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Essentially Lili Consultation for Holistic Solutions & alternative Therapies based on my Personal Experiences & Studies. Diploma Studies Include: Aromatherapy, Holistic Skincare Products, Holistic Clinical Nutrition, Stress Management, Holistic Pain Management & Reflexology.

Consultation sessions include Problem-solving your skin's condition, focusing on Nutrition, intolerances, & allergies. These are confidential, tailored to suit your specific needs, to ensure long-term results are achieved. Discussions can be made via Messenger or Whatsapp Video. Please create your order for 1-hour Therapist Consultation Session online to work towards alternative solutions for reaching healthy lifestyle results.

For more information regarding my personal experience, please see About Lili. For Guidance on products, see Help Skin Assistance. We offer Bespoke Products . Service should you have intolerances or allergies to the all-natural ingredients contained in the existing products. Alterations made to the current range for intolerances or allergies will incur a fee of CHF 10 on top of the Product Cost.

Managing Expectations: Not all skin conditions disappear overnight. If you have had a problem for years, the resolution will require time for adjustment, re-balancing, repairing & ultimate well-being.


Consult Therapist

Consult Therapist

CHF 130.00