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This website belongs to Essentially Lili , whether the term ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’ or ‘I’ is used.  The information provided on the site, its tools, services and offers, are all subject to acceptance of our ‘Terms and Conditions’, as stated here.  This includes the website being used by browsers, customers, vendors, suppliers, merchants and correspondence providers.

Store offers & expiration of these, together with new pages, amendments or removal of pages are subject to the Essentially Lili ‘Terms and Conditions’ (TCs).   Essentially Lili reserves the right to amend, update, replace and change the Terms & Conditions (TCs) for our services.

Please read the Essentially Lili Terms & Conditions before using the website, as this is regarded as acceptance of our Terms & Conditions for our Services.  If there is part of the agreement you are not in acceptance of, then please stop using the website or the services provided, which includes any offers and specials. Notification of changes will be made on the website. However it is the responsibility of the users to check the Terms & Conditions (TCs) for amendments. Ticking the box for Terms & Conditions (TCs) and using the website informs us at Essentially Lili that these have been read and accepted.

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Essentially Lili is Registered with the Handelsregisteramt in Canton Zurich, Switzerland.
Our Swiss Business Number is – CHE 163.676.936
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  1. The information provided on the store, the products, the application, and their benefits was made with knowledge that was correct at the time, and was given to inform as best as possible, in order to assist making a decision about the Products available. However, we cannot take responsibility for information which is not current or not completely accurate.
  2. We will ensure to the best of our ability that the information provided is correctly spelt and accurate at the time of collating the data. However on occasion there could be some details that are missed or incorrect.  We will ensure that amendments are made as quickly as possible, and reserve the right to make adjustments even after an order has been placed.
  3. We are under no obligation to specify all the details changed or updated on the website.
  4. The site does NOT replace any Professional advice given by Doctors, Therapists, Specialists or Consultants in their field. Please consult a professional in the case of illness and allergies in order to be certain about the conditions you require help with.  Doing so is at the user’s own risk & expense.
  5. As studies and research is updated by the Professional and Natural Associations, Essentially Lili will make amendments on the website as quickly as possible.   We reserve the right to amend the contents of our products, ingredients, information about their benefits and any other details that become out of date.
  6. Products are made without Chemicals or Unnatural Preservatives – this is part of the Essentially Lili & Our Brand. Changes to our products, their ingredients and their prices are at our discretion and can alter or discontinue without notice.
  7. We allow for Feedback about Products & Services to be made in order to amend or stop making a product as well as improve our Services.We will not be liable for changes made to the products or to prices of these products.  Feel free to complete our survey or provide feedback for alterations you are not happy about.
  8. We reserve the right to remove, without notice or warning, ANY Feedback or Comments that are offensive, threatening, defamatory or unlawful, and could harm the Essentially Lili Brand.
  9. Essentially Lili would normally ask your permission first to use feedback. In the case where we have not, we reserve the right to use comments made on Feedback as part of the website without requesting your permission.
  10. We are under no obligation or agreement to pay for, reply to or maintain such Feedback comments on the website.
  11. Our products, logo, colours, and information about the goods are subject to change and evolution as part of the Essentially Lili journey. We cannot guarantee that the products you order will be the same as what’s advertised on the website especially if there is a changeover or update in progress.
  12. We prefer to keep low levels of stock in order to maintain the ‘Keep It Fresh’ element of our Brand. Most of our products have limited quantities for this reason.  Existing Stock levels will be dispatched before new fresh batches are made.
  13. The product expiry dates are effective from the date the goods are opened and usage begins. We store our products in a cool, dark place and away from direct sunlight. This helps maintain the product in the original state when it was made.
  14. As the products are made fresh, we will not tamper with how they set before sending these out. We cannot guarantee that the products will set perfectly straight, without bumps or dips, despite being All Natural in production.  We cannot guarantee that the Product will not soften and change shape whilst in transit from Switzerland to where you are.  Any concerns, please contact us with pictures of your product so that we can check the weight of the Jar you have received to ensure it is correct.
  15. We expect our customers to know or be aware of any allergies to ingredients before purchasing products.  Using products in conjunction with an altered diet and other suggestions made by the Essentially Lili team is also necessary for the best results.
  16. For those that are unaware of such conditions, we would expect that a Patch Test is performed to an area to ensure there is no reaction to the All Natural Ingredients contained. Should a reaction or discomfort occur, it is the responsibility of the product user or guardian (in the case of infants / youngsters) to inform the Essentially Lili team as soon as possible.    We can discuss what steps to take in order to rectify discomfort and bring about improvements.  This may result in returning the product to our office in Zurich, Switzerland.
  17. We cannot guarantee that the products will provide instant improvements to the skin or a condition especially where the discomfort or condition is pre-existing and has been happening for a longer period of time. We are confident with time and often alterations to diet and lifestyle, the improvements will be visible.
  18. We reserve the right to limit the quantity of products or services or sales or offers to any person(s).
  19. We reserve the right to cancel or extend an offer based on feedback, responses or popularity at any time.
  20. We reserve the right to refuse any order placed with us for whatever reason at our discretion. Any orders that are refused will be communicated with the person as quickly as possible.  This includes restrictions made using the same Customer account, bank or Paypal account and credit facilities.
  21. Essentially Lili cannot be responsibility for the delays with the delivery of the goods ordered. The Shipping page provides information about how long it could take for goods to be delivered. Once the goods leave Switzerland, the responsibility lies with the postal service of your location.
  22. The User is responsibile for providing & checking the correctpostal information is given at the time of placing the orders.
  23. Any links given by Essentially Lili to Third Party sites are merely for your information. We are not claiming to be endorsed by them or that they are endorsing Essentially Lili.  Using their sites is your responsibility and is subject to their Terms & Conditions (TCs).
  24. Some information provided on the website may have been sourced from other Third Parties, information websites. These are used to share knowledge about the products, the benefits of the ingredients and other relevant details we felt important to give our customers. We are not claiming to be endorsed by them or that they are endorsing Essentially Lili.
  25. Any information used by you which is sourced from other Third Party sites is at your own risk. We will not be held liable for any infliction, damages or harm related to the goods or services offered by these Third Party sites.  Please refer any such issues to the Third Party sites Terms & Conditions (TCs) and their complaints process.
  26. Making comments about Third Party sites that are libel, slanderous, obscene, threatening or offensive and which violates their intellectual property will not be acceptable. Whilst we are not obliged to maintain or edit, for professional reasons these will be removed without notice or warning.
  27. Using Essentially Lili website for unlawful activities or to coerce others to participate in unlawful acts is not permitted. You must not transmit any viruses, worms or any codes of a destructive nature.
  28. We do not permit spammers or other unnecessary junk-mailers to put rubbish information on the site.   We will not discriminate against those that use the site.  Any abuse of the site will result in removal to prevent future misuse of the site.
  29. In no instance shall Essentially Lili, our Founder, employees, contractors, agents, suppliers, service providers be liable for any injury, loss or claims made directly or indirectly from your use of the site, products or services offered.  Essentially Lili’s liability shall be limited to the maximum extent permitted by law in Switzerland.