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Exotic Frangipani Flowers

Unsplash Vonita Buirski Frangipani

Exotic Frangipani Flowers

A delicate flower considered sacred,
which thrives in locations like Bali Indonesia.
What makes this so special?

Unsplash image by Vonita Buirski

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We recently returned from a week spent in Bali, Indonesia, on the way back from Melbourne Australia. 
I had forgotten about this wonderful flower which surrounded us, many of which were being collected and worn in our hair.  Let me share a little about the beautiful, Exotic Frangipani flowers!

Found on the Tree of Life’,  the Frangipani (Plumeria ) flower represents a natural toughness, with grace, wealth and perfection.  It has around 12 species of deciduous shrubs from the dogbane family.

Frangipani is native to the new world tropics and is regarded throughout history as extremely sacred.  For the Aztec empires, the plumeria signified elite status, and were found in the gardens of nobility.   Today, the trees are commonly found in areas of South-East Asia, Pacific Islands from Hawaii to New Zealand.

In some parts of Polynesian culture, the flower worn by women indicates whether or not they are seeking a relationship or spoken for.  Worn over the right ear is seeking, whilst over the left is taken!  In Hawaii, the flower, called ‘Melia’ is used for making ‘leis’.

Buddhist, Jain & Hindu followers honour the Frangipani as a sign of immortality, which allows the soul to continue after death.  In Bengali culture, the flower is associated with funerals and death, whilst regions like Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia with ghosts and cemeteries.  The Balinese Indonesians Hindus use the flowers when making offerings in their many temples.  Indian culture incorporates it with Sandalwood for their ’Champa’ incense, whilst in Sri Lanka, the Frangipani flower is associated with worship.  Last but not least, Swahili poets use the flower as a symbol of love.

The species of Plumeria tree can be found in Mexico, Caribbean, Central America including Brazil, and loves warmer climates like Florida, Australia and Indonesia.   They can live from 40 to 50 years, blooming in summer with it’s unique five petals in a funnel shape.  Once the flowers wither and fall, long, slender fruit takes its place, which can be from 15-30 cms long, with a diameter of 1 to 1.5cms.  The brown pod splits horizontally to release plenty of seeds.  The milky sap from this plant can cause irritation and rashes to the skin.

The flowers can be found in a variety of colours – pure white with pale yellow, bright orange, pink red, violet and a mix of these.  The colourful Frangipani flowers can be eaten, as long as they are not treated with pesticides.  By sun-drying out the Frangipani flowers, they can be used to make tea.   Ingesting the tea encourages deep internal cleansing which refreshes the body and mind. It can help clear the lungs, aid detoxification, bring relief from fever and stomach concerns.

Gallery: Various Colours of Frangipani. Hawaiian Lei, Bali Frangipani, Unsplash Christian Hume Frangipani oil.

” Frangipani flowers are used as leis in Hawaii,
and for making Hindu temple offerings in Bali.”

The Benefits for using Frangipani oil:

  • For Aromatherapy, Frangipani Essential oil offers a stimulating and romantic fragrance , enhancing one’s mind and body;
  • The essential oil has an aphrodisiac nature, which encourages the relaxation of nerves and muscles;
  • It can ease and bring relief for inflammation, headaches and back pain;
  • The hydrating properties of the Frangipani oil keeps one’s skin supple, enabling the relief to dry and cracked skin. </p>
  • Best described as exotic and tropical, Frangipani scent is sweet. It has a wonderful aroma of fresh floral, fruity, green and berry-like top notes.  The mid-notes smell like gardenia, Jasmine, rose with hints of peach, apricot and lemon, whilst the base notes are coconut and musk;
  • Some of the other essential oils it blends well with includes Bergamot, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Neroil (Orange Blossom), Palmarosa, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang;
  • The essential oil can be used to sooth your hands, nails and cuticles;
  • Apply the Frangipani oil to your skin after showering to encourages maximum absorption and hold the moisture. Use the oil whilst massaging and hydrating your skin;
  • Added to soaps, it can provide a wonderfully fragrant and nourishing feel to your skin.


  • Have you ever tried using Frangipani oil in your beauty routine? If yes, what products?
  • If you could have a product including Frangipani oil, what would it be?
  • What historical aspect about the Frangipani flower do you find the most interesting?

    “Why I love to make Essentially Lili Products.”

    About Lili & Essentially Lili Range of Products:

    My Health Studies include from 2016-2019 Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Holistic Skincare Products, Clinical Nutrition, Stress Management, Reflexology, Holistic Pain Management, and a Member of International College of Holistic Medicine.I’m currently studying Clinical Nutrition for Over 50s.

    My aim is to help you get the results you want as I have already been on that hard journey to overcome the autoimmune disorder. If you wish to know more about Clinical Nutrition and how to kick start your health, book a private Consultation. Please send an email to  info@essentiallylili.com should you need further assistance.At Essentially Lili, the products made are all using 100% Natural Ingredients. See the wide variety of Products available on the webpage.

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Men’s Personal Grooming

Men's Personal Grooming

Men’s Personal Grooming

Men’s Personal Grooming,
a trend for keeping beards &
hydrating faces has always been popular.


Often we assume that only women enjoy looking after & pampering themselves.
Though lately, the trend for Men’s personal grooming, whether it’s for their beards and faces is a lot more popular. When I was young, I used to watch my Dad foam his face with the brush and then shave his face, before slapping on Tabac Cologne. My Dad maintained his curly hair short, kept his fingernails filed, trimmed and clean.It was part of his military training as a young man in Italy. For me, this is what men were supposed to do.

Today, all the additional aspects of Men’s personal grooming is cool and trendy, and shows that a man loves to take care of himself beyond just shaving. Even TV shows like ‘Suits’ shows the character Louis Litt in a Mud Bath as part of his relaxation therapy!!Women love the appearance of a man who is well groomed from hair to feet. Made more popular when the man is fit, healthy and has a matching six-pack like Magic Mike’s team.

When I began making the skincare products, my husband thought mine was a bit too ‘girly’ for him. Going through my list of Essential Oils and their amazing benefits, I developed the Hydrating Face Balm with its masculine scent which reminded both of us of the aftershave called ‘Aramis’. Sandalwood (Amyris Balsamifera) was included in this men’s over 30’s balm, not only for this wonderful aroma, but because of what it does to the mind and skin. When applied to the face in the form of the Balm & Serum, it can encourages the anti-aging process, promoting new skin cells and the rejuvenation process to continue. The Serum and Men’s Face Balm All-Natural products are offered as a Bundle on our webpage – Mens’ Aftershave Care. The Vitamin Rich Mens Face Balm which also contains Sandalwood, assists those men whose skin is irritated with Acne / Rosacea.

As mentioned in the Newsletter, there are some amazing benefits with using Sandalwood , which includes:
• having a calming effect on our well-being and mental health. It can provide a sense of clarity from its therapeutic benefits;
• It can help boost our memory, particularly if you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out;
• Added to massage oil, Sandalwood can increase your libido and energy levels, working as a natural aphrodisiac;
• It can work as an Astringent, motivating your skin tissues to have minor contractions, which help soothe, calm and tighten the skin;
• The antioxidants found in Sandalwood can assist with reducing damage caused by free radicals which can cause the early aging process.For this reason, Sandalwood was included to the Mens Range.

Gallery: Men’s Personal Grooming: Hydrating Face balm & Aftershave Serum, Sandalwood, Coloured Clays, Salts Scrub and Feet Treatment & Mint Body Butter

Additional to the Men’s Personal Grooming products for Body & Feet are the Peppermint Feet & Mint Body Butter. Made using Peppermint Essential Oil with its cooling effect, they smell so divine you may be tempted to want to eat it.Not only does the balm hydrate and maintaining the skin, but it also keeps Athlete’s foot, fungal infections and odours at bay.The Mint Body butter has assisted with reduction of scarring whilst hydrating the skin,especially after being out in the sunshine.

If your hair thinning out concerns you, there are a few options you could do.
• First, find a natural shampoo and conditioner that contains Biotin, otherwise known as Vitamin B7. This water-soluble vitamin is part of the vitamin B complex, which assists the strengthening process for your hair, nails and skin.It can also be taken internally in a B-complex supplement.
• Second, Evening Primrose Oil which is rich in essential Omega-6 Fatty acids GLA can also be effective with fighting against hair loss.This can either be consumed in capsule form or the Vegetable oil can be massaged directly to the scalp with essential oils.For more information about Evening Primrose Oil for hair growth, see: Favourite Vegetable Oils in our Blog Library;
Black Seed Oil has been used by a close friend of mine to encourage hair growth.It can naturally boost the hair and scalp’s health is different ways.It contains nigellone and has antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can stop dandruff, dryness as well as improve the hair’s overall health simultaneously.
Rosemary essential oils helps to stimulate hair growth. When applied on the scalp diluted in a Vegetable oil like Evening Primrose & Black Seed Oil, rosemary essential oil helps stimulate hair growth, prevent baldness, slows down the greying process, as well as treating dandruff and dry scalp.

Your Men’s Personal grooming should include night time cleansing using Cypress Cleansing Balm to help boost your skin’s appearance.In a short space of time, your skin will feel lifted and refreshed.To soften the delicate skin around your eyes, you can use an all-natural balm Cool Eyes with Cucumber Oil, which is hydrating and soothing.And on a weekly basis, enjoy a gentle exfoliant and clay mask.Treat your skin whilst chillaxing on the weekend, to help draw out any impurities and remove dead skin cells.Ensure you get the right Coloured Clays for your skin type.

Personal fitness and training, with relaxation, yoga and massage is a fabulous way of taking care of your mind, body and spirit.Perhaps look into Osteopath realignment oran amazing Thai Massage.

In Summary, be the man that isn’t embarrassed to go the extra mile to look your best. Your body, your hair, your skin will all thank you. You will be able to enjoy a youthful appearance well into your mid-life years.Other helpful tips for keeping that gorgeous masculine glow – ensure you don’t use super-hot water on your face, cleanse only at night time, drink plenty of water and keep your face protected from the sun.

We have had some amazing Before & After results using the All-Natural Skincare products, which have been shared on the Reviews & Testimonials’. Get yourself featured on the Happy Customers at the top of our webpage Testimonials.If you wish to be included, please send me a recent picture of yourself without makeup with your testimonial.

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  • What’s your idea of a well-groomed man?
  • Who is your favourite celebrity and from what TV show?
  • What would you like to see added to the product Range?
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