Essentially Lili – Combination Of Products

The best part is being able to use a combination of Essentially Lili All Natural Skincare Products that work for you! The Serums can be used with various balms. And if you are expecting/nursing, there are other products suitable for you! Enjoy reading the Testimonials below …



Hi Lili, I have found the Essentially Lili product samples to be really good.My feet are improving with the Peppermint Feet and the Nourishing Face Balm has helped clear the Eczema I had from the hot weather. Please make me a jar of both products.I will also get Natural Baby Moisturising Oil as my baby son has very dry skin. M.C – Switzerland

22-Sep-15 … 2 months later, she wrote:

Wow. You have a lot of products now! I am about 3/4 through my Nourishing Face Balm and Peppermint Feet balm.  I will need some more after the holidays.I have been really happy with the products.  My feet are so much smoother than before.I haven’t had any Acne outbreaks while using the Nourishing Face Balm and my skin is definitely less dry.

I have had some Eczema in the last week – probably brought on by the stress of the move. I have some on my face and behind my ears and also some on my legs.Nourishing Face Balm soothed the itch immediately and within a week has almost cleared up the Eczema around my face. I would love to get some of your Just Soothing for Eczema product to try on the patches on my legs.I would also like to get some of your Mint Body Butter when the new batch is ready.If you need someone else to test you ‘What Crows Feet Eye Serum’. I would love to try it also. The one part of my face that shows my age is around my eyes. This is probably due to having pale eyes and squinting in the strong Australian sun. So anything that helps to reduce the wrinkles, eye serum would be great. M.C – Switzerland (Note: What Crow’s Feet blend has since been discontinued)


Hi Lili,

I’m the Kiwi one that listen to you say you sales pitch in German!!Go girl. Love your products & ointments, the Peppermint Feetis great!How much for a 50g tub please?Feedback on the Nourishing Face Balm: I found the Nourishing Face Balm good for night time, as it’s too oily for my skin during the day, but that’s just me as l have very oily skin anyway. Do you have a facebook page?Cheers Anita, New Zealand


Hi Lili

I wanted to tell you on Monday that your Just Soothing &Natural Baby Moisturising Oilis working magic!I applied Just Soothing for Eczema drops on her tummy after swimming (last week) until Wednesday and this week Monday. Usually her skin is red and itchy Monday nights (because of chemicals in the pool, but none appeared! Her skin is still dry and a bit rough but getting there. The Natural Baby Moisturising Oil I’m using it on her legs.I see her skin is healing with both the Just Soothing and the Natural Baby Moisturising Oil, and I’m really enjoying the natural fragrance… it heals me too!! Just gotta make sure the baby oil’s cocoa butter stays easy to spread by running the bottle under warm water if it becomes a little solid! 🙂 Natural Natural Natural… the way to go!K.A – Switzerland


I love the Nourishing Face Balm. It goes on so smooth and lasts much longer on my face than any other moisturizer. The sample of Sun Kissed Serum did not make the trip to the USA. I didn’t get to try it so making it into a balm would be fantastic idea. My husband was actually pleased with what you sent him and it smells nice. He just doesn’t use the Men’s Hydrating Face Balm often enough and I have to remind him as his skin is dry in winter. With all that said, I would like more of the Men’s Hydrating Face Balm you sent me and I would like to order the Vitamin Rich Womens Face Balm for my friend and the Nourishing Face Balm for me.I keep it with me and I like the feel on the balm on my face that I put it on more than once a day.I’d like you to make me a larger bottle! N.R – USA

18-Apr-16 … 2 months later, she wrote:

I’ve noticed my friend’s face is not red and she is not using much makeup as before. So that’s good. She uses the Vitamin Rich Womens Face Balm one more often. For me, I use the Nourishing Face Balm every day.I just like it. Not greasy feeling and my face absorbs it well!I LOVE the Nourishing Face Balm. I’m using it on my face and neck. It feels wonderful on my skin. I’m not exaggerating either. N.R – USA


Your products are working there magic…Youth Face Balm, Magic Serum and the Nourishing Face Balm! R.H – Switzerland


I have been using my samples since I received them. Frankincense Face Serum combined with the Diamond Era Balm are amazing.I love the Geranium Hands & Body Butter which is working well too.Peppermint Feet is good but I find the lotion one I usually use is easier for me to rub in. The Frankincense Face Serum is wonderful! A.B – UK


Hi Lili, I LOVE the Nourishing Face Balm! I can’t believe how little I need! The Geranium Hands & Body Butter is lovely too! L.DG – Switzerland


The Nourishing Face Balm and the Cypress Cleansing Balm have done a wonderful job to my skin. I feel very refreshed and much better. H.S – Switzerland


I tried the products and they feel really nurturing. I am really curious to see the effects on the skin… Two days later: I have the impression that it is more nurtured, in the morning feels really good…. Great, yes please. In the morning my skin looks definitively better. My husband came back yesterday night and he also said that it looks cleaner and spots are less visible. It is still work to do though…. I am very happy with the Nourishing Face Balm and Frankincense Face Serum so far.I will keep you posted.A week later: My skin is getting better and better… It’s really amazing! C.R – Switzerland


Hey Lili, the Frankincense Face Serum is seriously God sent. My face is not sandpaper at all any more, but that is with applying both the Frankincense Face Serum and Nourishing Face Balm twice a day.I’m also staying away from wearing make-up.I don’t have a reaction to it either. I think it’s even helping to heal up a little bout of rosacea. Rosacea can be linked to dryness so I don’t see why not?The serum smell is a little overpowering at first, but that quickly subsides. It’s an amazing product and it feels great on the skin. You’ve done it again, Lili.

The Cypress Cleansing Balm is also fantastic, but it’s a bit too early to tell what it does, apart from providing more moisture. I go a little red when I massage it onto my skin, not sure if that’s because of my sensitivity or just the fact that there’s so much to clean up, as I haven’t used cleansing products for so long? The redness disappears as soon as I’ve wiped it off my skin. The cleanser still feels amazing on my skin, smells great and the texture is easy to work with.I’m curious to see what it does. H.B – Switzerland

25-Apr-16 … 1 week later she wrote:

The best is definitely the combination of the 3 products- The Cypress Cleansing Balm, the Frankincense Face Serum & the Nourishing Face Balm. It does take a few extra minutes in the bathroom in the evening. But for those results it’s definitely worth it, just needs to be worked in. So yes, I’d love to buy a Frankincense Face Serum and a Cypress Cleansing Balm from you! H. B – Switzerland


Great Lili! Nourishing Face Balm managed to heal some chemical burns on my hubby’s wrists!We had tried quite a few things before that with no success. Happy Babies Hydrosol and Natural Baby Moisturising Oil are a fab combo for my baby’s Eczema, gentle enough for his cheeks and the redness was gone overnight, took about 3 days for the skin to be soft again but, we’d tried a few things and this one did the trick a lot better and quicker than the other ones! Now we trying to use the Natural Baby Moisturising Oil on our older child, in the hope that the chicken pox scars will fade too. Looking forward to trying the Peppermint Feet! Will definitely be placing an order in when I finally get around to it! A.S- France.


My partner is already addicted to the Breathe Easier Inhaler, he loves it!I need more of them, please make another 5!! He is really loving his Men’s Hydrating Face Balm! He is using it as instructed and really likes the way it smells now too. Could make me up some stronger Blissful Minds? That would be great too in both Blissful Minds inhaler and Concentrates?I liked the comfort of having Blissful Minds on the pulse points of my wrists and being able to inhale when needed or have my wrists near my nose when trying to sleep.I like the idea of the inhaler for a concentrated dose. L.K – Switzerland


Changing Seasons has an amazing and sensational smell! You certainly would only need a small amount when using this. Definitely have seen my hands improve since using Geranium Hands & Body Butter too, keep you posted on how the rest goes! L.G – Australia


The Cypress Cleansing Balm & Nourishing Face Balm for my face are working well. I have much less spots and better skin texture & condition. My feet like the Tango Twinkle Toes but seem to have to use a lot more than you recommend. Smell wise – I like it but would love a little stronger, especially now weathers heating up & feet are getting sweaty. Do you have a recommended min/max number of times per week? J.C – Switzerland

19-Aug-16 … 3 months later, she wrote:

My skin has improved so much using the products!Nourishing Face Balm, Cypress Cleansing Balm & Tango Twinkle Toes is working well too!! Thank you! J.C Switzerland


Hi Lili

I tried the sample products you gave me!I liked the Nourishing Face Balm and the Sun Kissed Serum soooo much. The serum works so well, and hopefully using it more, my darkened skin will look normal again. I need to persist with putting a little serum on the face. The Mint Body Butteralso works well.Such super products!I would like to make an order for all that I sampled.

10-Aug-16 … 2 months later, she wrote:

All is great… amazing products! R.S – Switzerland


My kids’ skin is so much better and softer now having used the Renew Balm & Natural Baby Moisturising Oil. A.M – Switzerland


I love the samples of the Evanesce Balm, Vitamin Rich Womens Face Balm & the Frankincense Face Serum! I feel like they’re already working! 24 hrs later and I’m only wearing mascara! N.P – Switzerland

23-Jul-16 … 1 month later, she wrote:

Thank you so much Lili! I do think my skin is less irritated and definitely less acne. I have been playing around with your products Evanesce Balm, Vitamin Rich Womens Face Balm & Frankincense Face Serum to see what works best! N.P – Switzerland


Hi gorgeous how are u going? The Products are amazing!I am loving the Frankincense Face Serum! I am putting it under makeup eventually I won’t wear any makeup but old dog new tricks will take time to change! The Changing Seasons Inhaler will take some time to be effective I think!But I love the inhaler! My symptoms are worse at 4am when I wake up boiling! So hopefully in time this will improve! A.C – Australia


Hi Lili, The Cypress Cleansing Balm is great. I am still finishing up my Peppermint Feet so I haven’t tried the Lime Foot Repair yet. M.C – USA

7-Aug-16 … 2 weeks later, she wrote:

I have been using the Lime Foot Repair for about a week now. I really like it and it is working well. My feet are noticeably softer. The new Mint Body Butter! Is easier to apply.Is it a new recipe? I haven’t finished my old Nourishing Face Balm yet.I will let you know how I like the new one when I start using it. M.C – USA


Hi Lili! I will try the samples of Nourishing Face Balm & Men’s Hydrating Face Balm.I will ask my husband if he wants to try the samples, but cannot promise anything. Thank you for the lovely Lavender organza bag! I would love to see your website when it is finished. Have a nice day!!

28-Jul-16 … 2 days later, she wrote:

Hi Lili!!I love how my skin feels using the Sun Kissed Serum and Nourishing Face Balm. I love the smell of the products. They even taste great!How long does it take for the brown spots to clear up?

5-Aug-16 … 1 week later, she wrote:

Hi Lili! My brown spots have cleared a little bit using the Sun Kissed Serum. I can see a small change. I know it takes time. I am also using home-made masks to exfoliate my skin before I use your products. It is fun. G.M – Switzerland


I am so pleased to have discovered Essentially Lili! The skin on my face is sensitive and prone to problems, and the Nourishing Face Balm is so moisturizing and soothing, and I love that I am not putting any unnatural products onto my skin. I also like the Geranium Hands & Body Butter, my skin feels like silk after using it, and it smells wonderful. Lili is knowledgeable and so attentive to my needs. She genuinely cares about every customer! B.R – Switzerland


So I do love love love your products. I saw a difference after just one night of not washing my face with harsh products and using the Cypress Cleansing Balm: my skin looked… fuller the morning after, and kind of like shining and glowing from within… I’m definitely sticking to the routine. Also, this weekend we were away at the in-laws and I just used my Avene product that I’ve left there. Well, my pores kind of looker larger and my skin pulled more. I was definitely relieved to return last night and resume the Essentially Lili regime. Olga M – Switzerland


The Geranium Hands & Body Butter and Nourishing Face Balm are both great. I use very little of it! M. D – Dubai


You gave me 2 different balms: 1 for my husband was the Hydrating Face Balm and one for me was the Nourishing Face Balm.I used both!!! And my skin was more pretty with the one you sent me for my HUSBAND!!! M.M- Switzerland

Nourishing Face Balm

Our first product, the one I love the most. Keeps my skin nourished and healthy, as well as helping others with Eczema, Acne Rosacea and maintaining their youth!!



Hi Lili, Was just about to write to you. The Nourishing Face Balm is great. I can’t believe how well the skin absorbs it and so far it seems to be helping the overall dry areas. I think give it another week and the dry parts will be gone. How’s the feedback from everyone else. Positive I hope. Thanks!  C.N – Switzerland


Hey Lili, I actually wanted to wait with writing to you until the sample is all done, but I can’t keep it to myself any longer:

I’m in LOVE with it – the Nourishing Face Balm!! I really can’t thank you enough!    In only a week I’ve noticed huge differences in my skin, some of my rash has even disappeared! I’ve only used your product to moisturise and coconut oil to take off make up in the evenings.   I love the texture of it, that it’s absorbed by the skin so quickly and that it smells like a lovely garden. My face keeps moisturised all day long and I never have to reapply (like I’ve had to with other creams etc.). It also doesn’t take much product to cover my whole face, which makes it even more amazing.

I think that if I were to use it for longer, I could one day actually go make up free, which I haven’t felt comfortable doing in a long time with the big red blotches on my face…  So my next question is how much is it and when can I get more?! I’m seriously addicted to your gorgeous balm and I’m already sad that the sample will finish one day soon (although I have about half of it left).   Thank you so much for creating this magical product, Lili. I really couldn’t love it anymore! (Yes, you may use what I’ve written as a testimonial if you want!) H.B – Switzerland

23-Jul-15 … 2 months later, she wrote:

Woohoooo! Finally it’s official!  Best-Products-Ever! My skin has never looked as fresh or healed than after using your Nourishing Face Balm for a couple of months. My Rosacea is almost cleared up and I couldn’t be more pleased with a skin care product. Well done, Lili!  H.B – Switzerland


Lili, after one night using the Nourishing Face Balm my skin already looks better. I know that sounds silly after just one night with it on but it’s true!!  F.C – Switzerland

17-Aug-15 … 2 months later, she wrote:

The Nourishing Face Balm is still giving me lovely skin and now that my skin is in better shape I need only a tiny amount for upkeep!  F.C – Switzerland

30-Aug-15 … 2 weeks later, she wrote:

Where to start with my problems In terms of my skin?  I get Rosacea on my cheeks – it started during my second pregnancy and has just kept getting worse. Lili’s Nourishing Face Balm has made a dramatic difference to my skin. The first 2 weeks, I used a lot as my skin was extremely dry but now literally only use a drop on my problem areas before applying my regular foundation/sunblock/cream.  The Nourishing Face Balm is still giving me lovely skin and now that my skin is in better shape I need only a tiny amount for upkeep. F.C – Switzerland


Feedback from Customer over 50 who is not on FB:

Thank you Lili… I am using your Nourishing Face Balm for my travel and at night; It really feels great.

18-Jun-15 … 1 week later, she wrote:

When going for her facial in Sydney, her therapist commended how fab her skin was looking, only a little pigmentation but otherwise, the skin is soft and smooth – she’s been using the Nourishing Face Balm since June 2015 and loving it!! That made my day! – B.J – Switzerland


I really like the Nourishing Face Balm! It is actually much more moisturising than my regular cream! Alia, Zurich, Switzerland


Using the Nourishing face Balm and it’s still doing well. I like it in this weather as I just use that and my powder and works great without having to put loads of makeup on that clogs the pores and makes one look as if one’s just had an almighty temper tantrum. L.D – Switzerland


Lili, Apologies this has taken so long. So a review…… The Nourishing Face balm made my skin feel really soft and smooth. It has been the first facial product that I thought really worked. My only criticism would be that it’s in the form of a balm & that I would prefer a cream. Having said that, perhaps changing the balm to a lotion will reduce the results I found with the balm. D.S – Switzerland


Dear Essentially Lili Creator,

I got a little sample pot of your amazing Nourishing Face Balm from my sister a week ago and it has already worked what feels like magic!    For almost as long as I can remember, I’ve had a red, dry and pimply face due to (most likely stress induced) Rosacea, and now after just a week, I can already see great improvements! THANK YOU!!!  Now I really need some more before I run out!   Where could I possibly purchase more?  Thank you for a great product!   Kind Regards, N.P – Switzerland


My mom was here to help me with the boxes and she has bad psoriasis all her life. I forced her to try Lili’s Nourishing Face Balm and it didn’t burn her, there was no bad reaction at all!  After 5 minutes, the redness went away, and the flake skin could be easily removed! She was stunned! I have ordered the 50g jar for her as my sample is gone home with my mum! *sigh* – G.T – Germany


Lili you better stay in business a very long time, I don’t want to put anything on my face except your Nourishing Face Balm. My skin looks so much better and I have not had an eczema flare up on my face or eyes since I started using it. I’m on my third pot now. I use Essentially Lili’s Nourishing Face Balm on my face eyes and all, it’s wonderful stuff – L.K – Switzerland


I used Nourishing Face Balm last night. Went on nicely, I liked it. Thanks!

25-Jul-16 … 1 month later, she wrote:

Hey Lil, love the Nourishing Face Balm moisturiser. I am currently using it only at night till I finish other products. Thanks bella xx L.Z – Australia


Hi Lili, I’m still getting on well with the Nourishing Face balm. Really does last awhile as use it sparingly and seems to do the trick. Just quickly looked at the website and it looks good! J.L – Switzerland


Hi Lili,I love the Nourishing Face balm.It hasstopped me feeling dry all through the cold spell since Christmas! K.W – U.K

Frankincense Face Serum

Another favourite of mine, this concentrated Serum suits Dry/Combo/Normal/Oil and Mature skin types.



OMG the Frankincense Face Serum is awesome! My friend called me last night after putting it on saying how lovely her skin feels! I used 2 drops, it absorbs quickly so 2 drops was better for me to have time to massage my face a little. My skin feels awesome!! Francesca C – Switzerland


I love the Frankincense Face Serum! I react to most products since I have Rosacea and unfortunately I also have spot prone skin. This serum is a miracle worker. It rehydrates my skin, controls spots and soothes my Rosacea at the same time. It’s the one product you can use as an addition to any routine or products. It’s become my go-to product when my skin’s not behaving. Stephanie F – Malta


Frankincense Face Serum is a great serum, I bought it for my morning moisturizer routine and the texture and application is just right. Plus the benefit of daily Frankincense oil makes my skin look amazing. Thank you Lili for another great product. – Monika K – Switzerland


The Frankincense Face Serum works like a charm to my skin. I use it daily in the morning and evening before applying the Nourishing Face Balm. I love the smell and love how it helps maintain my skin’s health and look. I do not need anymore complex and expensive products for my daily skin care. Hariati – Switzerland


I wish the Frankincense Face Serum came in gallon sized containers! It feels so incredibly good and soothing on my Rosacea, irritated, dry and spot prone skin; I want to bathe in it! 🙂 – Nina P Switzerland

Cool Eyes

A gentle balm with Cucumber Oil which is fresh and soothing for tired eyes.



Your Cool Eyes is Fabulous, Love it! B.J – Switzerland


Please do sign me up for your next batch of Cool Eyes!! I am in love with the scent. Let’s try and meet before summer holidays! V.B – Switzerland

05-Jun-16 … A week later, she wrote:

Thank you! I have already tried the Cool Eyes balm and love it!I love the freshness, the smell of the Cucumber and the feel on the skin around their eyes!! V.B – Switzerland


TheCool Eyes balm seems ok, no reaction so that’s a first! H.T – U.K

05-Jan-17 … A month later, she wrote:

Hey Lili, My skin feels fab since using the Cool Eyes cream! H.T – U.K.

08-Jan-17 … a few days later wrote:

Hi Lili – I’ve been using the Cool Eyes for exactly one month having never found a cream that doesn’t make my skin itch! So here I am with smooth skin, feeling great. Thank you x I’m pictured on the right!- H.T – U.K.


I absolutely love this Cool Eyes Balm. Before sleep I just clean my face and add it around my eyes. I also really enjoy the fresh cucumber smell. V. B – Switzerland


I really love the product Cool Eyes.. it cools the eyes & the cucumber smell just makes you feel rehydrated – R.S – Switzerland


I have been using another eye cream for over a year. i really thought that this other eye cream was smooth and creamy. I had no idea until I tired Lili’s Cool Eyes. I love the light and sweet smell. I smile every time I open the little, frosted jar. I also love how smooth, creamy, cool and refreshing the eye cream is under my eye. I dont feel like I have to rub it on, it just glides on which is perfect since that part of your face is so sensitive and delicate. thanks again, Lili! You really know your stuff! – Danica Lance – Switzerland

Peppermint Feet

A gentle scrape to remove dried skin before applying a small amount of balm to heels & feet. This product absorbs quickly and helps restore the skin, as well as deal with any smells, fungus or infections.



I applied the Peppermint Feet on my husband’s and my feet last night – they are feeling very soft for a change. Today my husband came home saying that they are still felt very soft despite being applied the night before. Everyone loves the smell of Peppermint L.M Switzerland


The Peppermint Feet products are amazing. I have suffered from cracked heals for so long and Lili cream has made so much difference. I wish you so much luck and everyone must try. C.N – Switzerland


Love the Peppermint Feet!! N.M- Switzerland


Hey bella, the Peppermint Feet you sent over is amazing, you’re amazing! I love it. How did you get into all this? I’m very proud of you & your achievements, keep that beautiful spirit alive, your smile is contagious. I love it!P.B – Australia

Oh my, I can’t believe how quickly the Peppermint Feet is absorbs into my skin!I don’t need to wear sox and I love that my feet feel fresh and soft!!A.C – Switzerland

Hi Lili, the Peppermint Feet smell great.It has helped my feet stay and smell fresh.You can add that little side effectto your benefits list of peppermint balm!!Y.B– Switzerland

Lime Foot Repair

This product is made using Beeswax so as to keep the moisture within the skin.It is gentle and effective in repairing those stubborn cracked heels.It is suitable for Pregnant & Nursing Women too.



I have been using the Lime Foot Repair for about a week now. I really like it and it is working well. My feet are noticeably softer. – M.C USA


The Lime Foot Repair is amazing.My feet are so smooth – I don’t remember them looking like this for years. They are all ready for summer sandals and the beach. M.C – USA

Natural Baby Moisturising Oil
& Happy Babies Hydrosol

The Baby / Children range is free of any harmful ingredients. Using Cocoa Butter and nut free oils, the blend is nourishing, soothing, calming as well as beneficial to the skin.

The Hydrosol is for babies that are too young to use Essential Oils on their faces.



Natural Baby Moisturising Oil is really good for the kid’s bath but also could be used on dry elbows, knees or other especially dry spots on your body. K.W – Switzerland


Hi Lili, We’ve been using the Natural Baby Moisturising Oil with our little one’s Eczema and have been very happy with it. Prior to this, the eczema was treated with cortisone as it was a bit severe. Just recently, the baby had suffered from foot and mouth disease, which made his eczema a bit worse. Doc said to re-apply the cortisone until the LO got over the virus. I refused the idea and insisted to apply only the natural baby oil. And the baby oil did really help to relieve eczema. When we went back to the doc to have the baby checked, doc was surprised and impressed by the Natural Baby Moisturising Oil. And we’re very happy that we didn’t have to start again the cortisone treatment! H.S – Switzerland


My kids love the smell and feel of the Natural Baby Moisturising Oil.They already recognise the Essentially Lili Brand and colours! R.T – Switzerland


Lili – That baby needs your Magic!!   My kids’ eczema was gone in a matter of days using Lili’s Natural Baby Moisturising Oil &Happy Babies Hydrosol .
They do work wonders and are all made with love and all natural+ A.S – France


Lili’s products are AMAZING!!!I love everything that I’ve bought for my babies! J.P – Switzerland


The Natural Baby Moisturising Oil is wonderful.It just absorbed into the skin and my daughter says it stopped her itchy back due to dryness.The rash on right side of nose n lips are not so obvious.But she had itchy back due to dryness and she scratches them.So let’s try a few days n see what happens.J.W – Switzerland

Go Molly

Go Molly

This All Natural Product treats Molluscum Contagiosum without harming youngster’s skin.



We used Go Molly on my daughter’s knee which was affected severely with warts. Two of the warts popped the first night and we are hoping to get them to vanish completely! I really recommend it. Shima S.- Switzerland

Renew Balm

The balm was made for those that have a preference over the Serum – Just Soothing.The ingredients chosen help calm, restore and regenerate skin cells, making it feel less agitated.



Hey Lil, Thanks for the Renew Balm for a week now and they have shown great results with Eczema disappearing and skin feeling smoother and better. Great work Bless ya!R.G – Australia


Hi Essentially Lili, the Renew Balm has worked so quickly on my son’s feet which were covered in peeling skin, like Eczema & Psoriasis. You are wonderful!!When can I stop by for a bigger portion? N.N – Switzerland


I’ve been using the Renew Balm you made for me; it’s like a miracle in a jar!It stopped a big flare up in an instant, my skin was so itchy but seconds after putting it on it was already calming down. I’ve also used it on the persistent patches of red I have on my shoulders; I really wished I’d taken before & after pics for you as overnight it was much better and continues to improve. Thank you!!!!L.K – Switzerland


My daughter is doing good with the Renew Balm for Eczema; the balm is good when it comes. C.R – Switzerland


Hello Lili, My lovely Renew Balm has arrived. So pleased to receive it, together with my samples of the Diamond Era Serum and Diamond Era Balm, which seem delicious!I’ve used them all today!I expect to look 25 tomorrow! Thank you so much!!! N.K – UK


Hi Lili, this is the improvement after just 2 days using the Renew Balm Just 2 DAYS!!!!! And her skin is soooo soft. A little bit goes a long way. She came in last night and took her make-up of with the coconut oil and then used the Renew Balm and her face felt great!N.C – Australia

31-Jul-16 … 2 days later, she wrote:

Check her skin out!! (she sent a picture but not for public viewing). The Renew Balm – Oh my GOODNESS. It’s amazing. Day 5 – Soooooo excited and her skin is so soft! It’s awesome, there are actual white patches on her face and she’s soooo happy! N.C – Australia

07-Aug-16 … 1 week later, she wrote:

My daughter’s skin after having had a shower & using Renew Balm…it’s AMAZING. Her skin is very soft.She wore no make-up on Friday to school. N.C – Australia


So far so good with the Renew Balm. My legs are definitely less itchy, I just have to remember to put it on!! C. R. – Switzerland


Rash almost gone, after a few days of using the Renew Balm. on the Eczema and my son is pleased as punch!He is not scared of it as he hated the last cream as it was too greasy! L.W – U.K.


Hi Lili, can I order a normal size portion of the Eczema Renew Balm. you sent?It’s working and he would like some! J.P – Switzerland

21-Jan-17 … 2 weeks later, she wrote:

OMG, My Dad’s face is amazing using the Renew Balm. … Your stuff is AWESOME!I use it on my babies and my dad came here with a horrible face rash and Lili’s balm cleared it up.I will send pictures! J.P – Switzerland


My son’s hand is like he never had eczema.We have finally found something that works with theRenew Balm.

22-Feb-17…1 week later, she wrote…

I have been trying for days now to get a picture of my son’s hand but he is too busy. And now the Eczema is gone! My son was diagnosed with neurodermitis after a year of using creams that were prescribed by the dermatologist with no results. We decided to give the natural way a try after 3 weeks of using Lili’s wonderful balm we are very pleased to say the neurodermitis is a thing of the past! Thanks Lili – Reanna J – Switzerland


I have loved the Essentially Lili Renew Balm product. I have suffered from Eczema my whole life and have used countless steroid creams and have never had any luck. This product has been 100% successful. It has worked instantly. I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from Eczema. Elloise C – Melbourne, Australia


We got the Renew Balm in combination with Go Molly to treat warts on my daughter’s knee. We also used the Renew Balm on her cheeks that are usually red and dry. I would say this product is quite magical. Fast to heal and very effective. Thank you Lili! You are amazing! Shima S Switzerland

Oasis Balm Psoriasis

Oasis Balm

The Name Oasis was chosen because skin that needs moisture is like being in a desert, finding an Oasis.
The balm was made for those that have Psoriasis prone skin.The ingredients chosen help calm, restore and regenerate skin cells, making it feel less agitated.



Hey Lil, the package arrived… can’t wait to try it…. A few hours later, She sent before and after photos stating:
The Oasis Balm is Amazing! Laura S.T – Switzerland


Hi! Hands are great and elbow is definitely improving!So happy you didn’t scrap the Oasis Balm!! I think I will concentrate on hands and psoriasis first. My son loves his little legs and feet rubbed with oil too. The product is definitely working for me. Honestly I can’t believe how quickly the product worked!!! Send me some more of your advertising cards, I can leave them at work! Thanks to you that I finally have a chance to get rid of psoriasis … I just love the balms!- Laura S.T – Switzerland


After having tried every cream, serum, cortisone available, nothing helped my stubborn psoriasis patches on my elbow and face. It was starting to get me down that I couldn’t put my arm down on a surface without a trail of dry skin and couldn’t even pluck or wax my eyebrows as the skin was so dry and broken on and around them. After only one application of the Oasis Balm there was a huge improvement and now the dryness has gone, the redness has calmed and I’m on my way to psoriasis free skin! I love it! – Laura S.T – Switzerland

Evanesce Balm

Evanesce Balm

Evanesce means to make disappear which I thought was a cool name for a product that helps Acne Prone skin hydrate and clear spots.



I am years suffering from Acne and have tried every option be it medical or alternative. I am just a few days into using the Evanesce Balm and so far I am very happy with it. I don’t have any new cyst like spots that I usually get and my skin is less dry. I’m loving the smell of this balm and how it soaks into my skin without a greasy aftermath.
Like i said i’m only a few days into using this product with such great results. I’m excited to see my skin in a months time. Sarah G. –Switzerland


I’m 20 years old and have only been using the Evanesce Balm for two days. My skin was dry and red and no matter what I did, nothing helped. But since I have been using the balm i have seen a huge improvement. My skin is no longer dry and is starting to clear up. I will never use any other product but Essentially Lili. Anola W. – Switzerland


An update on my experience using Evanesce Balm since it’s been a few months from when I started with it.
I can only say wonderful things about it. My horrible painful acne cysts have gone altogether. I rarely get a spot now and if I do it’s not like before.
Friends have even commented on how good my skin looks…..including my husband who doesn’t notice much.
I have also started introducing Cypress Cleansing Balm to my evening routine before bed. Sarah G. – Switzerland

Youth Face Balm & Magic Serum

The gentle balm is nourishing and soothing for youngster.The Magic Serum is concentrated to help balance acne breakouts – only it has nothing harsh contained in it, making it suitable for someone as young as 10 years of age!



Hi Lil, your products made it to Australia and feedback to you from my teen son who is just starting to deal with the whole pimple/acne stage. He was not liking what was happening and had family members busting pimples on his face to get rid of them, and then I start him on your Youth Face Balm and Magic Serum. He saw an instant change for the better and is delighted applying it himself now without me reminding him. I asked him if he like it and if he wanted more. The answer was a loud YES. Thanks Lili, I have a very happy teen! T.C – Australia


I have been using the Youth Face balm as well as the Magic Serum for the past 2 weeks and have already noticed such a huge difference and am so happy with the outcome! Highly recommend to anyone who’s thinking about trying it out! J.C – Australia

26-May-16… 2 months later, she wrote:

Oh the Magic Serum & Youth Face Balm are perfect like always!! Thank you so much! I’ll use it on my skin and see how that goes! J.C – Australia


I feel my face is more hydrated and the pimples are much calmer, and not so red since using the Magic Serum & Youth Face Balm. E. A – Switzerland


After 2 weeks of using the Magic Serum, the spots are all gone, vanished, just like Magic!- E.V- Switzerland

Seasonal Range: Kids Breathe Easy Concentrate, Breathe Easier &
Blissful Minds

Made to help those that needed immune boosting whilst suffering with headaches, congestion & blocked sinuses.The Inhalers are available upon request, except for children under 5 years of age.



I’m the first Wow thanks so much!!!The Breathe Easier Inhaler is aaaaaawesome!!! That smell is perfect!!! And I really think it already saved me from my first sinusitis.I get sinusitis all the time usually! Let’s see how this winter will be. I will keep u updated. So far it is a greeeeeat product! I will recommend this for sure!!! N.F – Switzerland


The Breathe Easier Concentrate has been brilliant – I use it for my son & for me in the bath- the lavender notes are really soothing but it is also a touch of the invigorating with the pine smell??Ahhh, it’s Cedarwood! It blends really well with the Lavender.It really is lovely. And I like the size bottle meaning it can pop in my toilet bag and last night we had a few drops of it in the bath!! This is the real hit for me.I think a range of essential oil blends for kids, for adults etc. would be a huge hit! E.R – Switzerland


Your stuff is amazing!I’ve only used the Breathe Easier Concentrate twice but have much less sinus pain today.I have the Breathe Easier Inhaler in my bag and have used it a couple of times while I’ve been out! D.P – Switzerland



I tried Blissful Minds yesterday when I had a migraine. I’m not sure if it helped with the pain as I already had taken my industrial strength painkillers but what it did do was help me relax and fall asleep. I will definitely be using it again! I shall also be ordering the inhalers – L.K – Switzerland

9-May-16 … 1 month later, she wrote:

Blissful Minds works for me! It takes the edge off my headache pain but also it really helps me to relax and sleep through the worst of my migraine…. we love the ‘other things’ too… The smell may be strong but I like it, it’s not overpowering more soothing! L.K – Switzerland


Lili, I really want to thank you for the Blissful Minds Inhaler I cannot imagine how I got through this weather with a clear head. Unbelievable. Thanks, thanks, thank, can I order one for the holidays? R.T – Switzerland

14-Aug-16 … 1 month later, she wrote:

I’m waiting for my new Blissful Minds Inhaler.At last I could enjoy summer this year. Thank you Lili, R.T – Switzerland



So the oil is amazing, I absolutely love the Kids Breathe Easy Concentrate. I’ve been putting 1-2 drops on the sheets above where my baby sleeps and he’s no longer fully congested through the night. He can breathe enough to nurse and last night he was really good. The Natural Baby Moisturising Oil I will use on him after bathing.  I love the Lavender organza sachet which I hung in my kitchen pantry! I LOVE your stuff!  J.P – Switzerland

31-Oct-16 …a few days later

Hi! Our baby is ok. I did forget to put the drops on the bed on Saturday night and he didn’t sleep as well.Made sure to do it last night! Yes I used the stuff, I seriously love your products. Have recommended your website to two friends already and I want to get some more stuff for a baby shower gift. Baby will come in Jan so I will get it then.  J.P – Switzerland

Omg I loooooove your stuff. My kids are so soft and smell so good.I even bought another diffuser to use the oil in their room at night!!  J.P – Switzerland

14-Dec-16 …a few months later

Lili’s products are AMAZING!!!I love everything that I’ve bought for my babies! J.P – Switzerland


It’s been wonderful on my little one, she’s been suffering with congestion for the past 2 weeks. I applied it the Kids Breathe Easy Concentrate yesterday, and finally got some much needed shut eye! Oh and my LO slept well too!Thanks a lot Lili! J.G – Switzerland


Hi Lili, it’s great actually. We’ve been using the Kids Breathe Easy Concentrate in the bathtub during bathtime and we haven’t had any issues. It smells great, as if she’s in a spa!
C. K Switzerland

16-Dec-16 … a few days later

I have been using the Kids Breathe Easy Concentrate with Lavender oil in my 19 months old daughter’s shower and she hasn’t had any congestions for a while now, plus it smells great and bath time smells like a spa 🙂 – C.K Switzerland

Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons – for Menopause

The blend of Essential Oils help with Fatigue, Headaches, Hot Flushes & other symptoms caused by the Changing Seasons.It is Not suitable for all, so please refer to Product information for more details



Dear Lili. The Changing Seasons for menopause is fab. Haven’t had a flush or sweat thing all day First time in many months.And the funny thing is I’ve been having a cough for almost 2 years. With doctor’s check, blood samples, x-Rays, scans.They can’t find the reason why. Ya’ know what? I haven’t had one single cough since I inhaled the Changing Seasons Menopause oil. I’m just thrilled with the fantastic start.I usually inhale directly from the sample or the first couple of days from a piece of paper towel. In the evening it’s best for me. Haven’t had any flushes for a week and one day – you are amazing!! We’re gonna keep using it – be sure of that Thank you so much!I.M – Denmark

26-Feb-16 … A few months later, she wrote:

I’m still very happy with Changing Seasons and don’t have flushes. Still use your inhaler every second or third day – amazing… Regarding using her feedback – You just go ahead and use everything you can dear. And if you need something else/more you just let me know. You’ve given me my life back with the serum! I.M – Denmark

Mens Range – Hydrating Face Balm & Aftershave Facial Oil

The Aftershave Facial Oil is concentrated in rejuvenating the skin as well as repairing any cuts made whilst shaving.The Face Balm with a pleasant Sandalwood aroma compliments the Serum.



I loved the Men’s Hydrating Face Balm & Aftershave Facial Oil. I definitely need a bigger pot!You are not kidding when you say you only need a little to hydrate the skin!!When are you free next? P.H – Switzerland


Hi Lili, I like the smell of my Hydrating Face Balm and it feels good! G.M- Switzerland

Geranium Hands & Body Butter

I made this for my hands which are often super dry after washing and cleaning.They felt like sandpaper at the time!Helps especially during the cold winter weather.


31 March 2016

I have been very happy with the Geranium Body Butter. I mostly have used it for my hands as they get dry easily. But the cream is amazing, and smells so good. I want a large jar of the Geranium Body Butter. M.K – USA

10-May-16 … 2 months later, she wrote

I just got home this afternoon and the package with my large Geranium Body Butter was waiting for me in the living room! I can’t wait to use after a relaxing bath!!Yes I am, loving my product Lili! Wonderful product! M.K – USA


I like the Geranium Body Butter, use it for my hands before I go to bed. I can definitely imagine continuing to use it. The smell is very nice – K.W- Switzerland

Mint Body Butter1

Mint Body Butter

This new blend is fresh, minty, and penetrates the skin quickly. The blend was changed to make it softer and even more beneficial to the skin.Just make sure you are not tempted to eat the balm!



I LOVE the Mint Body Butter!! It soaks in so fast, it smells amazing and one application lasts for up to 3 days. My skin gets a healthy glow, is soft and feels amazing. It’s like a whole little indulgent spa experience. And as usual, I love that there’s no crap in the product, just good, healthy, healing oils that I know do my skin and body good. The consistency is pretty much solid, but warms up fast in my hands. I seem to need a lot more product than most people seem to, with the sample lasting me about 2 rounds. I didn’t know how to photograph this, so you’ll have to take my word for it.H.B – Switzerland


The new Mint Body Butteris easier to apply.Is it a new recipe? – M. C – USA

Vitamin Rich Range for Men & Women

Vitamin Rich Range – Mens & Womens Face Balm with Unisex Facial Serum

This range was made purposely for skin that needed a little more tender loving care. The ingredients are rich in Vitamins, as they soothe, balance and assist repairing skin that is affected by Acne Rosacea. The key is also watching the diet.



Hi Lili, the difference before and after within 24 hours of using the Vitamin Rich Womens Face Balm on my face were remarkable! The face was so much calmer in 3 days! Nina P – Switzerland


I haven’t had time to write a proper review but i have teenager skin and after using her Vitamin Rich Womens Face Balmmy skin is soft and clearer. In fact, I stopped for a week and broke out bad!!! Andrea T – Switzerland


I have been using the Vitamin Rich Womens Face Balm since Christmas. I thought i would treat myself. Well my treat is now part of my regular skincare regime. The cream goes on smoothly and is almost instantly absorbed into my skin. It doesn’t leave a greasy trace. Throughout the day my skin is moisturized yet not oily. With my old moisturiser i would have a bad oilyT zone but with Vitamin Rich i don’t. I bought 50g and I still have loads left 4 months later. You really don’t need a lot. It smells great and my skin feels softer. My breakouts are much less than before. – Andrea T Switzerland


I’ve been using Vitamin Rich Womens Face Balm for almost a year now. It is my absolute go to everyday moisturiser, works great as a make-up primer too. It feels so incredibly good and soothing on my Rosacea, irritated, dry and spot prone skin! It really helps me balance all the different “moods” of my skin. Nina P – Switzerland



Hi Lili, I’ve used it for the Vitamin Rich Range for two nights and either the antibiotics is having an effect or it’s your Magical Vitamin Rich Facial Oil and Vitamin Rich Mens Face Balm. There has definitely been some improvement. I will be able to give a more scientific assessment after a week, though, so far so good.I’ve stopped antibiotics and sticking with Essentially Lili xx D.R – UK

21-May-16 … 1 week later, he wrote:

There has been some improvement – Some days are better than others.My facial skin is quite itchy but I am assuming that is because it is healing. The products are great. I don’t use the Vitamin Rich Facial Oil in the day if I’m meeting people as it makes my skin look slightly shiny! However, if I’m driving then I will. As it’s now moving into summer can I use a high SPF moisturiser? My wife is very impressed with the results so far. D.R – UK

07-Jun-16 … 2 weeks later, he wrote:

There is a significant improvement in the past 4 weeks.I continue to use the Vitamin Rich Facial oil and Vitamin Rich Mens Face Balm on a daily basis, I still get some flushing but the impact is less severe. D.R – UK

02-Aug-16 … 2 months later, he wrote:

Hi Lili, in the end I decided not to take the York Allergy Test as my skin has improved significantly and there doesn’t seem to be any correlation with food or drink consumed. I continue to use your Vitamin Rich Mens Face Balm every day and it is wonderful.I only use a tiny bit and therefore still have about 50% remaining. On the very odd occasion when I have a flare-up I use the Vitamin Rich Facial Oil.My wife thinks it’s great!People assume I have a great suntan as I spend every day outdoors. I tend not to eat very spicy food anymore so it’s not an issue. Our best friends have been told about my affliction and can’t notice it, to which I always say “Thanks to Lili”!I am a very satisfied customer Xx D.R – UK

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