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Secrets of Passion Fruit

Secrets of Passion Fruit

Secrets of Passion Fruit

A delicious summer taste with
benefits for your skin & overall health.


I wanted to share what gorgeous benefits Passion Fruit (Passiflora edulis and Passiflora flavicarpa) have.They are often found on cakes like pavlova, in drink combinations or part of the exotic summer fruits selection. But what is it about this tiny fruit that makes us feel happy, both inside and out?

The plant and fruit is native to South America, grown in some regions of southern Brazil, through Paraguay and northern Argentina. It’s also found in other tropical regions of the world like India, Africa, Hawaii and Australia. Historically passion fruit was used for lowering inflammation, assisting and improving digestion, together with protecting the skin. Studies today are considering that it may also protect against other inflammatory conditions such as heart-related concerns and insulin resistance.

The Passion fruits are cultivated commercially for its sweet-sour, somewhat tarty, highly aromatic and seedy fruit. Round or oval in shape, it’s like a berry appearing yellow or dark purple when ready for picking, depending on where it’s grown.
It’s regarded as a Pepo, which is a fruit with a fleshy and multiple seeded interior and a harder outer rind. Melons and Cucumbers are also regarded as Pepos.

Consumption information about Passion Fruit:

• You can indulge in all the gelatinous pulp that’s full of edible but tarty tasting seeds! Either scoop out the pulp with a spoon and place it in a bowl, or brave and eat it all without sharing!!
• The fruit can be eaten, juiced, added to other combinations of summer selections to enhance both the flavour and the aroma.
• You would need to consume six (6) passion fruits to make up one portion of your 5 a day. Whilst that’s loads of seeds to ingest, the alternative is eat ten (10) blackberries or half (½) an aubergine!!
• Passion fruit is a Superfood as it is an excellent source of Antioxidants like Vitamins C and A, contains polyphenols and carotenoid.
• It contains a decent number of Essential minerals, including magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and calcium.
• Including Passion fruit in our diet can support bone health, physical, digestive and cardiovascular functionality.
• It can support digestion when consuming the rich in fibre seeds instead of just the juice.
• The fruit is high in fibre called pectin, which is lower in sugar compared to other fruits. It can provide necessary nutrients without causing blood sugar levels to spike too much.
(Note: If you have concerns with diabetes and insulin, please consult your Dietician Specialist before over-indulging).

For alternative ideas on how to Passion Fruits, see the recipes on Taste webpage: Passion Fruit Recipes.

Images: Passionfruit, Variety of Colours, Unsplash Sheng Gen Lin.

Passion Fruit
Passion Fruits
Passion Fruit Unsplash Sheng Gen Lin

How can Passion Fruit help our skin’s health?

• Passion fruit oil is great as an anti-aging ingredient due its antioxidant content, being rich in Vitamin C and A, riboflavin and carotenoids.
• Vitamin A can protects your skin from sun damage;
• The high levels of fatty acids contained in the Passion fruit oil helps keep skin looking firm and youthful.
• The passion fruit seeds comprise of particular peptides that promote antifungal activity.
• These also encourage and stimulates the fusion and production of collagen. </br
Collagen rejuvenates and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles slowing the aging process.
• The strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties found in Passion fruit can reduces the creation of free radicals, bacteria, pollutants or infections in our body, which can ultimately cause our skin to age.
• It promotes maintaining the skin’s health, encouraging wound healing.
• Passion fruit oil is light, is non-greasy, making it quicker for the skin to absorb.
• The non-clogging factor makes it a great moisturising addition to your beauty routine, assists skin cell exfoliation whilst treating acne-prone skin.

Images: Passion Fruit Flower.

passion flower

Please note: If you are using Passion Flower for its relaxing and calming benefits, ensure you obtain your supply from a reputable herbal or Natural store.

In a past newsletter, whilst studying Holistic Pain Management Diploma I shared the benefits from using the Blue Passion Flower, or bluecrown passionflower (Passiflora caerulea).

This plant can grow up to 10 metres (33 ft) high, with fragrant leaves that look like an open handed palm, and magnificent looking flowers containing an array of colours like blue, white and brown. The edible orange fleshy fruit can grow up to 6 cms, can be somewhat bland in taste.The part of the plant that grows above the ground is used for its gentle and calming properties, consisting of natural healing, food flavouring, teas, infusions, liquid extracts or tinctures.

Blue Passion Flower can be combined with relaxing and calming herbs like chamomile, hops, kava, skullcap, lemon balm and valerian root.

Benefits from using Passion Flower include reducing:
• Insomnia & improving sleep,
• Stress & Anxiety,
• Inflammation from skin irritations and burns.

Sleep is something we all love to have a lot of.Studies performed on patients who had bipolar disorder showed that using natural herbal medicines and drinking passion flower tea over a period of time, that they showed a reduction in anxiety and improvement in their overall sleep.For insomnia, the combination found that worked best was Passion Flower combined with Valerian root, especially if you have trouble switching off an active brain at night and need your cells to become calm.

Image: Passion Fruit & Oil.

Passion Fruit Oil

” Passion Flower can used to assists insomnia, relieve stress & anxiety ” – Holistic Pain Management Diploma Course

Trivia About Passion Fruit:

Apparently, dreaming about Passion fruits suggests that in future, you will be able to do positive and sensible things.It reflects a sign of abundance, growth and financial gain, where being in this growth stage means you’re going in the right direction!

The fruit symbolises abundance, associated with the goddesses of fertility and the harvest.It often represents earthly pleasures, temptations and over-indulgence.

Some passion fruit contains high levels of caffeine, which will make it more difficult to relax and fall asleep. Passion fruit tea, however, contains alkaloids, which can aid your nervous system relaxing, making you tired and achieving a better night’s sleep.

Whilst the seeds and flesh of purple passion fruit can be eaten, the outer skin contains small quantities of cyanogenic glycosides (cyanide) and should not be consumed.
Therefore, commercial passion fruit juice goes through a process to deacidify via electrodialysis for this reason.


    • What do you find surprising about Passion fruit and it’s many wonderful benefits for your health and skin?
    • Have you tried Passion fruit oil for treating acne-prone skin?What’s your feedback about using it

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Should Dieting Be Punishment?

Love Healthy Foods

Should Dieting
Be Punishment?

Does Diet Automatically
Make you think of Salads & Deprivation?


Does diet automatically make you think of salads and deprivation? In the past, I associated dieting with a total restriction of my food intake that it put me off wanting to do it at all. The idea of eating only iceberg lettuce and bland foods put me off doing a diet for any reason.

What if I suggested that if you wanted to lose weight successfully, you could eat almost everything.Would you think I was nuts?The reality is there are plenty of fad diets that help you to lose weight very quickly, which makes you feel great at the time.But what happens when you start eating ‘normally again’?Is it not better to just eat better from the beginning and make the ‘diet a lifestyle change instead’?

Often people say to me that my products don’t work.But the reality is that they are unwilling to make a small change to their food intake in order to find what triggers their body’s reactions.It may not necessarily be the same intolerance to food as someone else, If you think about how long you have suffered a condition

Years ago, when I was covered from face to thighs in weeping and bleeding Eczema, I sought the help of a Naturopath with his Homeopathy medications to assist in finding my well-being.I was distraught from how hideous my skin had become, my appearance was heartbreaking to look at, even for me.I remember my Naturopath saying I was the worst case he had ever seen – thanks! ☹

You can imagine my thought process as he told me we had to start a very strict diet.But my diet wasn’t about losing weight, even though it was the side effect for me. My strict diet was about detoxing my body from the excess steroids and medications I had been on for years to suppress the Eczema that had become toxic in my body.

My Italian diet was altered very quickly for detoxing to become a Vegan Vegetarian one. For one who has grown up eating the Mediterranean type foods of meats, cheeses, pasta, vegetables and fruits with espresso and wine, this was like a punch in the face for my Dad, the Chef, and I. We were both confused and somewhat horrified.He had been lovingly preparing our meals for years and in his mind, meant he had contributed to my being unwell.This was not the case – the toxic build-up in my body had caused my reactions in the skin.

The first day and week are always the hardest.All you want to eat is the bread and pasta to fill your tummy.You want to drink the beverages that you were normally drinking instead of boring water with a dash of lemon – right?I didn’t starve myself, that is for sure. My day consisted of 6 meals a day, every 2nd one was a healthier snack.I had lots of veggies, lots of fruit, lots of salad all day. They had no dressings, no salt or pepper, sugars, bread, or ingredients which could have irritated my gut furthermore.My Naturopath wanted to ensure that my body was cleared of toxins as soon as possible, whilst he took care of the homeopathy side of things.

During this time, even all-natural honey worked against me. I put a tiny amount on my tongue to taste and reacted so quickly that I was scratching my face and body in the time that I swallowed the honey.It was such an immediate and awful reaction that confirmed how sensitive my body had become during this time.

I ate healthy foods and I was satisfied after each meal.There was cabbage, carrots, potatoes, onions, broccoli, lettuce, cucumbers, leeks, lentils, beans, peas, bananas, melon, nectarines, apricots, apples, pears and so much more that I was able to eat.When I felt hungry, I had a piece of fruit for a snack or made a fruit-based smoothie.At home, the salad bowl was huge and full of goodness.The lentils were made without pasta for me so that I had fewer digestion issues.My parents really made this 4-week process so much easier for me.

By the end of the first week, my skin had become worse.More irritated, more red, itchy, inflamed, weeping and bleeding.I cried so much, feeling more isolated and hideous than when I had started.I bathed every day with my stocking full of bran and wished for the day when my skin would just be normal.I persisted with my eating regime and seeing my Naturopath who was controlling my blood pressure and progress.What I hadn’t noticed is that I had been losing weight in the process.

During the second week of this eating regime, my skin began to change colour.My body had started to calm down, so there was less itching and scratching during the nights.By the third week, I had more new skin, with less redness and irritations. By the fourth week, I was 14 kilos or 2 stones lighter and my skin was like a newborn baby.And now it was time to stop the detoxing as my blood pressure had become lower than normal. Please remember that detoxing and doing a diet with the assistance of a medically trained Doctor or Nutritionist for health reasons should be short and monitored.

My body had rid itself of the medical and food-related toxins that had built up in my gut.My skin had cleared completely, with no evidence of scars on my body from what I had suffered.You would never think that I was the same person a few weeks later. There are NO pictures of me during this time – thank goodness for the film in my days, where the idea of selfies was unheard of.

Once I started eating other foods again, I introduced them slowly.My Naturopath suggested it was ok to have a Cheat Day where you enjoy the foods you have removed from your diet – that is if they don’t have a negative effect on your health.For me, indulging in dairy-free ice-cream and treats one day a week was no longer a problem, as the majority of the time, I was eating healthy.

I carried on with the Food Combination way of eating and found alternatives to what I had been eating growing up.I found during this process that my body was intolerant to dairy products. I had stopped drinking espresso with sugar, tea with milk and sugar, fizzy drinks, and eating lots of highly saturated foods.I found it too heavy to eat meats at the same time as breads and pasta.I would choose to eat either meat or pasta with lots of salads and veggies.I no longer craved dairy milk chocolate or desserts, as well as the foods that messed up my system. My body was performing like a well-oiled machine, less sluggish, no longer irritated and not a sign of Eczema.

So dieting should not be a punishment for eating bad foods. Dieting should be part of a lifestyle change that allows you to function properly without carrying excess weights.Try to make sure you include a decent multivitamin and supplements where you feel you are not getting enough nutrients for your body.

This week, a friend of mine mentioned that he was going to do a new diet to lose some weight.We too have added excess weight over the winter months and during our pampering time off in Italy.We have also started to change our eating habits this week.I have introduced more salads and veggies with protein to our meals, less carbs as well as cutting down our portion sizes.We try to eat carbs only in the day/lunchtime instead of the night time.I am not starving myself but eating fruits as the snacks in between.With this slight change, I have already noticed feeling less bloated with movement on the scales.This adjustment in the daily way food is consumed is better than doing a type of diet that is unrealistic in the longer term.You could risk putting all the excess weight on again, and more.

In Summary, if you want to make a change to your diet, start my reducing the saturated fats, sugars, carbs, and processed foods.Eat more greens and salads as they are lighter to digest.

If you are:
Not Gluten intolerant, try to reduce your carb intake to day time instead of dinner time, to allow your body to process it.You tend to be more active during the day than at night time.
Gluten intolerant, stay off the bread and pasta, and be aware that many sauces contain gluten.
Dairy intolerant, there are so many other options to choose from including Soya, Rice, Almond, Quorn, Tofu, Lactose-Free and more.Be careful of other ingredients which have hidden lactose, including sauces, dried foods, and even some medications.
Vegan / Vegetarian, ensure you are getting enough protein from your pulses and lentils.
Diabetic, the low carb diet has worked for my friend who has suffered Type 1 most of her life.
Thyroid issues, your diet will be further restricted.
Iron deficiency, try to stay off having espresso or coffees straight after your meals as it can absorb the iron your body needs.You can get liquid iron from the health shop to add to your Orange juice for that extra boost.I found the liquid was easier to digest than the pill form.
Suffering with skin conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis, then finding your triggers and what doesn’t agree with your body is KEY to your personal long-term wellness. It could be gluten, dairy, sugars, spices, citrus, and fish, to name a few, but not necessarily the same as another person suffering the same condition.

If you are looking to fast forward your journey to recovery, you can book your Consult Therapist session. I will help you get the results you want as I have already been on that hard journey. It takes courage to persist with getting the results you want.It definitely has high and low moments but I can empathise, sympathise and encourage you along your path.

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Do you have a similar story where dieting got your body back on track?
What diet did you to follow to resolve a condition you were suffering?

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