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Babies, Children, Youths (aged from 10+);
Sensitive Skin, Eczema, Rash, Dry Skin, Chicken Pox & Molluscum Contagiosum (Flying Warts).
Youth Face Balm is a Unisex product suitable from 10 years of age up to 30.
Youth Face Balm also now comes with a blue label for young men!

Products Included:
* For Children under 1 with dry irritated skin, choose Happy Babies Hydrosol which doesn’t contain any essential oils for young, delicate skin;
* For Children Over 1 to 11 years of age, choose Natural Baby Moisturising Oil which can be used from face to feet, treating Eczema, cuts, dry skin and keeping it hydrated all year round;
* For Flying Warts / Molluscum, choose Go Molly;
* For Mosquito Bites & Prevention, choose Mozz Off;
* For Children with Congestion/Sinuses, choose Kids Breathe Easy Concentrate;
* Inhalers for these Concentrated blends are also available;
* Anxiety Pick Me Up Inhalers are available for Kids and Adults;
* For Acne spots, this gentle product can be used from 10+ upwards. Select Magic Serum and use only at night time;
* For Hydrating Young Skin, choose the Unisex (which also comes in a blue label for males) Youth Face Balm.
Other Products:
* For Acne Prone Skin, choose Evanesce Balm (use day or night); &
* For Chicken Pox, choose Pox Potion which is made fresh when ordered.


Magic Serum

CHF 55.00


Natural Baby Moisturising Oil

CHF 26.00CHF 52.00


Go Molly

CHF 55.00


Kids Breathe Easy Concentrate

CHF 16.00CHF 34.00


Happy Babies Hydrosol

CHF 26.00


Youth Face Balm

CHF 60.00CHF 120.00


Anxiety Pick Me Up

CHF 16.00


Mozz Off Bugs

CHF 28.00


Pox Potion

CHF 40.00CHF 80.00