente non avrei mai utilizzato.

A quel tempo avevo già trovato delle soluzioni per avere una pelle dall’aspetto sano, per cui ho iniziato a pensare di condividerla con gli altri. Molti possono usare senza problemi prodotti acquistati al supermercato o in farmacia, tuttavia ci sono anche molte persone come me, con una pelle estremamente reattiva agli ingredienti di origine non naturale contenuti in questi prodotti, che gliene rendono impossibile l’uso.

A marzo del 2015, ho partecipato alla Women’s Expo di Zurigo e ho potuto così trarre ispirazione, fare indagini e raccogliere informazioni. Una settimana dopo ho deciso di abbandonare l’idea di lavorare per un altro brand e di creare il mio marchio personale; che avrebbe contenuto solo ingredienti naturali al 100%. Producevo la mia crema viso da anni ormai, la mia pelle era nutrita e non soffrivo più di eczema.

Ho quindi creato un campioncino di questo prodotto e ho distribuito i prodotti a un gruppo di donne, con dei foglietti informativi fatti a mano e il mio biglietto da visita, quindi ho atteso pazientemente di sapere cosa ne pensassero.

Circa un mese dopo, una signora che soffriva di rosacea da anni mi ha mandato un messaggio e ha chiesto di incontrarmi, dicendomi “Come posso fare per avere ancora un po’ di quel vasetto di magia?” Mi ha raccontato la sua storia, di quanti soldi avesse speso comprando diversi tipi di cosmetici, sia commerciali che farmaceutici, per cercare di risolvere i suoi problemi di pelle. Niente sembrava funzionare finché non ha provato il mio balsamo viso nutriente.

Aveva usato il mio campioncino e voleva averne ancora, poiché per la prima volta dopo tanti anni un prodotto era riuscito a lenire quel rossore secco e pruriginoso che nascondeva sotto il trucco. Ecco un’altra donna come me, che nascondeva il viso sotto uno spesso strato di trucco, cercando una soluzione in prodotti che peggioravano lo stato della sua pelle. Mi ha raccontato che da anni aveva l’abitudine di alzarsi alle 5 del mattino per iniziare la sua routine di trucco e poter così nascondere il viso coperto di rosacea.

Ora con il mio prodotto, poteva usare meno trucco. Io ho deciso di smettere del tutto di usare fondotinta, applicando solo i miei prodotti per la cura della pelle, e non l’ho più usato dal 2015! Ho buttato tutti i trucchi di marchi commerciali, fondotinta, rossetti, alcuni mai aperti ma scaduti, tutti contenenti parabeni. Valevano un sacco di soldi, ma la mia pelle stava molto meglio senza.

Ho capito che questo sarebbe stato il mio nuovo percorso, una ricerca per aiutare gli altri a sentirsi sicuri di sé e della propria bellezza, e a prendersi cura di se in modo olistico.

Informazioni su Lili & Essentially Lili– I miei studi sulla salute includono da2016-2019 Diplomi in Aromaterapia, Prodotti Olistici per la cura della pelle, Nutrizione Clinica, Gestione dello Stress, Riflessologia, Gestione del Dolore Olistico, Membro del Collegio Internazionale di Medicina Olistica.

Puoi leggere di più Se desideri saperne di più sulla Nutrizione Clinica e su come iniziare la tua salute, prenota una Consulenza privata. Il mio obiettivo è quello di aiutarti a ottenere i risultati desiderati poiché sono già stata in quel difficile viaggio per superare il disordine autoimmune. Invia un’email a se hai bisogno di ulteriore assistenza.

Da Essentially Lili, i prodotti realizzati utilizzano tutti il 100%Naturalle Ingredienti. Guarda l’ampia varietà di Prodotti disponibili nella pagina web.

Se hai bisogno di aiuto nel decidere, inizia leggendo leRecensioni & amp; Testimonianze su altri clienti che hanno avuto il coraggio di provarli. Abbiamo avuto alcuni sorprendenti Prima& amp; Dopo i risultaticon i loro prodotti All-Natural Skincare. Per favore, non dimenticare di scrivere i tuoi commenti e recensioni sulle nostre pagine per condividere l’amore con gli altri.

Puoi anche chiedere di unirti ai vari gruppi che ho creato. Puoi porre le tue domande e discutere i tuoi pensieri / preoccupazioni riguardo a salute, cura della pelle e nutrizione. Condivido non solo ciò che ho studiato con la scuola di Londra su nutrizione ed il corpo, ma anche su quello che scrivono gli altri esperti. Essentially Lili Q&A – Prendersi cura della propria pelle e Essentially Lili In sostanza nutrizione & amp; Benessere.

Blog Library includono :Angoscia di Acne / Rosacea, Grooming maschile, Come trattare con l’acne cistica, Capire il proprio corpo, la perseveranza è la chiave, comprendere il proprio corpo, Prodotti di Essentially Lili, oli essenziali, e Gestione dello Stress e amp; Cos’e’ nel frigo.

Il tuo feedback ci consente di migliorare. Non vediamo l’ora di ascoltarti, con cordiali saluti, Lili

La Galleria delle immagini – Distribuzione lounge di 1a classe, Lili, Prodotti per L’Eczema, La gamma di prodotti,

Evolution & Experiments

Evolution & Experiments

Evolution & Experiments

With Jar sizes, Labels & Logo Designs / Development,
as we begin Re-branding & the Next Phase.

Evolution means development, progression, change and transformation.  They are a great way to describe the evolution of Essentially Lili.

When we started, everything was a process of making quick decisions. Our Jump in with Both Feet approach concerned the labels, our colour codes, information for the customer, designing the logo and building the brand.

There will always be someone who does not understand what we like;nor will they comprehend what’s within our heart and drives us forwards.Colour schemes for example, is a personal preference.We have had humorous and frustrating times making labels from Essentially Lili’s inception.

We tried all sorts of templates, fonts and had some printer malfunctions too. The worst was the classic ‘We have no ink left in the cartridges after printing a few sheets’!This is when we gave all Essentially Lili products their own colour code.

The labels process is still evolving and improving.We hope to change the design to incorporate all the things we loved about the Evolution process.They will be printed professionally so that we canup-grade Our Brand to the next level.

One thing we didn’t want to do was hastily run to the finish line.We felt so much was important to learn and know beforehand,as we aimed for a little perfection and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Regarding the Evolution of Products, there is always space for improvement after making the batch.  When we make the batch, we check to see how the product sets, then how the balm or serum feels on the skin and combine this with the Customer’s feedback.

Sometimes, the products made don’t even make it passed the blending phase or the setting stages when the feedback is ready!

One time, we were making the Mint Body Butter in a whipped cream formation.  The smell of Peppermint was so delish that we had to keep reminding ourselves it was not for internal consumption!   The door-bell rang when our child arrived home from school.We leaned the whisk to the side of the mixing bowl as we buzzed the door open, when we heard the massive CRASH!

The bowl of liquid balm mixed with peppermint fell and was all over the stove, leaving a fraction of the product for us to save!   Urgh the horror, the clean-up, the butter and oil that needed to be collected, and that delightful smell which we were unable to put on our bodies.  Lesson learned … take the whisk out or don’t answer the door!!

Another time, we were experimenting with making an oil and water based lotion for the first time. We put the blend into a container to set it in the fridge. A few days later, our son decided he wanted something from the fridge and climbed in reaching for the top shelf where the container was located.  It flew right over the top of him and crashed onto the floor!!!

The water content went one way whilst the oil base went the other!  What a crazy sticky watery mess… though he did provide the feedback about the product which hadn’t worked out!

Sometimes, the product concoction is great for those that use it, whilst the chronic suffers finds the blend not strong enough.Other times, the mix of Essential oils is so spot on that the intended results occur after a few weeks of usage and helps the customer gain their ‘life back’.  Refer to Testimonials.

Our main focus is being able to help people not suffer with aches and discomfort.We have to be open to receiving both the positive and negative feedback.This helps us toimprove, change, transform, develop and ultimately Evolve Essentially Lili’s products for Customer satisfaction.


We would love to hear from you.Tell us in the comments below about your Essentially Lili Product(s) that you have used and what you love the most about them?  

And for those that are brave, we would love to hear about when you tried to do something for the first time, but it had an EPIC fail like we did in our blending experiments!!   It’s not for criticising anyone, but to look back and laugh about what happened instead!We would love to give some products away to those that participate in this!!You have to let us know what you like!

Should you wish to Contact us for more information, email

You can read more About Lili here, see the Products we offer and find other Essentially Lili’s Blogs on our webpage.

Kind Regards Lili @ Essentially Lili

Jump In With Both Feet

Jump in With Both Feet - Ramont, CH

Jump in with both feet

Starting a business from scratch often means just taking the plunge.

When Essentially Lili was founded, it was pretty much a ‘Jump In With Both Feet’  kind of experience.

We were unsure of going ahead with this venture.We were afraid of failing, scared and worried that it would become such an overwhelming experience, that we would not cope as a result. 

I contemplated becoming a consultant for a well-known established Brand as the safer option.But I knew I would be unable to promote products that I was unwilling to use on my own face due to what I suffered in my youth.

I remember feeling somewhat overwhelmed as my brain processed the negative thought process of, ‘What if I can’t?What if I fail? What if no one likes what I do?’It is so easy to remain in a negative mind-set and so much harder to pull yourself out with your head held high as you plan to ‘Jump in with Both Feet’!

To help overcome my uncertainty, I went to see what other women and mums were doing in Zurich. These Mums are inspirational to say the least, as they juggle their often very young families, commitments and businesses to be a success!   They make, create, sell, inspire, share, help, promote, build each-other up and encourage other Women to do the same.

I said to myself … ‘Well why not?  If I don’t try, I will never know and might regret this for the rest of my life. 

What if they LOVE the Brand, our All Natural, Homemade Cosmetics, No Chemicals or Unnatural Preservatives Products?  Wouldn’t it be better for people to use the Essentially Lili Products and share via Word of Mouth their love for it to others?

Excited about the prospect of helping others, the name Essentially Lili came to life by bringing together the use of Essential Oils and my name Lili.

Two days later, with a bag of sample containers obtained from our local Chemist / Drogerie, we cleared the kitchen and began making a batch of Nourishing Face Balm to give out to people.We went to Zurich and handed out Essentially Lili samples with a note about the ingredients contained, details about Essentially Lili and how to contact us for more information.

We waited… and waited… and waited for Feedback.   This was the hardest part, waiting and then collating feedback.

Our first client’s face to face feedback (which can be found in Testimonials had me in tears of joy, as I listened to her story and how the Essentially Lili product had helped her in such a short space of time.

Since then, we have been asked to make so many other products that are now in the Essentially Lili Range.  There is feedback about the various products in the Testimonials part of the website which we hope you will enjoy reading.

It has been a roller-coaster journey so far, with mixed emotions of joy and frustration. We have had to juggle the time around our young family and studies.We have been building the brand and reputation, whilst creating and blending products.  The amazing stories shared by people makes this journey all worth it.

Blog Participation:

Do you remember a time when you just ‘Jumped Into’ an adventure, a relationship, a new job, a travel destination or even moved to a new Country?How did this make you feel – scared, excited, anxious, nervous or thrilled to the core? 

We would love to hear in the comments below what you did, as sometimes we forget just how brave we really are.

Should you wish to Contact us for more information, email

You can read more About Lili here, see the Products we offer and find other Essentially Lili’s Blogs on our webpage.

The photo of the kids was taken at Romont in Switzerland expressing how we feel!!

Kind Regards Lili @ Essentially Lili

Hello World

Hello World, Kussnacht am Rigi

Hello World

We say hello for the first time to Switzerland and the International visitors
attending the market of Kussnacht am Rigi.

Our website is almost ready for the launching to the world!I am writing this blog whilst trying to figure out how WordPress and Woocommerce works!

Sharing the journey of Essentially Lili first began on Facebook . We opened the Facebook business section, though we used it as a diary to share the journey and add Testimonials from customers when we received them. We wanted to build up credibility and Our Brand. We launched it for public viewing almost a year later which we were really nervous about.

Seeing Essentially Lili Products being talked about on Instagram by our first customer was an amazing feeling!

We set up an Instagram account so we could share more photos and share it with others. Months later, we set up a Twitter account so that we could begin cross-linking the social media avenues to each other. Essentially Lili is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter  and Pinterest.

Today it is necessary to be part of various Social Media avenues in order to build up your reputation and rapport. Though it does take a little getting used to.

In the meantime, the Essentially Lili website was being developed as I continued my studies.  The website has had some highs and lows on the journey, a combination of great feedback and suggestions for change.  We wanted to take on board the comments made by those that took the time to test and check it out.

We are working together in making the website the way Essentially Lili visualises it to be.  The key is being an effective team, listening to each other, bouncing ideas, sharing suggestions and ultimately achieving the goal in sight. Sometimes this part is the hardest.

We believe that sometimes baby steps are better in the long run, as it gives us a chance to reflect, improve, evolve, experiment, change things around before jumping in with both feet and taking the plunge! Whilst we strive for perfection, we realise that perhaps we can never achieve it – but we would like to think we tried hard in getting it right from the beginning.

We will launch sooner than later!  Please let us know what you like about the website and suggested improvements in case we missed something important. 


Have you had a chance to follow Essentially Lili on either of the Social Media Pages?    Which are your favourites – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest?  Do you think Essentially Lili should join any other means of Social Media?   I would love to hear what you think in the comments below and your suggestions too!

Should you wish to Contact us for more information, email

You can read more About Lili here, see the Products we offer and find other Essentially Lili’s Blogs on our webpage.

Kind Regards Lili @ Essentially Lili

Using WordPress

Using Wordpress

Using WordPress

We had so many choices
From building our webpage from scratch,
Self-build sites like Etsy, Shopify, Weebly & Wix
before finally deciding to build it ourselves with WordPress & Woo Commerce.

The process for building our Essentially Lili Webpage has been ongoing since December 2015.

In life, make sure you are happy with what you’re doing and pursue it with everything you’ve got!

What started as a simple idea of ‘Let’s just get an Etsy Shop’, became a conversation of ‘No, let me build your website from scratch!’

We were excited about the idea of having a custom made webpage. I could concentrate on my Diplomas whilst it was being built.

Whilst I studied Holistic Skincare Products & Aromatherapy, we were still making Essentially Lili products for our customers.  

The studies are a major aspect of Essentially Lili,our Journey, Brand and ultimately About Lili.

The Diplomas achieved provide Essentially Lili with credibility when helping my customers.  The Diploma Certifications allowed me to obtain other important documentation which are necessary for continuing the business, and gave me the opportunity to join the International College of Holistic Medicine.

For personal reasons, the custom made Essentially Lili website remained incomplete despite having received quite a lot of positive feedback about it.  It was a heart-breaking decision for us to decide to stop all work on it and start all over again.

We looked at other web designer options: we liked the idea of Shopify but the idea of learning so much code was exhausting. We liked Weebly though for Essentially Lili, we needed more layout options. Wix was great at the beginning as it allowed us to be creative in expressing what we wanted the webpage to look like.  We loved the flexibility of drop and drag onto the site, add and change the text as well as mess about with fonts.But we had to stop here too, as Wix didn’t provide security on emails when orders and payments were being processed.  We then discovered WordPress with WooCommerce – where we are today!

We are in the early stages of seeing what can and can’t be done, though we estimate being finished in 2 months.So far, we are happy with the outcome. We still need to figure out a few things, but we decided there’s no rush now!  We have waited so long for a functional website. Now we can do it ourselves and have exactly ‘What Essentially Lili wants!


We would love to read in the comments below how Essentially Lili has been able to help, advise and provide you with products irrespective of the website not being functional. How did you contact us?

We want to give away Products to 3 participants who give the best response on their personal experience, and what product they used and what they love about it.   Offer ends Jan 5th 2017.

Should you wish to Contact us for more information, email

You can read more About Lili here, see the Products we offer and find other Essentially Lili’s Blogs on our webpage.

Kind Regards Lili @ Essentially Lili