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Babies, Children, Young Adults (are aged 12 to Under 30's); Sensitive Skin, Eczema, Rash, Dry Skin, Chicken Pox & Molluscum Contagiosum (Flying Warts). Youth Face Balm is a Unisex product suitable from 12 years of age up to 30. It also now comes with a blue label for males!
Note: All the liquid Serums, Baby Oil & Hydrosol are NOT available in the 5ml Sample Size.

Products Included:
* For Children under 1 with dry irritated skin, choose Happy Babies Hydrosol which doesn't contain any essential oils for young, delicate skin;
* For Children Over 1 to 11 years of age, choose Natural Baby Moisturising Oil which can be used from face to feet, treating Eczema, cuts, dry skin and keeping it hydrated all year round;
* For Flying Warts / Molluscum, choose Go Molly;
* For Chicken Pox, choose Pox Potion which is made fresh when ordered;
* For Mosquito Bites & Prevention, choose Mozz Off;
* For Children with Congestion/Sinuses, choose Kids Breathe Easy Concentrate;
* Inhalers for these Concentrated blends are also available;
* Anxiety Pick Me Up Inhalers are available for Kids and Adults;
* For Acne from the ages of 10 upwards, choose Magic Serum;
* For Acne Prone Skin, choose Evanesce Balm;
* For Hydrating Young Skin, choose the Unisex (which also comes in a blue label for males) Youth Face Balm.

Baby/Children/Young Adults

Natural Baby Moisturising Oil

CHF 22.00CHF 44.00

Baby/Children/Young Adults

Kids Breathe Easy Concentrate

CHF 15.00CHF 39.00

Baby/Children/Young Adults

Go Molly

CHF 50.00

Baby/Children/Young Adults

Happy Babies Hydrosol

CHF 26.00

Baby/Children/Young Adults

Youth Face Balm

CHF 49.00CHF 98.00

Baby/Children/Young Adults

Anxiety Pick Me Up

CHF 15.00

Baby/Children/Young Adults

Mozz Off Bugs

CHF 25.00

Baby/Children/Young Adults

Pox Potion

CHF 30.00CHF 60.00