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When Stress Overwhelms Your Mind

When Stress Overwhelms Your Mind Feb2020

When Stress Overwhelms Your mind

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone can cause
a staggering effect on our thought process.


The topic of overwhelming stress has been cropping up in my personal and business feeds quite a lot lately.I had been reflecting on what life was like when I was single in the 90s. I used to travel a lot solo or with work, to various locations around the globe, with confidence and a little bit of angst about the unknown.I would research the places I was about to discover, collating as much information about what I wanted to see and do.

In 1999, whilst based for work in Houston Texas for 3 months, I used my 12 weekends to explore surrounding areas, both near and far, making the most of my limited stay in the US.Grabbing a small bag, I’d drive to various places in Texas, or catch a flight to New Orleans for my 30th, Miami or head to the Mexican border .I had very little fear and almost everything was so much fun!

From 2000 to the beginning of 2003, I was based in the UK. I spent many weekends exploring not only the UK but headed off with my ‘Lonely Planet Europe Book’ to discover different cities on the mainland.Enjoying the history and so much of what Australia didn’t have, I spent time locating long-lost family members who I reconnected with their cousins back in Melbourne! I was often asked, ‘What’s in that city you’re going to visit?’… My reply was, ‘Tell you on Monday when I get back!’ These were the days of city maps, internet cafes and 36mm film in your camera!

It might sound really dumb, but lately, this aspect of planning and booking has become something my husband has done since we got married in 2004. I can’t believe how ‘lost’ I feel, trying to find the right deal, or plan ahead. Whilst I have loads of ideas, I am often overwhelmed by doing it all myself for the family.

As mentioned in the newsletter, I recently went to secretly visit my Uncle for his 90th birthday in Sicily. I was about to book the trip when my husband found a better deal than I would have otherwise missed. But once it was reserved, I suddenly realised that there was no public transport on a Sunday morning, and the panic set in. As stupid as it sounds, the logistics became my stress – and it consumed my mind, thoughts and sleep.
Totally crazy, right?

The reality is that often something that seems so silly or insignificant to others is what throws you off your own game.It makes you feel weak, incapable, unsure and questioning your inner strength. Should I accept th e role as ‘guest speaker’?What would people think of me at an Exhibition or event that I’ve been asked to attend? How do we overcome these feelings, step out of our comfort zone into our fears and take the ultimate plunge?

Whilst I was having my moment about the trip, I reached out to my Sicilian friend and another connected with Sicily, asking for their advice and help. I felt bad imposing myself on my relatives to take me on the 2+ hour journey back to Palermo airport. I considered driving a car, but again my fear of being alone and behind the wheel in Italy was so consuming that my brain went into overdrive: ‘What if they have snow, what if there’s no snow-tyres on the car, what if I get lost, what if …?’

My husband found a ‘Get Transfer Service’ and booked the trip back on a Sunday morning, and suddenly my fears of being lost, stranded and driving alone all vanished.

Image: Rocks of Love, Breathe Easy & Blissful Minds Products, Lesley Calvo, Pots of Magic.

“Sometimes we just have to be brave enough to ask for help and admit that we are scared in order to be reassured, encouraged or find an alternative solution”

I recently spoke to a dear friend of mine who shared this story with me. Lesley was invited to guest speak in the USA to over 400 women.She explained how anxious she became, to the point of not wanting to step onto the plane in the first place.She just wanted to turn around and go back home, but instead, she proceeded.At her UK stopover, the fear came back, and Lesley tried to convince herself that remaining was better than completing the flight to LA, as this apprehension increased.She went and succeeded in delivering her speech to the 400+ women!! This feeling of fear can be also used as a sign that you are ready to move, and as a sign to take action. It becomes your body’s way of telling you to push outside your comfort zone and expand your limit line.

Quoting from Lesley’s Instagram page:
‘When you feel the chaos and overwhelm, know that your next move is still a choice you get to make. The darkness inside is not to be avoided or hated. That within it there is a gift.It is your soul calling you to courage. Through it there is a strength in you that you haven’t even met yet. A desire for greatness that is pulling you through.Breathe. You Will Make it!’

What powerful encouragement – we need to be in tune and listen to our own inner voice and gut instinct. It is usually right and steers us where we should be heading.

“Trust Yourself, You Know More than You Think You Do” – Lesley Calvo

Lesley mentioned that the concept of stepping out of our comfort zones can make us feel uncomfortable, self-doubt and scared. It can cause hidden feelings from our past to resurface. This overwhelming nervousness can cripple us into non-action, provoking and deceiving us into thinking that ‘we’re ok to stay put or make no alterations to what is necessary for change’.

If we take our health as an example: When we know we are not well, our body will constantly tell us we have pain or discomfort. Instead, we pretend, make excuses, ignore the warning signs that stop us from changing old habits which could eventually have longer-term and detrimental effects. Imagine if we all made small changes that could actually improve and extend our Healthy Life Expectancy? Here are some words of advice:
1. Be honest with yourself and admit you are unable to do certain things on your own;
2. Seek out those who can genuinely help you reach your goals, even if it’s one small step at a time;
3. Be kind enough to give yourself the time and space to reach what you’re capable of doing; and
4. Notice how much stronger, braver and capable you are of becoming.

What other techniques can we apply to help us overcome the stress that consumes our mind? There are a few things we can do to assist the improvement of our overall well-being:
1. Take on a relaxing form of exercise, like Yoga or Pilates. This can help release endorphins in the brain which not only lift our mood but act as natural pain-killers.
2. If you’re able to take on more, do dance-related exercise which will increase your heart rate and improve your overall fitness;
3. Some find meditation and prayer their personal choice for a peaceful mind, as well as dealing with anxiety and stress;
4. For those willing to try Acupuncture, this technique can free blockages to the energy flow in your body;
5. Having regular massage can assist with releasing knots and built-up tension, particularly the neck, shoulders and lower back;
6. Ensure your diet is full of the necessary nutrients, which will help your brain deal with stress, and assist your body’s total functionality;
7. Seek techniques like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to help deal with stress and depression that can have a negative effect on your body;
8. Write your thoughts and feelings in a diary to keep track of what is causing stress;
9. Connect with people, friends, nature, taking time out to be around and with those that make you happy;
10. Use your blends and essential oils to improve your overall well-being, reduce the feeling of anxiety and stress on the body.
11. Stress can affect our whole body, from digestion, skin and hair loss too.

Writing lists is something I have been doing for a long time, and I found that it frees my mind from stressing or over-thinking particularly whilst I sleep. Eating healthier and slower, being more conscious of what is consumed can also prevent your body from overworking and becoming sluggish. The food awareness tends to go out the window whilst we’re socialising, travelling and in company with others, enjoying what life and adventures have to offer, though the reconnecting element can be a wonderful key element to overcoming stress.

Pampering yourself with deep tissue massage can release built-up tension and relieve knotted areas. Speaking to friends who know you, offering words of encouragement and support during your time of anxiousness can be a huge step towards a peaceful mind.

Be aware that stress affects our bodies. Our hormones can become imbalanced as the blood flow to our skin, hair, teeth and throughout the body is hindered. A common reaction to stress is Eczema, Acne, Hives, Psoriasis, Rosacea, gum disease and hair loss. Trying to get our body back in control will help overcome this. Often, simply controlling the foods we eat can have a tremendous result for our body’s recovery process.

And for those that enjoy the natural things in life, there are the Essential oil blends I make, that can clear a congested nose and aid with breathing to allow a decent night’s rest. For the children, there’s the Kids Breathe Easy Concentrate, whilst for grown-ups, Adults Breathe Easy Concentrate. For headache sufferers, there’s the Blissful Minds concentrated serum, together with the Anxiety Pick Me Up inhalers. All of these products are made using 100% natural ingredients, containing no hidden nasties or chemicals in the blends.

This year I have decided to do some things differently. I will update you in the coming months, but for now, I’m writing my lists, seeking the help of those who know better than me, asking for advice, and taking one day at a time. I hope that 2020 becomes a different kind of year and that you all get to be part of it, right here! It’s time for me to overcome those fears and just go with it. Watch this space and keep you posted.

Should you need help with finding your feet, don’t ever hesitate to book the Consultation session to fast track your steps to wellness.

Should you wish to contact Lesley Calvo, please message me  support@essentiallylili.com

Images: Healthy Living Chart & Concentrated Serums Blissful Minds & Congestion for Adults/Kids

Health Flowchart


  • What part of this blog resonates with you?
  • Has your stress overwhelmed you so much that you stopped following an activity or event through?
  • What technique do you find is the best stress reliever for you and your family?

“Why I make Essentially Lili all-natural Products.”

About Lili & Essentially Lili
My 40 years of personal experience is the foundation of Why and What I do at Essentially Lili.
My aim is to help you get the results you want as I have already been on that hard journey to overcome the autoimmune disorder.If you wish to know more about Clinical Nutrition and how to kick start your health, book a Private Confidential Paid Consultation.
Please send an email to <a” href=”mailto:info@essentiallylili.com”>info@essentiallylili.com should you need further assistance.

My Health Studies include from 2016-2019 Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Holistic Skincare Products, Clinical Nutrition, Stress Management, Reflexology, Holistic Pain Management, Member of International College of Holistic Medicine.Currently studying Clinical Nutrition for Over 50s.

At Essentially Lili, the Products made are all using 100% Natural <a” href=”https://www.essentiallylili.com/ingredients/”>Ingredients. See the wide variety of Help Skin Assistance available on the webpage.

Should you need help in deciding, start by reading the Reviews & Testimonials about other Customers who have dared to try them out. We have had some amazing Before & After results with their using the All-Natural Skincare products. Please don’t forget to write your comments and reviews on our pages to share the love with others.

See the Blog Library for previous writings about how to deal with Anguish of Acne/Rosacea, How to deal with Cystic Acne and Understanding Your Body. Your feedback allows us to improve the content and information provided and products made. We look forward to hearing from you, With Much Love Essentially Lili.

La pentola magica

Lili Giglia Sovereign Magazine Jun19

L’arte e la scienza di sentirsi
sicuri nella propria pelle

Intervista a Lili Giglia,
fondatrice di ESSENTIALLY LILI


Tradotto da Antonella R Licausi, Catania, Sicilia.

Lili vive in Svizzera dal 2012, da quando il marito è riuscito a finalmente a convincerla che la vita in Svizzera sarebbe stata perfetta per una giovane famiglia come la loro, ha così lasciato il lavoro nel Regno Unito e con la figlia ha raggiunto il marito a Zurigo.

Analista finanziaria di grande successo, dopo aver lavorato per grandi aziende per quasi due decenni, non avrebbe mai immaginato che la sua nuova vita tra le montagne, l’aria pura e le bellezze naturali svizzere sarebbe stata l’inizio di una nuova libertà. Originaria dell’Australia, carismatica e attenta, Lili ha dovuto trovare una soluzione per mettere a frutto la sua creatività e il suo spirito imprenditoriale pur rimanendo la “regina della casa”. Questa è la sua storia, la storia di un vasetto di magia!

Come mai sei venuta a vivere in Svizzera?

Nel 1990 mi sono laureata in Economia e dai venti ai trent’anni ho lavorato per una società petrolifera in vari settori. I miei compiti riguardavano principalmente l’analisi delle finanze e delle prestazioni, oltre a un accurato servizio clienti.

Quando vivevo nel Regno Unito, ho incontrato mio marito e insieme abbiamo iniziato a pianificare il nostro trasferimento in funzione del suo posto di lavoro. Dopo il matrimonio, nel 2004, ci siamo trasferiti a Dubai, dove sono entrata in una società di logistica. È stato bello vivere a Dubai, proprio nel periodo in cui le idee e i progetti per le Palms stavano prendendo forma.

Ci siamo poi trasferiti per un breve periodo a Basilea, in Svizzera, prima che mi offrissero nuovamente un ruolo di analista contabile per un’azienda di spedizioni con sede a Sunbury on Thames (Regno Unito), dove siamo rimasti per quasi 2 anni. Successivamente, siamo tornati a Melbourne con l’intento di vivere lì dopo aver avuto la nostra prima figlia, poiché in quel periodo volevo il supporto della mia famiglia. Tuttavia, mio marito voleva tornare nel Regno Unito, siamo quindi partiti nel 2007 con nostra figlia di 9 mesi, circa 3 giorni dopo il matrimonio di mia sorella. Nel Regno Unito, sono tornata a lavorare a tempo pieno e abbiamo anche iniziato a rinnovare casa e creare il nostro giardino.

Il nostro secondo figlio è nato nel 2010 e ho vissuto per 5 anni nel Regno Unito con i bambini. Mio marito si era temporaneamente trasferito a Zurigo per un progetto di 3 anni, tornando a casa ogni due settimane, e per me è stato abbastanza impegnativo lavorare a tempo pieno e crescere 2 bambini piccoli senza alcun sostegno familiare.

Qual è stata l’ispirazione originale dietro Essentially Lili?

L’ispirazione per l’inizio della mia attività deriva dalla mia esperienza, in quanto ho sofferto di eczema dall’età di 9 anni. Mio padre mi aveva fatto visitare dai migliori dermatologi di Melbourne, per trovare la giusta dose di cortisone che tenesse sotto controllo i problemi della mia pelle. Ricordo la mia frustrazione quando, dopo 10 anni di visite specialistiche, dissi a mio padre che non sarei più andata! Mi sentivo come una cavia, i medici scattavano foto delle mie mani e della mia pelle, provando a immaginare gli effetti delle cure.

Durante l’adolescenza, ho preso diversi antibiotici e il farmaco Roaccutane, per poi avere un peggioramento. Dopo diversi mesi di utilizzo, ho avuto una grave reazione che mi ha causato gonfiore, prurito, lacrimazione, sanguinamento e un forte eczema dalla testa ai piedi. Il mio corpo era completamente infiammato dagli antibiotici, che mi avevano causato ulteriori problemi. Ho addirittura smesso di frequentare l’università per due mesi a causa dello stato in cui mi trovavo, ho pianto tantissimo per il dolore e da lì ho iniziato la mia ricerca personale per trovare un’altra soluzione. Quando mi sono ripresa un po’, sono tornata per completare la mia laurea in Economia nel 1990.

Chi soffre di malattie della pelle come l’eczema può diventare paranoico, pensando che le persone guardino, critichino e giudichino il loro aspetto. Mi è successo da bambina, e sono stata spesso isolata o esclusa, senza amici. Credevo che gli altri ragazzi non avessero mai visto prima una cosa del genere e mi ritenessero contagiosa. Perdere la fiducia in me stessa mi ha fatto interiorizzare e nascondere i miei sentimenti, e sono diventata silenziosa e timida, mentre mi nascondevo dietro il trucco e i capelli lunghi. È stato un periodo orribile della mia giovinezza, e capisco perfettamente l’angoscia emotiva di chi soffre di acne, psoriasi, rosacea o eczema.

10 Year Challenge of myself, Signature Product Nourishing Face Balm & Frankincense Face Serum, Cleansing Products, Essentially Lili Range.

Cosa ti ha portato infine a iniziare la tua attività?

Non c’è niente di male nell’essere casalinga e prendersi cura dei propri figli, ma quello che mi mancava di più era l’indipendenza economica. Avevo lavorato e viaggiato per oltre 17 anni prima di arrivare in Svizzera. Per me, che non ero abituata a stare in casa, era davvero difficile abituarmi a una vita da casalinga, soprattutto con la mia esperienza lavorativa.

Mentre pensavo a “cosa fare nella mia nuova vita a Zurigo”, avevo preso in considerazione l’idea di diventare rappresentante di un marchio, vendendo prodotti per la cura della pelle. Ma c’era per me un palese “conflitto di interessi”, non sarei mai riuscita ad essere disonesta con me stessa o con i clienti, vendendo prodotti che personalmente non avrei mai utilizzato.

A quel tempo avevo già trovato delle soluzioni per avere una pelle dall’aspetto sano, per cui ho iniziato a pensare di condividerla con gli altri. Molti possono usare senza problemi prodotti acquistati al supermercato o in farmacia, tuttavia ci sono anche molte persone come me, con una pelle estremamente reattiva agli ingredienti di origine non naturale contenuti in questi prodotti, che gliene rendono impossibile l’uso.

A marzo del 2015, ho partecipato alla Women’s Expo di Zurigo e ho potuto così trarre ispirazione, fare indagini e raccogliere informazioni. Una settimana dopo ho deciso di abbandonare l’idea di lavorare per un altro brand e di creare il mio marchio personale; che avrebbe contenuto solo ingredienti naturali al 100%. Producevo la mia crema viso da anni ormai, la mia pelle era nutrita e non soffrivo più di eczema.

Ho quindi creato un campioncino di questo prodotto e ho distribuito i prodotti a un gruppo di donne, con dei foglietti informativi fatti a mano e il mio biglietto da visita, quindi ho atteso pazientemente di sapere cosa ne pensassero.

Circa un mese dopo, una signora che soffriva di rosacea da anni mi ha mandato un messaggio e ha chiesto di incontrarmi, dicendomi “Come posso fare per avere ancora un po’ di quel vasetto di magia?” Mi ha raccontato la sua storia, di quanti soldi avesse speso comprando diversi tipi di cosmetici, sia commerciali che farmaceutici, per cercare di risolvere i suoi problemi di pelle. Niente sembrava funzionare finché non ha provato il mio balsamo viso nutriente.

Aveva usato il mio campioncino e voleva averne ancora, poiché per la prima volta dopo tanti anni un prodotto era riuscito a lenire quel rossore secco e pruriginoso che nascondeva sotto il trucco. Ecco un’altra donna come me, che nascondeva il viso sotto uno spesso strato di trucco, cercando una soluzione in prodotti che peggioravano lo stato della sua pelle. Mi ha raccontato che da anni aveva l’abitudine di alzarsi alle 5 del mattino per iniziare la sua routine di trucco e poter così nascondere il viso coperto di rosacea.

Ora con il mio prodotto, poteva usare meno trucco. Io ho deciso di smettere del tutto di usare fondotinta, applicando solo i miei prodotti per la cura della pelle, e non l’ho più usato dal 2015! Ho buttato tutti i trucchi di marchi commerciali, fondotinta, rossetti, alcuni mai aperti ma scaduti, tutti contenenti parabeni. Valevano un sacco di soldi, ma la mia pelle stava molto meglio senza.

Ho capito che questo sarebbe stato il mio nuovo percorso, una ricerca per aiutare gli altri a sentirsi sicuri di sé e della propria bellezza, e a prendersi cura di se in modo olistico.

Informazioni su Lili & Essentially Lili– I miei studi sulla salute includono da2016-2019 Diplomi in Aromaterapia, Prodotti Olistici per la cura della pelle, Nutrizione Clinica, Gestione dello Stress, Riflessologia, Gestione del Dolore Olistico, Membro del Collegio Internazionale di Medicina Olistica.

Puoi leggere di più Se desideri saperne di più sulla Nutrizione Clinica e su come iniziare la tua salute, prenota una Consulenza privata. Il mio obiettivo è quello di aiutarti a ottenere i risultati desiderati poiché sono già stata in quel difficile viaggio per superare il disordine autoimmune. Invia un’email a info@essentiallylili.com se hai bisogno di ulteriore assistenza.

Blog Library includono : Angoscia di Acne / Rosacea, Grooming maschile, Come trattare con l’acne cistica, Capire il proprio corpo, la perseveranza è la chiave, comprendere il proprio corpo, Prodotti di Essentially Lili, oli essenziali, e Gestione dello Stress e amp; Cos’e’ nel frigo.

Il tuo feedback ci consente di migliorare. Non vediamo l’ora di ascoltarti, con cordiali saluti, Lili.

The Festive Season

The Festive Season Dubai

The Festive Season

Being amongst family & friends, Sharing, giving, loving, laughing, relaxing &
taking time to appreciate what is important!

This picture was taken in 2012 at Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE. The hanging decorative butterflies look like snowflakes!



We love the Festive Season for all that it represents.For some, it’s about celebrating their religious beliefs. For others, it’s being amongst family and friends:-sharing, giving, loving, laughing, relaxing and taking time to appreciate what is important in life.

For us, we have spent many years abroad and away from our loved ones.

When we first married in Jan 2004, I moved to be with my husband in Dubai, where he was already working. I remember feeling out of place as the newlywed trying to fit in, get a job and make new friends.

There was an Expat Mums group that I asked to join, despite not having a child! I was invited to attend a meeting with this group of ladies, which later changed their name to include women like me who had no little ones at home or school.

Here I met two remarkable women who embraced and accepted me into their family circle and have been our friends ever since. Knowing we had no family in Dubai and not wanting us to be alone, they invited us to be part of their family Christmases and showed us what loving, sharing, laughing, acceptance was all about. We still talk about that 2004 Christmas in Dubai as though it was yesterday, only now their kids are all grown up!!

We meet when we can, whether in the UK over the summer break, or in Dubai on our way back from visiting family in Australia.We feel quite privileged to have shared many wonderful memories together since that time with all of our families.

Today, we reflect on the year 2016. It has been a year of loss and sadness, failures, triumphs, and successes.With hindsight, we wonder what we would have done differently or better with our choices.We look at the friendships we have made and lost along the way and wonder why they are no longer. Some of these friendships were only meant to teach us something about ourselves, whilst others remained for a season. Some have been true relationships that have withstood the test of time and distance. We hope to learn from these chapters in our lives, as our experiences enrich and teach us how to become better and more decent people.

We look at our children and are grateful that they safe and in good health, able to enjoy the freedoms of where they live. We often take these subtle things for granted when in fact, we should be grateful and happy for all that we have.

So on that note, we hope that you have been amongst loved ones, laughing, eating and enjoying each other’s company. We hope no-one has spent the festive season alone.

At Essentially Lili we wish 2017 brings you success, happiness, health, love, peace, joy and the desires of your heart.

Please be kind to one another irrespective of your personal beliefs and ambitions.
Be mindful of those who have less or nothing as we reflect on how lucky and fortunate we are. And let’s make the world a better place for everyone… especially the next generation.

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year to you all from us at Essentially Lili x


We would love to hear about your best Christmas and why it was so special to you.

Should you wish to Contact us for more information, email info@essentiallylili.com

You can read more About Lili here, see the range of Products on offer at Shop Categories or refer to our Blog Library for more topics covered.

Kind Regards Lili @ Essentially Lili

Jump In With Both Feet

Jump in With Both Feet - Ramont, CH

When Essentially Lili was founded
it was pretty much a
‘Jump in with Both Feet’ experience.
Starting a business from scratch
can be quite scary. 

When Essentially Lili was founded, it was pretty much a ‘Jump In With Both Feet’ kind of experience.

We were unsure of going ahead with this venture. We were afraid of failing, scared, and worried that it would become such an overwhelming experience, that we would not cope as a result.

I contemplated becoming a consultant for a well-known established Brand as the safer option. But I knew I would be unable to promote products that I was unwilling to use on my own face due to what I suffered in my youth.

I remember feeling somewhat overwhelmed as my brain processed the negative thought process of, ‘What if I can’t?What if I fail? What if no one likes what I do?’It is so easy to remain in a negative mindset and so much harder to pull yourself out with your head held high as you plan to ‘Jump in with Both Feet’!

To help overcome my uncertainty, I went to see what other women and mums were doing in Zurich. These Mums are inspirational, to say the least, as they juggle their often very young families, commitments, and businesses to be a success!   They make, create, sell, inspire, share, help, promote, build each other up and encourage other women to do the same.

I said to myself … ‘Well, why not?  If I don’t try, I will never know and might regret this for the rest of my life.

What if they absolutely LOVE Our Brand containing all-natural ingredients for our homemade Products you can choose at Shop Categories, which have No Chemicals or Unnatural Preservatives?  Wouldn’t it be better for people to use the Essentially Lili Products and share via Word of Mouth their love for it to others?

Excited about the prospect of helping others, the name Essentially Lili came to life by bringing together the use of Essential Oils and my name Lili.

Two days later, with a bag of sample containers obtained from our local Chemist / Drogerie, we cleared the kitchen and began making a batch of Nourishing Face Balm to give out to people.We went to Zurich and handed out Essentially Lili samples with a note about the ingredients contained, details about Essentially Lili and how to contact us for more information.

We waited… and waited… and waited for Feedback.   This was the hardest part, waiting and then collating feedback.

Our first client’s face to face feedback (which can be found in Testimonials had me in tears of joy, as I listened to her story and how the Essentially Lili product had helped her in such a short space of time.

Since then, we have been asked to make so many other products that are now in the Essentially Lili Range.  There is feedback about the various products in the Testimonials part of the website which we hope you will enjoy reading.

It has been a roller-coaster journey so far, with mixed emotions of joy and frustration. We have had to juggle the time around our young family and studies.We have been building the brand and reputation, whilst creating and blending products.  The amazing stories shared by people make this journey all worth it.

Blog Participation:

Do you remember a time when you just ‘Jumped Into’ an adventure, a relationship, a new job, a travel destination or even moved to a new Country?How did this make you feel – scared, excited, anxious, nervous or thrilled to the core?

We would love to hear in the comments below what you did, as sometimes we forget just how brave we really are.

Should you wish to Contact us for more information, email info@essentiallylili.com

You can read more About Lili here, see the range of Products on offer at Shop Categories or refer to our Blog Library for more topics covered.

The photo of the kids was taken at Romont in Switzerland expressing how we feel!!

Kind Regards Lili @ Essentially Lili