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Road to Recovery

Road to Recovery

Road to Recovery

Road to Recovery
after taking time out &
getting back on track.

Thanks for my gorgeous flowers
& coming to visit me whilst in hospital K.A.H 🙂

Following on from the last blog about ‘Taking Time out’. Whilst recently being in Hospital recovering from the Hernia Operation, I had plenty of time to think, rest and study again. I don’t really have a high pain threshold which made my recovery seem to take longer than planned.

I remember waking up and feeling groggy and hearing numbers being called out in German. They were calling out my low blood pressure numbers, but I was too late to tell the staff it was normal for me!! They had already given me a shot of morphine!! The other painkillers were being fed by drip – gosh for someone who rarely takes even Ibuprofen for the occasional headache, this was mega.

Unable to move around, or change my positions freely, I felt quite restricted despite being in good spirits. You don’t even realise how much you need your stomach or core muscles until you are unable to use them. Coughing, laughing and sneezing were so difficult to do whilst I was bandaged and recovering. I’m glad to say that 2 weeks post operation, I seem to be back to normal, except I am not able to lift heavy items for a few more weeks. My kids are so happy as they look for any excuses not to help around anymore!! That’s so Not cool.

With the excuse that I couldn’t do much, I took the time complete my Reflexology case studies and submit my final exam. It was one of those courses that needed a lot of motivation to study, write and understand. I’m glad that I persevered and completed it. I’m happy to say that I received my Reflexology Diploma with Distinction to add to the other 5 completed courses.

Choosing my Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Clinical Nutrition, Stress Management, Holistic Skincare Products and Reflexology were so I could assist with a Holistic approach to well-being when trying to help my customers. The one currently being studied is Holistic Pain Management. There is so much to grasp – not only how the Mind, Body and Spirit work together, but how there are so many alternative health solutions too. It’s ironic that whilst I was in so much pain and discomfort, that I had to commence studying this subject. I look forward to helping my customers with alternative solutions instead of seeking drugs as the only option.

In my youth when I was unwell, I had the pleasure of trying all sorts of alternative options. I tried the Herbalist, Chinese Medicine person with the brutal massage techniques and suction cups, the Reflexology, the Acupuncturist as well as the Dermatologist. I believe all of these experiences helped me comprehend what they do and how they can assist in bringing about well-being. Sometimes we should try another avenue to see if it works for us. These other options helped me so much in my quest to find my own well-being, irrespective of whether or not they worked for me. It’s only when you have boiled and drank a cup full of ‘secret herbs and barks’ from the Chinese Medicine person that you will ever understand the benefits and the hideous tastes at the same time!

My tummy was so bloated from the medication that I stopped taking them altogether. Imagine what happens to your intestinal tract if you’re taking medications all the time? My elderly Italian neighbour gave me some dry figs and other fruits to help me. What also helped was increasing my water and herbal tea intake. I took Aloe Vera cleanser as well as make a Himalayan Sea Salt Water wash to drink. I tried not to use medicated options for helping my tummy as I wanted my Intestinal tract to flush out any build up or irritations caused by the medications as quickly as possible. This also helps keep your skin healthy and clear.

Then I taught my husband how to make an Italian Minestrone so that I could eat well without having to feel so ill. The recipe is below:

MINESTRONE: Cut all sorts of veggies into chunks including: Onion, carrots, cabbage, celery, mushrooms, spinach, long green beans cut smaller, potatoes for thickening the soup. You can also add peas and silver beat (or chard). Salt, pepper, Italian Herbs, veggie stock and cover them with water. Then add a can of chopped up tomatoes, season to taste again. Add a little sugar to remove the acidity of the tomatoes. Cook until soft, squash the potatoes down to thicken and eat!

For assisting the healing of my wounds, I mentioned in the last blog the benefits of Grapeseed Oil (Vitis vinifera) which comes from the seeds of grapes, a by-product of making wine. It contains Omega-3 fatty acids with the highest levels of Omega-6 Fatty Acids, compared to other Vegetable Oils. I made sure I had my Essentially Lili Products with me in hospital and at home. The one I have been applying to my wounds is Mint Body Butter whilst others have been using the Jazz Body Butter to prevent any scarring post operation. I look forward to hearing the progress updates from the other operation buddies.

If you are using any of the Essentially Lili Products, please feel free to write your reviews, In your words, directly on the webpage and Facebook Pages. Your feedback allows us to celebrate the successes and to tweak what needs adjusting when something doesn’t go right. I’m the first to admit when I have made a mistake. We love the amazing Before & After results using the All-Natural Skincare products, which have been shared on the Reviews & Testimonials’.

You can also request to join the various groups I have set up: Essentially Lili Q&A – Taking Care of Your Skin and Essentially Lili Nutrition & Well Being. You can also ask your questions about skincare and seek solutions. I share not only what I have studied with the school in London about Nutrition and the Body, but what the other experts write too. You can also check out the previous Blogs regarding the Anguish of Acne/Rosacea, Essentially Lili Products, Essential Oils, their Benefits, Managing Stress, Raiding Your Fridge and the funny Pedicure one too.

If you are looking to fast forward your journey to recovery, you can book Consult Therapist sessions. I will help you get the results you want as I have already been on that hard journey; who has endured & persisted; has had high and low moments; who can empathise, sympathise and encourage you along your path. Check out the variety of Products available on the webpage.


Have you ever tried these alternative therapies? Have you found the one that has supported and helped you back to health? Would you expect to see or consult these therapists for free where you are, or would you consider that to be disrespectful of their time?

You can read more About Lili here and see the Products we offer. The other Essentially Lili’s Blogs can also be found on our webpage or you can send an email to info@essentiallylili.com should you need further assistance.

Always love to hear from you, Kind Regards Lili @ Essentially Lili

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