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Kiwifruit the fury oval goodness

Kiwifruit Seed Oil Sep2020

Kiwifruit the Fury Oval Goodness

It might look like a potato, but tastes amazing
with super nutritional benefits
making up for its appearance!


I found the comment describing Kiwifruit the fury oval goodness that looks like a potato rather funny!!

Note: This is not meant to offend lovers of Kiwis or the people from New Zealand, but more to show a humorous way of describing it, which I had never noticed before!When I asked my son if he thought the same, he had that ‘ah-ha’ moment, laughing out loud.This fruit has become his latest obsession, as he cuts it in half neatly, scooping the inner parts out with a spoon.
He loves the taste of Kiwi so much, that we’ve been buying them more regularly than usual.

Did you know that Kiwifruit, (Actinidia deliciosa ‘Hayward’) is also known as Chinese gooseberry, is native to central and eastern parts of China?The people from New Zealand began cultivating it at the beginning of the 20th Century. To avoid paying export taxes on berries, the name Chinese gooseberry was changed to Kiwifruit, as it resembles the New Zealand small native brown bird!

In 2012, Italy was the top producer of kiwis, whilst in 2018 China was responsible for half of the world’s output!!There’s more fun trivia at the end of the Blog!

The fruit grows to between 5-8 centimetres in length and grows like apples from a woody climbing shrub.The light brown fuzzy skin can also be eaten.It would be similar to eating a peach without peeling off the skin!!Ironically, the skin contains bountiful levels of fibre, antioxidants and Folate if you choose to include it when indulging in this magical fruit! The internal green or golden flesh has loads of edible black seeds.

Consumption benefits about Kiwifruit:

• The best time to consume the Kiwifruit is in the morning on an empty stomach. The fibre and minerals provided by the fruit will give your daily energy boost, whilst detoxifying your body’s system.

• It can aid digestive illnesses like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), decreasing symptoms with its anti-inflammatory properties.

• Kiwifruit has antibacterial and antimicrobial capabilities.

• Due to the high potassium, fibre and Vitamin K content, Kiwifruit can assist lowering blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. It can also assist with reducing the symptoms linked to upper respiratory sickness.

• Kiwifruit is a dynamic antioxidant which fights free-radials.The extensive amount of nutrients are vital for our well-being.It can improve the immune system’s functionality, reducing the risk of becoming ill or becoming infected.

• It’s an excellent addition for assisting weight loss as it’s high in energy whilst being low in calories.

• In addition to this, Kiwifruit has high levels of fat-free Vitamin E, which also helps fight free-radicals and lower cholesterol.

• Kiwifruit can contribute to maintaining bone strength and growth, improving the health and vision of our eyes. The high levels of serotonin help regulate anxiety and moods, whilst assisting with providing better quality more restful sleep.

The tiny fury potato looking fruit is such a wonderful treat to add to your 5 a day.Makes a delightful contrast to fruit salads and platters too!For alternative ideas on how to Kiwifruit, see the recipes on Taste webpage: Kiwifruit Recipes.

Gallery of Kiwifruit, Kiwifruit growing; Open & Ready to Eat, Food pics Courtesy Unsplashby Brenda Godinez, Unsplash by Alexander Mils.

Is Kiwi Seed Oil (Actinidia Chinensis) beneficial for our skin’s health?

There are so many wonderful benefits from using Kiwi seed oil that I’ve been happy to learn about. Here are some of the amazing attributes for our skin:

• Kiwi seed oil can be absorbed quickly into the skin as its texture is very light.

• Extremely rich with high natural levels of Vitamins C & E, potassium, magnesium, Omega 3 & 6, together with Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), these all help improve and maintain the skin’s elasticity.

• Including the oil undiluted to weekly skincare routines can improve the condition of your overall skin.

• It can provide a gentle calm from irritating skin problems like Psoriasis and Eczema, blotches, wrinkles, open or large pores, spots or acne.

• It can be used for treating your hair whilst promoting elasticity, bounce and averting loss of moisture from the scalp.

• We need protein for maintaining our skin, muscles, bones and tendons.Collagen depends on Vitamin C, which is generously found in Kiwifruit, aiding the maintenance and boosting process.

• Kiwifruit also contains carotenoid and lutein, which is an antioxidant. These both support and safeguard our skin from UV light. Please Note:This does not mean not wearing sunscreen or protecting from harmful rays.

• Check out the Home Spa tips shared below.

Gallery of Kiwifruit Up close, Kiwi Nutrition courtesy Herbazest Unsplash by Kimzy Nanney, Kiwifruit up close, Nourishing Face Balm for women Over 30s and Frankincense Face Serum as Featured in TATLER UK Magazine – Bronzed Beauty Campaign.

Instead of comparing ‘Apples and Oranges’, let’s check out ‘Kiwi and Oranges’, which I found pleasantly surprising.They are a great addition to your family’s diet but did you know that there are higher levels of Vitamin C found in Kiwifruit than what’s found in Oranges? Here are some other Similarities:

• Both can boost your immune system, and have strong antioxidants for fighting free-radicals;

• Both aid digestion – Oranges help draw out toxins, acting as a diuretic, whilst Kiwifruit decreases digestive related illnesses with its anti-inflammatory properties;

• Both assist with lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease.

Differences between these Vitamin C fruits:

• Kiwifruit has more sugar than Oranges;

• Oranges are better for reducing pain and inflammation;

• Kiwifruit also contains Vitamin A and lutein, which helps fight ageing and free-radicals;

• Kiwifruit is great for building and maintaining our bones, reducing risk of eye disease or problems with the respiratory system.

Adding these super-fruits to meals, smoothies and the family diet ensures we get the best from both of them!How about adding them to your weekly Home Spa routine, mixed with clays or other goodies from your cupboards?Try either of the following recipes – all from home, without any preservatives or nasty ingredients!!!

Fun skincare tips to include in your weekly Home Spa routine:
• 1 Kiwifruit cut up,
• 1 tablespoon of Yoghurt
• 3 tablespoons of Oatmeal
• Mix together, gently scrub onto your face and allow to dry.
• Wash it off with warm water.
• Apply your Serum and Face Balm to treat and rehydrate your skin.

Option two:
• 1 Kiwifruit cut up,
• 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera
• Mix together, apply to your face and neck for approximately 10-15 minutes.
• Wash it off with warm water.
• Apply your Serum and Face Balm to treat and rehydrate your skin.

Please let me know how your skin feels after trying either or both of these home spa tips!

” The first time I saw a Kiwi, I thought it’s a Potato with fur!!” – Cool Funny Quotes

Trivia About Kiwifruit:

The Kiwifruit was named after the bird because it has similar looking features to the brown feathers.Over 700 years ago, it was originally from China and known as Yang Tao. When the fruit was shipped to New Zealand around 1906, the fruit was renamed Chinese Gooseberry.

The fruit symbolises plentiful and a tiding of good things are coming. Ironically, the fury exterior symbolises the obstacles in your way.

Kiwifruit is a great addition for treating and maintaining healthy hair.It’s packed with the mineral Zinc, necessary for hair growth, preventing hair loss and dandruff!


  • Are you surprised about the history of Kiwifruit and where it’s produced for global consumption?
  • Have you tried Kiwifruit oil for treating problem skin?
  • Would you consider the Home Spa treatment to test how it feels on your skin?
  • What do you love the best about Kiwifruit?
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What Your Face Reveals About You

Acne Face Map Dec19

What Your Face
Reveals about you

As the skin maps out your body,
telling amazing truths.


History & Genesis of these techniques:

Whilst not exactly established in modern science, the ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine used Face Mapping to determine the individual’s health based on the acne patterns.This practise is over 3,000 years old and is otherwise known as ‘face reading or mien shiang’ which is based on the flow of energy along specific meridians throughout the body.Disturbances to this flow of energy affects the ‘Qi’, which then manifests on the face with breakouts, redness, spots, or other issues.

Face Mapping technique observes the person’s complexion, whether there is colour, dullness, breakouts, as well as checking the expression and the health of their tongue.With Ayurvedic methods focuses on the person’s body type (Dosha) whilst Chinese medicine involves manipulating the body’s meridians.When the main organs are not functioning properly, it can affect the overall health of the body.For example, increased redness, inflammation and breakouts could be the result of poor liver health and a build-up of toxins in the liver.Other digestive organs that could cause problems include the spleen, intestines, kidneys and stomach.Skin health is also subjected to diet, lack of sleep, use of medications, emotional anguish combined with high stress levels.

This process is similar to Reflexology.In the 1930’s, Eunice Ingham, a physiotherapist for Dr. Joseph Shelby Riley, became an advocate for Zone Therapy which she studied and used on her patients.She found that the feet responded well to the therapy due to their extreme sensitivity.Applying pressure to varying trigger points which corresponded to an area to the feet, her patients were able to feel less pain.This Body Mapping onto the feet became the Genesis of Reflexology.

In the early 20th Century, publishing about Zone Therapy was done by Dr. William Fitzgerald, who showed how applying pressure to certain parts corresponded to other parts of the body.Dr. Edwin Bowers, his colleague, validated this theory using dramatic demonstrations. Whilst administering pressure to the area in the hands, a sticking pin was entered onto the face, corresponding to the area being treated, without causing pain.This ‘Acupuncture’ process is closely linked to Reflexology and Face Mapping, where it assists relieving the flow of energy throughout the body.Executing pressure to the trigger points related to the various organs in the body allow for the meridians to be released.

What’s fabulous about Reflexology is an alternative therapy is that it can bring relief to so many areas, when performed correctly.
• It can help unblock tensions built up in the muscles and organs, releasing deposits, knots and other hindrances;
• It can assist the whole body’s natural flow and progression, from digestion to increased blood flow, allowing for nutrients to be circulated and carried throughout the system; and
• It can work as a natural pain killer by releasing endorphins.

Gallery of Images: Face Mapping used by Traditional Chinese Medicine, Digestive Tract and Spa Treatment by Anthony Tran.

Modern Uses of Face Mapping Techniques:

Today it is generally used for helping with problems like Acne, because the flare ups tend to happen in the same locations like the chin and forehead. It can also be used to treat puffiness, lines, wrinkles, redness and rashes caused by food allergies. The face is zoned out, just like the feet in Reflexology, to help indicate what could be the underlying problems for the skin:

• A stressed or poor functioning liver or imbalanced kidneys, stomach, bladder or spleen can result in breakouts, lines or wrinkles between your eyes and eyebrows, or the nose area;
• Breakouts on the forehead could be related to how the small intestine and bladder functions, in conjunction with poor digestion, stress levels and lack of sleep;
• Acne around the mouth, jaw or on the chin could be related to the stomach, large intestine and colon, as well the reproductive system being imbalanced;
• The whole digestive system, spleen and kidneys not working efficiently, or building up toxins could result in acne appearing below the lips and on the lower chin;
Gut related problems or inflammation of the small intestines could result in breakouts near the nostrils;
• Spots or pimples around the cheekbones could be the result of immune issues, allergies, respiratory concerns or smoking;
• These could also be due to hormonal issues, stress and the reactions to our immune system.

The condition of your face and skin can determine whether or not you’re consuming plenty of vegetables, are prone to high blood pressure, drink too much coffee, don’t sleep enough or lack the vitamins required for your body to function healthily. Treating the root causes can ultimately assist with achieving an acne free life, irrespective of your age.

Science, however believes that the ancient methods are not as useful or exact for everyone.Looking closely to the skin, asking about lifestyle and the environment you work and live in will determine a better understanding for resolving issues:

Our lifestyles are more demanding and stressful, impacting our facial skin and its appearance;
• Changes in the ingredients and how our foods are made, together with high levels of processing;
• Our gut health could require re-balancing with probiotic bacteria to help eliminate the toxins clogged in the intestines;
Imbalanced or increased production of androgenic hormones, like testosterone, can over create excess secretion of sebum, which can drastically affect how our body reacts;
• The accumulation of sebum and bacteria inside the pores can become infected or inflamed, causing clogged skin cells, pimples or cystic acne;
Dead skin cells can also cause blockages, creating whiteheads, blackheads and varying kinds of acne;
Poor hygiene, sweating or not cleaning excess oils gently can affect our skin;
Immune or allergic reactions to modern skincare, makeup and hair products can create irritations to our skin;
• We tend to sleep less or have poor sleep habits;
Family history and genetics can determine the time process for new skin development and likelihood of acne breakouts;
• For some, the environment they are exposed to can cause the pores to become blocked and prone to acne breakouts;
Exposure to the sun can irritate the skin for some; and
• Other health issues like diabetes and poor circulation can also have adverse effects on the skin.

Some of the above mentioned factors will have nothing to do with the results of Face Mapping and the condition of one’s internal organs.It does give an overall guide for where to begin the process for well-being, a way to promote natural health products which may not necessarily address the actual cause for the acne breakouts.

“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes”. Quote By Sophia Loren.

In all things, common sense should be applied first and foremost.Start with the basics:
• Cleanse your face with gentle products at night time, to remove environmental pollutants from your skin;
• Remember that these can cause a build-up of dirt, accumulation of sebum which could become infected;
• Protect your skin from the sun during the day with a decent sunblock;
• If you have any skin infections, treat these with products that will soothe and balance the skin;
• To prevent transferring bacteria to other parts of your face and body, try not to touch your face and skin throughout the day, unless your hands are clean;
• Look more closely at lifestyle and diet, making changes where necessary, especially if you notice reactions or allergies to foods, drinks and other commercial products;
• Eating a more balanced healthier diet should assist in achieving the results you want;
• However, if the symptoms carry on despite good hygiene and healthy eating, it would be worth seeking the assistance of a consultant specialising in Face Mapping.

In conclusion, whilst the concept of Face Mapping has been used for a long time by the Chinese and Ayurvedic practitioners, the results may not necessarily be as black and white as believed.
A combination of poor organ functionality with lifestyle stresses, environmental and diet related issues could also be the culprits to the lack of healthy glow of your skin.Be sure to look at your overall health in a holistic way. Try to deal with stressful situations and lifestyle concerns which will ultimately make you feel better in the longer term.Take care of your skin, consume the right kinds of foods and drink water to help flush the toxins from your digestive tract.

If you are seeking Product to help resolve Acne concerns:
• I would recommend cleansing your skin only at night time, to remove pollutants and environmental build-ups in your skin.This allows the pores to be cleared and impurities removed.New skin cells are generated whilst we sleep, so cleansing in the mornings will remove these, which we don’t want to do. Cypress Cleansing Balm which is made with Beeswax, Butters and Essential Oils or the Oil based Sunflower Cleanser.
• The Frankincense Face Serum is gorgeous on the skin, and has Ylang Ylang to help combat the occasional breakout;
• However, the Magic Serum helps treat more problematic Acne prone skin;
• For Acne/Rosacea prone skin, we have Vitamin Rich Mens Face Balm and Vitamin Rich Womens Face Balm if your skin needs more tender loving care due to irritation or damage;
• For treating Acne alone, Evanesce Balm;
• For Youths who only have Acne breakouts, Youth Face Balm;
• For hydration, there are a few varying products: For men over 30, there’s the Hydrating Face Balm;
• For women over 30, there’s Nourishing Face Balm; and
• For women over 50, Diamond Era Balm.

There will be something for everyone who wants to help deal with how their skin looks and feels.


  • What are your thoughts about Face Mapping?
  • Did you have a Reflexology session for specific problems, and what was the outcome?
  • If you had acne problems, what kind of products did you use to resolve it?
  • Gallery of Pictures:Reflexology Map of the Feet, Cleansing Products, Nourishing Face Balm and Frankincense Face Serum;Evanesce Balm & Magic Serum, Diamond Era Balm & Serum.

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